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Chapter 433: Fostering Superior Cultivator

Chapter 433: Fostering Superior Cultivator

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Ye Xiao smiled and said, "I am actually giving you the chance to return the favor to me… If you are improved, you can do more things for me. That makes it faster to return whatever you owe me. Don’t you think so? If you are more capable than this, when I am in danger like now, you will be able to do more than just die with me… Isn’t it true? You are never gonna pay off your debt. Why don’t you just owe me more to improve yourself, so that you can maybe help me more in the future? You said it yourself. ‘Life is short while the future will never end’. As long as you can stay alive, there may be one day you can return all the favors you owe me!"

Ning Biluo was silent. He thought for a while and then spoke in a hoarse voice, "That’s right."

He stepped forward and took over that book. Word by word, he said, "I hope that I can return the favor someday in my life."

Ye Xiao sighed and said, "Ning, you are being too sensitive about the past. I understand your feeling and your thoughts, but you don’t know mine. If I want men to work for me, I can just spend lots of money and there will be lots of superior cultivators for me to pick. Even if there are some people who don’t like money, can they also refuse the martial arts I offer? In fact, I never asked you for anything. I admire you. I see you as my friend. I never want to get anything from you. It is just that simple. It is always that simple."

"If you treat me as a friend of yours, you shouldn’t have that thought about who owe anything."

He casually spoke, "If you truly see me as your friend, even if I give you nothing, will you ask anything for return after you help me? It is the same case the other way around. That is all."

Ning Biluo lowered his head while breathing heavily. He smiled and said, self-mocking, "I am an assassin. I never have friends. I don’t dare to have friends… I have her thought that there would be one day when I have a friend…"

Even though he said so, his eyes lit up.


What a warm word to hear.

I, Ning Biluo, also have a friend. Even though I am an assassin, there will be someone admiring me!]


Ning Biluo murmured. He didn’t refuse the martial art or contradict Ye Xiao’s words.

The only thing he thought… was that no matter what happened in the future, he would never betray his friend!

When it came to Liu Changjun, it became much easier.

"Liu Changjun, this is the martial art I told you earlier."

"Whoo! Great! Finally! I love you so much baby! I cannot eat, cannot sleep because I kept thinking about you! Now you finally come to me!"

He took it over and started reading it. He didn’t feel that he owed Ye Xiao anything at all. Everything was so smooth and natural.

If Boss Wan was here, his jaw would probably fall on the floor. He might think, [Oh my god. That dumb face, Liu Changjun, who barely talks, actually can be such a showman? You truly cannot judge a book by it’s cover!]

In fact, for Liu Changjun, he was thinking, [I am going to spend the rest of my life following him anyway. I have to show him my true personality!

He gives me martial arts, I will cultivate it with full efforts. That is it.

I don’t have to act like I am calm and cool. Isn’t it tiring to do that?]

Ye Xiao thought with sigh. [Who says assassins are all horrible? These three assassins all have different personalities.

Zhao Pingtian was grateful. Ning Biluo was cool and insistent. Liu Changjun just cared about nothing.

They all have one thing in common though. They kept their words and they are duty-bound not to turn back!

The three of them were all immersed in the martial arts.

Ye Xiao quietly left Ling-Bao Hall for home.

Master Bai’s appearance-blocking art was quite good, but it wouldn’t last forever. Ye Xiao’s East-rising Purple Qi was marvelous. If Ye Xiao was a bit stronger in cultivation, he would have removed the spell on him immediately. After all those fights, he finally was able to change his appearance, so he turned back into Ye Xiao. He went back home as Ye Xiao, so nothing happened. He was safe!

He was out for two days this time. Song Jue would possibly nag him when he was back. Ye Xiao felt a bit headache thinking of it.

When he got home, surprisingly, he didn’t see Song Jue.

Song Jue was out, even though he had always been staying at home year after year. It was hard to know what he was out for.

Ye Xiao was surprised, so he asked someone. It turned out Song Jue had been out for two days now.

Nobody knew what he was out for.

What was so important that Song Jue had to leave for two days in such a time?

"Uncle Song is acting weird. He left no signs behind at all. He always stayed at home in ordinary days…" Ye Xiao shook the head. He couldn’t think it through and didn’t know where to find Song Jue.

So he decided to just wait till Song Jue was back.

When he was back to the yard in front of his room, he felt some fierce sword breaths in the air.

Bing-Er was practicing sword in the yard.

One after another strike of cold sword breath flowed everywhere. It was making sound like it was solid.

Ye Xiao was shocked when he saw it!

[How many days since the last time I saw her practicing?

How can she get improved so much?

Listening to the sound of her sword swaying in the air. She must have at least reached the Earth Origin Stage?

How come she is improved so fast?]

The last thing a cultivator wanted was to be interrupted when cultivating. Ye Xiao was an experienced cultivator. He knew it well. He just kept silent and quietly walked in.

In the yard, Bing-Er was holding a long sword that looked like it was made of snow. She was concentrated in practicing sword moves. Endless snow-white flowers flew in the air while falling down to the floor.

The yard was like filled with flying snow as the flowers were falling in the air. Endless cold qi was spreading along with it.

The sword glow was shining. Bing-Er’s dress flew in the air, so did her hair. She looked like a fairy descending to the world, showing her body in perfect shape. Her face was tense, as she was so serious.

What was interesting was that while she moved, she couldn’t help but zip her lips and plump up her cheeks, like it would make her strike more powerful.

Every time when Ye Xiao saw it, he would laugh at her, and she would throw a tantrum. However, she never changed it. She just got used to it.

At the moment, the solemn eyes, the serious moves, the cold and shiny sword, the flowers flying in the air… and the plumped pretty cheeks…

It made up a scene that would make everybody laugh, but Bing-Er herself didn’t notice at all.