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Chapter 434: Terrifying Progress

Chapter 434: Terrifying Progress

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The sword Bing-Er was using wasn’t ordinary. It was the sword Ye Xiao made earlier, the Ice Soul Sword.

It took a short time to make it; he was in a hurry after all. However, the material, the Ice Soul Essence, was among the best of the best. The sword was crystal and cold because of the special material, and it was also in a fashionable style.

It was not only in good shape but also in good quality!

Bing-Er loved it for the first sight. She acted coquettishly with tears in her eyes when begging for it from Ye Xiao. After that, she stayed with the sword all the time.

Sometimes, she would put in on her waist, like a swordswoman, waiting for Ye Xiao’s compliment.

It came to the end of the section Bing-Er was practicing now. As she stopped and the sword lights disappeared, she was gasping. Sweat came out from her forehead as her face turned red because of the moves.

The next moment, she saw Ye Xiao at the door.

She shouted with joy and ran over to him immediately. She hugged Ye Xiao and rubbed his chest with her head, leaving the sweat on his clothes.

Ye Xiao tapped on her head. "Girl, why so diligent all of a sudden?"

"When was I not diligent? Humph…" Bing-Er pouted. She seemed annoyed. But then she spoke happily, "Master, I think I have progress. A big one…"

Ye Xiao blinked. He didn’t think she was boasting though. She had made a huge progress during these days. It had been only two days since he last saw her, but she was already massively improved. He knew it when he looked at the way she used the sword. However, it needed time to judge how big the progress she made!

Ye Xiao tapped on her wrist to check her Mai. He put in a bit of spiritual qi to connect her Mai. After a while, he was astonished.

Inside the girl, the spiritual qi was raging like it was endless…

[What is it?]

Ye Xiao opened up his eyes wide, "Girl, you… that… What is it?" His eyes were twitching, like he was looking at a ghost. His throat was dry like burning and he said, "You have reached… level 5… of Earth Origin Stage?"

He had sensed that the sword breath was strange when he was outside the yard. He knew she must have reached Earth Origin Stage. It was a rough guess though. He thought it was probably level 1 of Earth Origin Stage, no higher than level 2. It would be quite astonishing already, however, it turned out she was at level 5 of Earth Origin Stage!

[That is… so surprising.


"Girl, did you eat anything special the last two days?" Ye Xiao looked at her, frowning.

He thought that maybe Bing-Er ate some special materials these two days by coincidence, so she was improved so much. If she got such progress all just by herself without help, it would be breaking the law of nature, which was unbelievable!

"What did I eat? Nothing special…" Bing-Er rolled up her eyes and tried to recall something. She said, "Rice, vegetables… Meat… Just a bit of meat, not much…"

"…" Ye Xiao was speechless.

[I asked what special did you eat, not what did you eat for meals! … Hmm. Maybe I asked it a wrong way. Anyway, I will ask you again!] So he asked her again, and got to know that she didn’t eat any special materials at all. He was confused. If she didn’t eat anything special, how come she was improved so fast?

The truth was that she was improved that fast. There must be something wrong with it then!

A girl who barely knew anything, whose bones were all broken and had never cultivated any martial art before, suddenly became a level 5 Earth Origin Stage superior cultivator within three months?

That meant she had gone so far within a hundred days that normal cultivators would have to spend their whole lives to achieve!

No, it was within ninety days!

And she had also spent time to recover from injury!

[How… How is this possible?]

"Girl, how did you cultivate it? Something is wrong!" Ye Xiao asked.

"How? I didn’t really cultivate it seriously…" Bing-Er blinked. Apparently, she didn’t quite understand Ye Xiao’s question. She said with confusion, "Don’t you know about my living status? I just… clean the room, read books, water the flowers and sometimes sit in meditation… Occasionally. I play sword and rest when I feel tired… That is it. That’s how I do it… Nothing special really!"

Ye Xiao took in a deep breath, and then took another. He gasped.

He really didn’t know what to say now.

[Clean the room, read some books, water the flowers, and she actually… just sit in meditation sometimes, and she rests when she feels tired… and she play with the sword occasionally… Nothing special…

That’s right nothing special. It is three days fishing two days drying nets really… But she reached level 5 of Earth Origin Stage just by cultivating like that.]

"I have nothing more to say then…" Ye Xiao spoke tiredly.

Now he knew that the universe was so broad that strange things happened everywhere. Xiao Monarch was simply a frog in the bottom of a well!

"Master…" Bing-Er was a bit disturbed. She bit on her lips, lowered her head, like she had done something wrong. "You asked me how did I cultivate. Am I too lazy, so I got slow progress? Do I let you down? Then… I will work harder… I promise I will work harder. I won’t be lazy anymore. I will practice sword, sit in meditation, cultivate as much as I can…"

Ye Xiao’s face looked like a red tomato. He was speechless.


That is faster than any boosting ghost in the world!

And you said it is slow?]

Who else dared to say it was slow, Ye Xiao would drown him with his spit!

[If this is slow, what is not slow then? It is fast enough to fight against the heavens!]

"No no no. You are very… not slow…" Ye Xiao spoke with difficulty, "Sure, it would be better if you work harder, but don’t push yourself too hard. You are not that slow really."

When he said that, he could feel his face burning.

That what exactly speaking without conscience!

Bing-Er’e eyes lit up. She nodded and looked so happy about it.

And then she realized she was in Ye Xiao’s arms. She blushed and got away; she spoke with bashfulness, "You didn’t have any food yet, right? I will go prepare something for you. I’ll be back soon."

"No rush." Ye Xiao grabbed her over and looked at her face. He felt that she must have recovered to normal age in mentality. She was exactly the same age as she looked like.