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Chapter 441: King

Chapter 441: King

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Men in black showed up from everywhere with aura of killings. They crowded into Ling-Bao Hall with desire to murder!

They were all covering their face, leaving only their eyes and their swords glowing.

They entered Ling-Bao Hall, saying nothing. They just killed and rushed forward!

After just a while, Ling-Bao Hall was full of men in black. There were still many black-dressed men jumping inside and rushing out. From far away, countless men in black were getting closer like tide.

The aura of killing spread out the entire city from Ling-Bao Hall!

At first, the palaces of the three princes were lit on fire after Ling-Bao Hall. Shoutings with murdering sounds resounded. The Royal House was next.

Men in black crowded into the Royal House like tide.

Then the entire city was on fire. Smother came up from everywhere!

A chaos began in the capital of Kingdom of Chen all of a sudden!

The guardian force of Royal House had been prepared to defend any attacks. They didn’t panic, they just followed orders to get into the fights.

Horns and drums were resounding everywhere. Sound of the iron horseshoe sounded like thunder from everywhere…

And there was sound of fighting and killing all around the city. It was in a mess.

Ling-Bao Hall.

When men in black rushed into Ling-Bao Hall, a voice coldly sounded, "Kill them all!"

It should be one of the men in black who said it.

Every head in Ling-Bao Hall had a price after all. A big price!

However, it was actually somebody of Ling-Bao Hall said it!

The man who said it was Boss Wan, whose body was so fat that even god’s weapons couldn’t cut him through.

He was usually most afraid of death, but he actually showed some dignity at the moment!

"Good! I am putting my life on this then!" Boss Wan shouted, "Bastards, come on! Show yourselves! I have never thought about leaving this world alive since I came here three thousand years ago!"

While he was shouting, he actually rushed out with a fierce face. It was showing his attitude of ’killing one is good enough, but killing two will be better’.

He clearly knew it; the commotion was against Ling-Bao Hall. It had begun. As this place was the center of the chaos, and he was in a bounty just next to Feng Zhiling, it was close to impossible that he could survive…

Liu Changjun showed up like a whirlwind. He stood in front of Wan Zhenghao, shouting, "You bloody pig. Get the hell back inside the room! It is not your turn to shout yet!"

Wan Zhenghao was in great sorrow. "Back? Back to where? Brother STD [1] , relax. I have lived a life of thousands of years. I may not be able to defeat them in fighting, but I may be able to smash them to death with my weight…"

Liu Changjun rolled up the eyes and kicked on his belly. Wan Zhenghao screamed and fell back into the room.

Liu Changjun actually used the rebounding power on Wan Zhenghao’s belly to rush up to the sky. His long sword created thousands of star lights shooting down to the crowd.

He gritted with his teeth and said, "I hate it when people call me Brother STD… I have no STD at all… Wan Zhenghao you bloody pig!"

Wan Zhenghao’s scream sounded from inside the room, "I hate it when people call me bloody pig. Don’t you always call me that…"

Liu Changjun rolled his eyes and rushed into the crowd of assassins. His long sword moved like rainstorm, fast and sharp. He didn’t answer that fat man anymore!

When he kicked on Wan Zhenghao, the rebounding force had pushed him up to the sky. In fact, it made his feel a bit numb on his leg too. [Damn it. Even a wall is not that tough!]

Seven hundred assassins showed up from shadows under Liu Changjun’s lead. They stopped the men in black and started killing!

In the sky, there flashed a stream of blue light. A stream of sword light lit up the sky like a rainbow of lightnings. A slim figure showed up on the roof. He was cold and vicious; he cold spoke, "Ning Biluo is here. Who wants to kill me?"

The crowd of men was shocked!

For them, Ning Biluo was king!

He was king in the world of assassins, a legend. At this moment, this legendary figure showed up in their enemy’s side!

That meant they were fighting against the legend in their world. They were actually fighting against the god of death!

Those men in black panicked. Some of them even stopped fighting.

They were confused.

Deep down in their hearts, they didn’t want to fight against the King of Assassins.

The next moment, another shout sounded. A sense of loneliness and sorrow hit on them. Another black figure showed up, close to Ning Biluo, back to back. They both stood in the air, looking down at them proudly!

Back to back, they stood close to each other. They were both slim and indifferent, with enormous aura of killing!

"Zhao Pingtian is here. Who dares to fight me?!"

Both their words were like thunders striking!

King of Assassins and Killer King!

The two kings in the world of assassination were both here!

They both stood on Ling-Bao Hall’s side!

[Two most powerful assassins to be their guards? How rich Ling-Bao Hall is?!]

Suddenly, all of them were like dreaming. They were surprised, shocked, astonished!

Far from them, there were lots of assassins approaching. They saw the two legendary figures and they were all shocked. All of them stopped moving!

[Holy sh*t! The two kings are there. We are definitely going to die there!]

Surely, there were some clever ones. They understood the two kings were on Ling-Bao Hall’s side, but they also knew they couldn’t change how things would go. Ling-Bao Hall was enemy to the entire world after all. Even Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian together couldn’t change the situation!

The problem was, even though Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian couldn’t change the result, they would definitely slaughter a lot at the beginning. They might not be able to kill everyone, but they would be able to kill a huge amount. The men in black were all here for the bounty, not for dying under the two kings’ swords!

Clever or stupid, they all stood there. They didn’t know what to do all of a sudden!

Two extremely powerful assassins showed up and held the situation completely!

King of Assassins!

Killer King!

[1] STD, Sexually Transmited Disease, in ancient China has a name of Hua Liu (花柳病/花柳), Liu Changjun’s family 柳). It was a joke Wan Zhenghao made on Liu Changjun.