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Chapter 440: Commotion!

Chapter 440: Commotion!

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Ling Wuxie was cautious when he said those words. He thought Master Bai would definitely turn furious. He might not be able to fight, but he was more than capable to curse. Ling Wuxie was prepared to be shouted at. He thought it wouldn’t go further than being bitten by Master Bai!

If he were Bai Chen, when he was taught a lesson like that, he would definitely jump up and bite!

However, Bai Chen was not like Ling Wuxie at all!

Before Ling Wuxie finished talking, Master Bai actually started to laugh. He looked so happy and said, "That’s right. Well said. Wuxie, you are really my good brother who knows me well! I do have that problem in my heart. However, it is you who enlightened me. Now I understand!"

Ling Wuxie was shocked!

[Understand? What do you understand? How come I don’t understand now?

Is this… Is this still the proud Master Bai?]

He looked at Master Bai dully and said with confusion, "You… What is wrong with you… You having a fever?"

He then reached his hand to Master Bai’s forehead.

Apparently, he himself didn’t really believe in what he had just said!

Master Bai grabbed his hand, stared at him and solemnly spoke, "Wuxie, thank you! Brother!"

Ling Wuxie was shocked!

He completely lost it!

After a while, he took back his hand and spoke in confusion, "I… I… What did I do… Why do you have to thank me… I… What is going on?"

Master Bai laughed and said, "You don’t need to know. A wise man always feels hard to be enlightened, while a fool will sometimes gain from thoughts. Things are always so mysterious in the world. You only need to know that, you, Ling Wuxie is my brother, the best! That is all!"

Ling Wuxie rubbed his head as a smile of embarrassment showed up on his wicked face. He said, "Really? Am I really that good? Hahaha… Wait, what did you say? A wise man always feels hard to be enlightened, while a fool will sometimes gain from thoughts? Man, it’s fine you call yourself a wise man, but why do you have to call me a fool? You think I don’t get it? You are fool… You are all fools in your family…"

Xiu of Heavens and Wan of Clouds both felt goosebumps on their skins!

They were frightened. They thought only Ling Wuxie dared to call Bai Chen’s entire family fools. There surely had never seen anybody who dared to say that!

Master Bai made up his mind and took it into action. He said, "Wan-Er, stop the plan here. Stop it all. Find Feng Zhiling as soon as possible. Tell him to start making those dan beads. Tell him, we will release the Heaven’s Mystery to protect him from divine curse. We remove the biggest risk he needs to take in the process of making dan beads. Moreover, we will…"

His face was glowing, "We will go back to the Human Realms Above Heavens!"


Wan of Clouds answered. She sound definitely happy.

Apparently, Wan-Er understood her master. She was positive about heading back home!

However, Xiu of Heaven’s didn’t look the same. She spoke in a heavy voice, "Master, this may be a little difficult… The strike against Ling-Bao Hall had started at tonight…"

She looked at the time and said, "It has been two hours since we gave the orders. Dawn is coming now… This moment… I can only hope that Feng Monarch will be lucky enough to survive…"

Master Bai, Wan of Clouds, Ling Wuxie’s faces all changed!

Ling Wuxie knew the importance of Feng Zhiling. Even in the Humans Realm Above Heavens, there was rarely anybody who could make supreme dan beads, let alone Supreme Heaven Seizing Dan beads. Every force would do their best to keep a master dan-maker like this!

Bai Chen was in an opposite position to Feng Zhiling, and he knew Feng Zhiling well, so he knew it was impossible to recruit Feng Zhiling. To protect him was against his great plan in the Land of Han-Yang. He had tried to convince Feng Zhiling anyway!

Even though he knew this man’s value, he had to get him killed!

At this moment, things had changed. His own future was depending on Feng Zhiling now! Things changed! It was hard to predict!

Ling Wuxie didn’t hesitate. He stood up and rushed up to the sky. Looking in distance, he saw the fire and smother in the east…

"Let me go check on that!" Ling Wuxie disappeared in the sky, leaving his voice behind.

What he had done showed that he was strong like a god. Even in Qing-Yun Realm, there would be no one who could be as strong as him, let alone in Land of Han-Yang!

Anybody who knew it would probably be scared to death. [There is actually such a powerful man in the world?!]

It was quite reasonable though. He was a brother to Master Bai. How could he be weak in strength?

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er both jumped up to the sky and disappeared too.

Master Bai sat on the wheelchair. His pretty face was calm and casual. He didn’t panic at all.

"I am Bai Chen!"

"Without the Heavenly Mystery, I am still Bai Chen!"

"Even if Feng Zhiling dies, and even if my Heaven Seizing Dan is gone, I will still be me!"

"I am Bai Chen. In this world, I am unique. I am me. I used to be, I am, and I will always be!"

His eyes lit up.

"Meng Wuzhen, I am coming!"

Ye Xiao had just taken care of Song Jue’s wound. He then felt frightened all of a sudden, like there was a huge danger approaching.

He didn’t dare to be careless. Quietly, he walked out the door. Looking at the sky, what he could see was nothing but peace. However, he was feeling more and more anxious.

He jumped up to the roof.

Looking around, he didn’t find anything special.

He couldn’t feel relieved, so he turned into the look of Feng Zhiling and went to Ling-Bao Hall.

On the way, he heard a sound of explosion. - Boom! - Fire and smother showed up from Ling-bao Hall. From a distance, he heard shouts and screams sounding in the air…

It was Ning Biluo!

It was just midnight.

This moment, the storm hidden under the table in the capital suddenly burst out in all aspects!

Nobody knew why.

Even those who were on a mission in this night didn’t know what led to this chaos. Suddenly, a commotion started!

Ling-Bao Hall was the first place where the chaos happened. The gate was hit and broken by someone!

Fire rushed up to the sky with smother all of a sudden.