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Chapter 436: Life Bond Sword

Chapter 436: Life Bond Sword

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Ye Xiao touched his chin and thought, [If Bing-Er reached Dao Origin Stage someday, she won’t need to really improve herself to the top of that stage. She will only need to reach level 8 and she will be invincible in the Qing-Yun Realm…]

"With this sword, I can finally be relieved." Ye Xiao took a breath out of relief. He didn’t know why, but he felt like he had solved something really important, even though he didn’t know what it was.

"Bing-Er, what do you think we call this sword… Star Ice Soul Sword?" Ye Xiao asked.

Bing-Er nodded with satisfaction. Apparently, she liked the name Ye Xiao gave it.

She looked at the sword with joy, with a big smile plastered on her face. Suddenly, she jumped up and kissed on Ye Xiao’s cheek.

"Thank you. From now on, my sword is the Star Ice Soul Sword! I will be with it forever!"

Bing-Er liked it so much that she didn’t even want to put it down for a second.

Ye Xiao was speechless. [What… Be with it forever… What do you think of it… Your someone special?]

The afternoon of the same day.

Bing-Er practiced sword in the yard again. As she played with it more, she liked it more. She couldn’t even think about putting it down!

Ye Xiao was finally free, so he took a nap in the room.

He was truly exhausted after all that happened these days.

Dealing with Master Bai, fighting against the God Slayer Team, getting along with Zhao Pingtian, none of them was easy. He needed to sleep tight and well and rest his body and mind at the same time. For the days to come, he might not be able to rest well anymore.

Ye Xiao, who was asleep, and Bing-Er, who was practicing sword in the yard, they both didn’t know just how powerful this sword could truly be…

Ye Xiao didn’t really know that special outer space iron. He didn’t know what exactly it was and what it meant… He didn’t know that this sword he made for Bing-Er would lead to what sanguinary disturbance in the future…

He made a sword for the girl just on the spur of the moment. That was all!

However, this sword meant that a devil who was already close to invincible got a unique and invincible weapon. She and the sword together, it made her power increased… ten times at least!

The legend of this devil began at the spur of the moment!

Bing-Er spiritedly played the sword.. While she was practicing, she found something extremely special with that sword. It looked light, but in fact, it was over fifteen kilogram. It was heavier than most of the heavy weapons people knew. If she didn’t use spiritual qi to perform it, even if she were a strong man, she wouldn’t be able to lift it. Even if she could lift it, she couldn’t sway it as she wanted.

However, when she injected her spiritual qi into the sword, it would become light like nothing. She swayed it so easily. It followed her mind and moved smoothly. While she held it, it would emit some gold qi to her hand from time to time.

It kept her calm and spirited.

More surprisingly… This sword could actually return qi back to her. She had been practicing for a long while, so usually, she should already be exhausted, but she felt nothing today. Even though she had poured the spiritual qi into the sword and made it light like nothing, it still needed her energy to move. She should be exhausted anyway. However, she wasn’t. She didn’t feel a bit tired at all.

She checked on it and found that it had a special function. When her spiritual qi was used up, it would return some spiritual qi back to her and keep her going, even boosting the reload of her spiritual qi!

Bing-Er wasn’t experienced, and she was usually confused, but even she knew that a sword that could return spiritual qi must be a legendary sword!

She grabbed the sword and stopped moving it. She looked a bit confused, like she remembered something, but couldn’t be sure about it.

However, she put the blade on her finger and cut it…

Blood came out and dropped on the sword.

Over a dozen drops of blood all got into the sword like magic and integrated into it slowly. After the blood integrated, there was no trace of it at all. It was magical.

Bing-Er didn’t know why she would do so, but she believed that she was doing the right thing…

She believed it was for her biggest interest!

Deep in her heart, that pulse calmed down after she did it.

"Why did I do it? It isn’t truly hurting me to cut my finger a bit, but I still feel pain. Why was I so silly…" Bing-Er looked at the snow-white and clean sword, there was no blood on it. She murmured with confusion…

She didn’t noticed that she didn’t operate any spiritual qi. However, this over fifteen kilogram heavy sword seemed to be light as nothing in her hand.

To put it in another way, the sword seemed to be a part of her body!

Nothing could take it off!

With no reason, Ye Xiao slept deeply. He slept from the afternoon to the night. He seemed to have a dream.

In the dream, he had so many different strange feelings. He was suffering a lot in the dream. At the end of the dream, he saw Bing-Er looking at him obsessively like she was about to say something. However, she suddenly changed expression. She was Bing-Er but had a totally different personality. She was like a horrible devil. She raised the sword and stabbed into his chest hard…

The sword moved so fast that it was faster than light. Ye Xiao couldn’t have time to get away from it…

As the sword light shined, it had gone through his heart!

"Ahh!" Ye Xiao shouted, woke up with fear, depressed in the shadow of death.

When he woke up, it was already dark outside.

"What are you shouting for? Bad dream?" Song Jue’s voice came from outside the door, deep and sullen. "Why shout like you saw ghosts. It is late at night. You don’t want to sleep, fine. Will you let others rest?"

"Uncle Song, you are back?" Ye Xiao was surprised that Song Jue was back.

Song Jue humphed with dissatisfaction. Apparently. he was annoyed by Ye Xiao’s shout.

Ye Xiao put on some clothes and got out. He complained, "Uncle Song, where have you been? Why don’t you tell anybody where you were going? You were out for such a long time. I am worried…"

"Nonsense. What should you be worried for? At my age, do you think I would get lost? So you can just leave for days without any notice, but I can’t? You have been missing for days too. It is just a few days. What do you worry for?"

Song Jue sounded fierce. He didn’t seem to be kind at the moment. He stared at Ye Xiao, acting like a barrel of gunpowder which would explode at any time.