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Chapter 438: Ling Wuxie!

Chapter 438: Ling Wuxie!

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Master Bai said with anger, "Cut that crap and stop looking at them like that or I will cut your eyeballs out and rip your tongue! What do you think if I dare to do it or not?!"

"Oh my, oh, terrifying eyes. Sharp words. You scared me to death really!" That young man shrugged and showed a face like he was scared. "We are old friends after all. How can you do that to me? Where is justice about that? Besides, come get my eyeballs then, since you said you would cut them off me! Come on! I am standing right here, going nowhere. I promise I won’t move away. I promise. Just wait for your move. If you think you can do it, come and do it!"

"Ling! Wu! Xie!" Master Bai called his name word by word. He gritted with his teeth, "You better explain what you said!"

"Hey, hey… I know you will panic!" Ling Wuxie shrugged and smiled in a wicked way. "I don’t want to tell you. What are you going to do? Do you forget that you are a cripple. You can’t get close to me. If you can, would you bite me? Bite me viciously?"

Master Bai humphed, "What are you doing here then if you don’t want to tell me? Get off! As far as you can!"

"I said I won’t tell you. Then I won’t. I will never tell you… However, I will tell them." Ling Wuxie looked at Wan-Er and Xiu-Er wickedly. "I have a small problem. I can never stop talking to beautiful girls. And when I talk to a man, even if he is more beautiful than girls, I will lose my interest. Oh, two beautiful ladies, let me tell you something…"

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were both shocked.

[Master actually has a friend like this? This guy is… wicked…]

Ling Wuxie talked a lot. Nothing useful though.

"Say something that matters. Things about Meng Wuzhen!" Master Bai interrupted him.

"Urh. Alright," Ling Wuxie grinned and said, "your master’s biggest opponent, Meng Wuzhen broke through Fairy Origin Stage and suddenly reached Saint Origin Stage… That means, haha, haha… Your master used to overwhelm him, but now he can only wait to be overwhelmed. What a shocking news…"

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were astonished.

[Fairy Origin Stage, Saint Origin Stage! There was a God Origin Stage between them!

How could he suddenly improved two stages up?

It is no different than getting up the the sky by one step!

How did he do it?]

"How is that possible?" Master Bai angrily spoke.

"Ladies, let me tell you…" Ling Wuxie kept his wicked countenance and said, "It is said that… the stars in the firmament were in a chaos tens of thousands years ago… Not long ago, the stars suddenly turned normal…"

"Someday, Meng Wuzhen… accidentally got a precious treasure. After that, he improved so fast all of a sudden… It was like he could travel ten thousand miles in one day! That treasure, according to the information I got, is relevant to something about Heaven’s Nature… That is why he improved so fast…"

"Something relevant to Heaven’s Nature…" Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were shocked again. They looked at each other as their faces turned pale at once.

They all had a conjecture in mind, but they wouldn’t want to believe it.

Master Bai looked darker and darker on his face.

"We are all well-informed people. We know that things like that always need lives and blood to sacrifice for. It has to bring chaos to the Yin and Yang, so as to…" Ling Wuxie grinned and sneered. He glanced at Master Bai and there was hatred in his eyes.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Master Bai blandly spoke, "What does it have anything to do with me? I guess you must have been punched hard by Meng Wuzhen yourself, right?"

Ling Wuxie raged and shouted, "You prick! You asked me why I look at you like that? Don’t you know why? You know why!"

Master Bai rolled up his eyes and didn’t say a word.

"You think you can lie about what you did?" Ling Wuxie was furious. "We read that book together! You ruined that book, but I remember well all it says. Look at you, a cripple. You have been silent for such a long time. Don’t you think I will know what you are doing here anyway? Do you think you are the cleverest man in the world?"

"I have kept your secret all my life because we are brothers! I hope that one day you will succeed. I hope that one day you will conquer the world. I may not be able to stand by your side, but I still feel happy about it. I feel happy for you. Do you know why? Do you understand it? Do you have feelings, asshole? Do you know what friends are? Do you know what brother means? You son of a b*tch. You bastard!"

There was sorrow and gratitude in Master Bai’s eyes, but it lasted for just one second.

He lowered his head and didn’t say a word.

"Don’t treat me like a fool! Do you think I don’t know who made that chaos in stars? Do you think I don’t know who has taken endless lives and created bloodsheds? I know. Surely, others will get to know! Don’t you think?"

Ling Wuxie was jumping and shouting. He was furious, "You want to do it. Fine! Why can’t you just be careful? Can’t you just get that thing yourself! Now, it is in somebody else’s hand and you don’t even know it! All these years, you are just piling up a stepping-stone for others! And he is your biggest opponent! Don’t you feel ashamed? I feel ashamed for you!"

"Look at you, doing nothing, feeling good about your stupid Chaotic Storm sh*t…" Ling Wuxie spat and said, "Fxck!"

Master Bai looked calm.

"Meng Wuzhen is improved a great deal. He can’t wait to set up his authority among our generation. The first one he want to knock down is you. You are not there. He couldn’t find youm so he vented his anger onto the old man who is closest to you!"

"I don’t have your schemes. I can’t escape. I can’t dodge. I can’t defeat him. What can I do…"

Ling Wuxie wanted to cry but had no tears. "Do you think I would like to come down for you if I didn’t get bullied that hard up there! Do you know that? Every three months, he will come start a fight against me…"

"A fight…" Master Bai’s lips twitched, "A fight."

"Every time after that fight, I have to stay in bed because I cannot get up. Do you know how hard it is to survive his fists?" Ling Wuxie was angry. He spoke fiercely!

Master Bai quietly spoke, "Well then, maybe he didn’t have the I want. If he has it, he wouldn’t be so arrogant…"

Ling Wuxie laughed like a bird. "Quack quack quack quack…"

Master Bai was speechless.