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Chapter 435: Ice Soul Essence

Chapter 435: Ice Soul Essence

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He asked her a few questions as a test, and Bing-Er answered them all smoothly. She wasn’t confused, lost and hazy like she used to be anymore.

Ye Xiao finally felt relieved.

[She is finally cured.]

And then he felt more than just relieved. He was astonished. Bing-Er knew a lot about instrument, chess, calligraphy and painting. She must have had very high achievement in those aspects before she lost her memory. When she first played the stringed instrument in front of Ye Xiao, it was awful. After several times, it was getting better and better. At the end, she could play a entire melody.

[She has a great comprehension. That is something extraordinary.] Ye Xiao felt like he had picked something priceless.

He thought maybe he should give her a reward as she had improved so much within two days. After thinking for a while, he remembered he had collected a lot of Iron Essence a few days earlier…

"Bing-Er, give me that sword," Ye Xiao said, "let me do some modification for you."

Bing-Er didn’t understand it. [A fully formed sword with such good appearance and quality. Why modify it again?]

But she gave him the sword anyway.

She didn’t understand, but Ye Xiao knew exactly what he was doing.

The main material of the Ice Soul Sword was prime quality Ice Soul Essence. It was a special material, and it was hard and tough. However, it was not flexible. Even though it was prime quality Ice Soul Essence and it wouldn’t melt, it was still a piece of ice!

Such sword with unique material that was not flexible enough must be modified further before it became perfect. Otherwise, if it crashed on some heavy weapons like a broad knife, long stick, giant axe, or iron hammer, it would be broken into pieces after several hits.

What was more rigid would be more easy to break. The Ice Soul Sword was only ice!

To modify such sword, it must be done by a master of smithing. In the Land of Han-Yang, there was no true master of smithing. Even Shen Lianzi, the dead famous blacksmith wasn’t quite like one.

However, for Ye Xiao, this impossible job seemed not to be so difficult!

Ye Xiao held the sword in hands. There was some white powder in his hands. He rubbed the powder onto the sword, and the white powder was absorbed into the sword. The sword, which would never melt, actually looked like it was melting during the process…

No, not just looked like. It was melting. It melted into water and dropped onto the floor.

A bit of the Iron Essence was pushed into the sword.

Ye Xiao operated the East-rising Purple Qi right away. The space between his palms seemed usual, but the temperature was actually boosted—hot enough to melt any steels.

How could he melt the Ice Soul Essence if he didn’t make it hot like that!

It wasn’t just melting. Ye Xiao kept the temperature in a certain status to make the Ice Soul Essence stay between melting and freezing. If the temperature went up a bit, it would melt; when it dropped down a bit, the Iron Essence would be unable to get in the sword!

His hands kept the sword in such high temperature. Over his hands, the water vapor rolled in the air, looking splendid…

Ye Xiao’s eyes were like eagles’. He was staring at the sword.

He modified every part of the sword seriously from top to bottom.

The material he used wasn’t just ordinary Iron Essence. It was the essence of some iron that came from outer space.

It was not like the other outer space iron though because of the color. It was white. Even the essence of it was white. It wouldn’t bond with other Iron Essence.

The piece of outer space iron was priced three hundred million. It used to be about the size of a man’s head, but when it was abstracted, it became a small pile of white powder.

Ye Xiao hadn’t seen any iron like this before. He was amazed by the color, but he didn’t pay much attention to it. There were too many materials he got from that auction after all. When he saw the sword in Bing-Er’s hand again, he suddenly remembered the white Iron Essence. If he put them together, they would create something miraculous.

After all while, he successfully poured all the Iron Essence into the Ice Soul Sword!

A great job was done!

He finally stopped, but he was still sweating. He raised the sword and looked at it carefully.

The long Ice Soul Sword was looked the same as before. The blade was still crystal white. Even the color didn’t change…

However, when it was turned a bit, under the light, there seemed to be endless stars hidden inside it, shining!

The starglow shined on the blade, making it look like a splendid river of stars.

"So beautiful!" Bing-Er couldn’t move her eyes off it.

She didn’t know how powerful it could be, but it looked fantastic. It had the appearance a girl would love!

"Come on. Try it." Ye Xiao smiled and gave her the sword.

Bing-Er took the sword and felt the weight of it. She hurriedly strengthen her wrist so that she could hold it tight. It was hard to tell by looking, but it was four times heavier than before it was modified!

Nothing changed on the look, but it was thousands times improved in quality!

Bing-Er swayed it for a while. She played a sword move casually. - Poof! - She struck out a sword strike!

The next moment, both Ye Xiao and Bing-Er was stunned.

Ye Xiao made this new Ice Soul Sword and Bing-Er swayed it! They were both stunned!

When she made the strike, what happened was like a shiny river of stars showed up in the air!

She had just swayed the sword in the air, but it looked like she had struck thousands oftimes within an instant!

One sword swayed out thousands!

This sword had the capability to create phantoms!

Ye Xiao was stunned but also pleased. [With this sword, no matter at what level Bing-Er is, she will be improved four times!

As she gets higher and higher in cultivation levels, the sword will be more and more powerful for her. It won’t come to a time when it doesn’t suit her anymore as she develops into higher levels. That means this sword can be her Life Bond Sword!]