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Chapter 432: No!

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Ning Biluo would never know Ye Xiao would ask him such a question. He was a bit confused and said, "To what level… Well… I never thought of it. I just want to end the debts. When it is done… I may try to go to the higher realm just to see how it is. My life is short, while the future will never end… To what level I will reach, I guess it depends on how hard I work and what opportunity I can get… I don’t think I can force it to happen."

Ye Xiao thought for a while and nodded. He said, "That’s right. Well said. Life is short while the future will never end. Good talk."

And then he asked Zhao Pingtian the same question. Zhao Pingtian didn’t hesitate. He said, "I want to reach the top level of Dao Origin Stage within three hundred, no, two hundred years. No, it should better be in one hundred years! I didn’t think of things after that yet. I will focus on making my life goal come true first. Only when I hit the goal can I think about something further!"

Ye Xiao nodded again.

Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun looked at each other. They were both confused. [What does he want that he can only get it when he reaches the top of Dao Origin Stage? Besides, Dao Origin Stage… What is it? Is it one stage higher than Sky Origin Stage? Isn’t it Spirit Origin Stage? Is it another name of Sky Origin Stage?]

Ye Xiao asked Liu Changjun the question. Liu Changjun seemed a bit embarrassed. His two idols both gave their answers. Liu Changjun thought that they both had such great ambitions, and he felt that his own small plan was like nothing. It probably would make him look disgraced…

However, his two idols were watching him, and it was a question from his half idol. Liu Changjun had to be honest, "I don’t have any big plans though. I just want to follow you, master, no matter where you go… I want to be a sword in your hand no matter where! Even if I have to hide in shadows all the time…"

When he said it, both Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian thought that his plan was too… unreflecting. He was still young, yet he had lost ambition. That was…

Ye Xiao’s lips twitched.

Only he knew that among the three, Liu Changjun had the highest goal, whether he said it on purpose or not!

[I was on my own in the previous life. Even so, I reached the top of Dao Origin Stage. In this life, I will definitely break through Dao Origin Stage and reach higher levels. I am going to be king and look down upon the entire world, laughing at all men in the universe!

If Liu Changjun really can stay with me all along, he will definitely break through Dao Origin Stage too. It should be a sure thing that will happen in the future.]

Ye Xiao’s eyes shined. He said, "I have three books of three different martial arts. One is Sun Burns in Heaven. There are three sections in it, fist, sword and footwork."

He blandly spoke, "I got it in order. Follow this book and you can reach…" He looked up at Zhao Pingtian. "You can break through two more stages higher than Sky Origin Stage."

The three of them first all felt confused, but then they were all enlightened.

They were confused because they couldn’t believe there was any martial art that could make a cultivator break through two stages.

[All mighty book of martial art! Invincible martial art! Oh my god!]

And then they felt enlightened because they figured that it should be a pure yang martial art because of its name, Sun Burns in Heavens.

A pure yang martial art suits Zhao Pingtian much more than the other two.

Zhao Pingtian stepped forward without hesitation and said, "It is an honor and a great opportunity for me. Thank you, Monarch!"

His face turned red because of excitement. He tried so hard to suppress the excitement in his heart to calm down.

Two stages higher!

That meant it would help him break through at least eighteen levels.

He could at least reach Dream Origin Stage!

He could even go higher!

He had always wanted to break through Sky Origin Stage, but he just didn’t know how. At the moment, he was like an extremely poor man who suddenly saw a mountain of gold, or a map to a great treasure.

At least, he was much closer to his goal with this martial art now!

He took over the Sun Burns in Heavens and turned over the first page. He just read it and was attracted immediately. He was immersed in it like nothing else mattered anymore around him.

Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun looked at him and both felt jealous.

A book of martial art that could make people immersed just by one look, it was truly a great martial art. First, it must be some special martial art that was difficult to get. Second, the one who read it must fit the attributes of the martial art. Third, the most important one, it was a martial art that led to two stages higher than the limitation of this world. It was beyond people’s imagination really…

It was simply a story that would only happen to the protagonist of a novel.

Zhao Pingtian got such martial art that suited him perfectly. He was like becoming a god with just one step ahead. What a lucky man!

What else could be better than this?

Ye Xiao watched them both. He wanted to laugh. He took out a second one and said, "This one doesn’t have a strong attribute. It should be an in-between martial art. I think it suits you the most, Old Ning. Here."

Ning Biluo didn’t take it over immediately. He firstly looked at the cover of that book. The title on the book flamed in his heart like fire right away.

Heaven Formula of Prime!

It was also a martial art that nobody had ever heard. However, Ning Biluo knew that it must be no weaker than the one Zhao Pingtian had gotten.

[This must be the opportunity that will build up all my achievements in the future.

But if I take it, I will never be able to return the favor to him.]

He was hesitating. He was struggling. Even though he always showed a calm face, now he couldn’t help showing anguish on his face.

Ye Xiao smiled and said, "Ning, have I ever forced you to do anything?"

Ning Biluo was surprised. He said, "No."

"Right. No, I haven’t, and I won’t force you in the future," Ye Xiao casually spoke, "Do you think it is possible that you can return me all the favors that I have done for you by now?"

Ning Biluo was stunned.

[He saved me twice and gave me all the materials and financial support that I needed. Can I pay it off in this life?]

The answer was no!

Ning Biluo spoke with bitterness, "No!"