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Chapter 439: Sharp Warning!

Chapter 439: Sharp Warning!

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"You don’t think so? You think I am wrong, is that it? So what. Should I care?" Ling Wuxie humphed and walked out. "Fine. Be a king here in your small kingdom. I am going to surrender to Meng Wuzhen. I got beaten up because of you. I don’t want to hear something like ‘not really’ from you."

He walked so fast. Only several steps, and he had already reached the gate. The next step is to walk out the door, or even out of the Land of Han-Yang already.


Bai Chen took a deep breath in and said, "Maybe… Maybe… Maybe he has…"

Ling Wuxie sneered. "I really don’t like it when you say something you don’t mean… Truth is in front of us. You know he has it. You just have to play tough on your mouth. Thinking about one thing while saying another, and you even do another. I don’t understand why a righteous man like me, Ling Wuxie, a great man, would end up being a friend to you, such a cunning prick. Why? Why? Gods! Earth! Tell me what is wrong with me. Tell me why I am still forever in faith to you…"

Master Bai was speechless again; he fiercely looked at Ling Wuxie.

[What the hell? What is that word? Cunning? How am I cunning? I am just a bit smarter than you, wiser than you! Isn’t it? Do I need you to be forever in faith to me? Even though you want to, I will not… Fine, I am in faith to you too, but can we not say it out that way!!!]

If staring can kill, Ling Wuxie should have been killed many times and ripped off into pieces already!

"Wuxie, sit down and calm down. Let’s talk… Brother to brother…" Master Bai rubbed his forehead and said, "There are two problems here. One, I made a chaos and I suffered the divine punishment. I cannot recover to my prime. These two girls suffer it with me… They are restrained."

Ling Wuxie indifferently spoke, "Why talk so much rubbish. Who doesn’t know? If you didn’t end up like this, how could Meng Wuzhen get that precious thing? How could I be bullied that hard? Why would I have to come down and ask for your help? Fxck it. Every time after being beaten up, I swear I will punch you into death if I see you. But when I see you suffering like this, I just cannot do it!"

He then threw up his hands. "Look at you. I can do nothing to help! A divine punishment is doom. What can I do?"

"I do have a solution. We cannot change a divine punishment, but things will change. There is this guy. He can remove my curse…" Master Bai thought of a man’s face. He sighed.

[Bloody hell. This time… it will be so embarrassing.

I just set him up so bad, now I will have to beg for his help. I need him to say yes.

I am sure he would take the chance and haul me like he is in a position reaching the sky.

I have to ask, is this sh*tty mess all I made up myself, me, Bai Chen?]

"What? You have a solution. You said it right? …" Ling Wuxie was angry and shouted, "Are you kidding me? Things will change? Fine, it seems to be a direction we can dig on… What use of this thing you tell me though? There is a solution, there is no problem!"

Master Bai frowned and rolled his eyes. He looked at him and said, "I am sure about that change but not fully. Things are not absolute, especially when it is the will of heavens…" He stopped and then continued, "The second problem is real difficult one. If Meng Wuzhen truly has that Heavenly Mystery, even if I go back in my prime, nothing can be changed. I know about my limits!"

Ling Wuxie clicked his tongue while pacing around Master Bai and talking in a weird voice, "Oh look, you said you know about your limits? Are you really Bai Chen? Oh, are you that Master Bai? The Third Lord Bai? Third Prince Bai? Hmm? How come I feel that you are fake? You must be a fake one. You are definitely not Bai Chen!"

Master Bai spoke weakly and sighed, "I mean… Ling Wuxie, it will be so great… if you stop being so low like this."

Ling Wuxie turned furious. "I am low? I am low or you are? Hmm?"

He jumped from here to there shouting, but then he stopped and sighed. He said, "That’s right. I am low! I know, you are right. I truly am! Bloody hell. I came along in a hurry, being upset for you like I am a pig. You are just fine. You don’t panic. You don’t do anything. I am low! I will go. Fxck it. I am going! I am so low!"

He turned around and moved fast, not stopping at all.

Master Bai knew that his old friend was angry for real this time. He moved to Ling Wuxie’s side like a ghost, quietly. He grabbed his arm and bitterly smiled, "Come on. What a bad temper. I didn’t say anything yet… Brother, don’t struggle. Don’t move too hard, my weak body is going to break apart… You can collide if you want to see me fall… I mean, even if I go back, what can I do to fight him? What do I have? Don’t forget, Meng Wuzhen is a member of the four conqueror’s clans in Human Realm Above Heavens. In his vein, there runs the blood from my mother’s clan… We know we cannot defeat him. If we just go for it even if we know we will lose, isn’t it just trying to suffer more? Everything needs a plan. If we cannot defeat him by force, we try wisdom. Don’t do things we know that won’t succeed."

Ling Wuxie gasped. He didn’t struggle but intsead spoke fiercely, "Are you really this afraid of that Heavenly Mystery?"

Master Bai didn’t say anything. His face was dark. He showed the answer, apparently.

"Don’t want to answer? Let me ask you another then." Ling Wuxie slowly spoke, "if there is no Heavenly Mystery, are you not Bai Chen anymore?"

Master Bai was moved!

It was a sharp warning resounding in his heart!

[That’s right. Even though I don’t have the Heavenly Mystery, it doesn’t make me less myself! I, Bai Chen, who is stronger than me?

I am me with it, I am still me without it!]

He was enlightened. He felt something!

Suddenly, he felt relieved, like he had just dropped down the burden on his shoulders.

"Frankly speaking, you are afraid and not reconciled to it. You feel ashamed…" Ling Wuxue was still nagging, "Don’t you deny it. You feel disgraced because after all that efforts you have done, what you are chasing for eventually went to another’s hand. You don’t feel good about it. You don’t want to face it. He is blessed by the Heaven’s Nature, that is true… But in fact, you are just escaping!"