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Chapter 437: Guest from the Sky

Chapter 437: Guest from the Sky

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"Cough! Cough cough!" Ye Xiao lowered his head. [This old man is in a bad mood. I won’t mess with him. I can’t, but I can escape, can’t I.]

"Something went wrong these two days. Somebody from the Ye Clan of Qing-Yun Realm came." Song Jue stared at Ye Xiao and said, "I sent them away though." His face was twisting, and his lips were twitching. And then, his eyelids shook.

"Are you hurt?" Ye Xiao asked in surprise.

How sharp his eyes were. Of course, he noticed something was wrong with Song Jue!

"Humph." Song Jue grimaced. "What wrong can it be. Nothing serious."

"Serious or not, you better let me check on you first." Ye Xiao didn’t say more. He just pushed Song Jue onto the chair and started to take off his clothes.

When he lifted the clothes on his back, he saw over a dozen stripes of stick marks on it, swollen.

"It isn’t serious wound. I got hit. That’s all… Gosh." Song Jue looked troubled. "My somebody was here too…"

"Like this, not serious wound? Of course you got hit, by sticks… Hmmm? Your somebody? Somebody who? What are you talking about, Uncle Song? Do you even know what you are saying? You are confusing me." Ye Xiao asked.

"Humph!" Song Jue apparently didn’t want to say more. He just humphed and then said nothing with a dark face.

However, his eyes lit up.

He seemed comforted, but reluctant and also confused.

Ye Xiao didn’t dare to slow down. He took care of the wounds on Song Jue’s back quickly. Suddenly, it reminded him that he could remove the hidden wounds inside Song Jue completely now as he had improved so much… [How about to getting it done tonight…]

[If I can’t come back for some days in the future, or things go wrong and I have to flee from home…

I won’t need to worry too much.

Song Jue without those hidden wounds can be strong enough to reach the limitation of the cultivation restraint in this world. He will be able to keep himself safe!

However, why does he look so upset today? Why?

People from Ye Clan came? Ye Clan of Qing-Yun Realm? Why did they come?

That stick wounds, and that ‘my somebody’, what does it mean?]

He asked Song Jue in different ways several times, but Song Jue wouldn’t say a word. He would rather die.

Song Jue was eventually inpatient and annoyed, he shouted, "Nothing good about your family, alright? Why do you have to keep asking! I don’t even know how to tell your father. Can you just stop…"

Ye Xiao was more curious.

Song Jue wouldn’t tell him anything. He just wouldn’t. He just kept quiet.

He didn’t say even a word after then.

Right before he fell asleep, he finally said, "Bastard!"

Nobody knew who he was cursing.

It wouldn’t be Ye Xiao though. If it was Ye Xiao, he would say ‘little bastard’!


Song Jue passed out because he was hit by someone again…

When Song Jue woke up, he found his spiritual qi was raging inside his body. He had a feeling he had never felt for many years. Now, it was back to him again like a miracle!

[Did I get another lucky adventure like last time?!]

He was half cured last time. It saved him from dying and it stopped his spiritual qi from leaking. This time, he was completely cured while unconscious. The wound that had been like ulcer in his bones was all gone.

Song Jue was so excited feeling the spiritual qi raging in his body but also confused.

[Who is this guy?

There actually is such a capable man in the Land of Han-Yang? So kind? Sneaked into our house just to cure me?

Without leaving his name?!]

Song Jue just couldn’t understand why there would be such a good man in the world.

He wanted to wake up Ye Xiao and talk to him about it, but it was too late at night. Besides, there was a girl in Ye Xiao’s room. Song Jue thought it was embarrassing to do so. He decided to ask Ye Xiao the next morning.

He heard there was looming noise of people shouting and fighting from distance. He jumped up to the roof and looked to the direction to Ling-Bao Hall. There was smoke rising and the fire lit up the sky.

"Ling-Bao Hall… eventually cannot escape it…" Song Jue stood there murmuring, "There is nothing to do under this circumstance…"

If possible, Song Jue really wouldn’t let this organization collapse; it helped the military in the border war a great deal after all. However, he was just recovered. He needed more time to rest and regain the power. It wasn’t a good time for him to start a strike. Moreover, he was just recovered to his prime condition. He was an ace card for House of Ye at the moment, so it was a waste to reveal his true power for somebody not relevant to him!

He hesitated, and then shook the head. He sighed and then went back to sleep.

If he didn’t see, he wouldn’t be annoyed!

At the same time, something that could shock the world happened on Master Bai’s side in the bamboo forest!

"What?!" There sounded Master Bai’s voice, furious and loud.

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were both frightened and woke up from sleep in the room beside his.

They put on the clothes and went out the room. They saw Master Bai standing on the floor, staring at a person in front of him. He was raging!

There rarely was any stranger who came into the bamboo forest, yet now there was one standing there!


[Master… Master…]

They both stared at Master Bai. [ Master is standing up?]

[Master stands?

What happened?

Is he cured?]

They started thinking the bright side!

However, good dream was broken. Master Bai sat on the chair and couldn’t get up again.

The reason why he could stand up was that he was provoked. That was why he suddenly stood up!

However, after that, he was still a cripple.

What on earth made him rage like this? He had always been calm and steady.

They walked over and stood beside Master Bai, staring at the person in front of them with anger.

The man was tall with a pretty face. He was charming with long eyebrows reaching his hair on the temples. He was a pretty young man in this filthy world. His face kept giving them a feeling that no matter how serious he tried to be, he seemed wicked. His face seemed to be covered by wicked glow…

While Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were staring at him, he looked back to them and clicked his tongue. He said, "I think you heard me clearly. Oh, are these your birds? They are pretty. No wonder you… Oh right, did you lay on them yet? I mean, Bai, if you did, it would be human-animal this and that… I think you parents may beat you up into a pile of meat… I am saying this for your sake. Please accept my opinion."