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Chapter 442: War

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Killer King and King of Assassins showed up together!

All the assassins were shocked.

If it kept going this way, the ones who started the attack would lose their confidence. Some of them would freak out and leave. That would lead to a retreat of the huge crowd. It was the best thing for Ling-Bao Hall for sure.

However, a vicious voice sounded, "Ning Biluo, very well…. The world No. 1 Assassin ends up to be a guard to somebody, a slave. You don’t deserve the title anymore… Let me challenge you for this then. I feel humiliated about you getting this title for a long time!"

A black shadow like ghost showed up. It was a man in black dress, black mask, and big-sleeved robe. He showed up from a black mass of fog like he had no weight. He giggled and then waved his hands. A few silver lines turned into a big net shining in silver in the air.

Boundless Saint of Boundless Lake!

Behind him were several people.

Apparently, they were the top assassins of Boundless Lake. Top assassins and Boundless Saint together tried to defeat Ning Biluo!

Ning Biluo was calm. He just humphed and said, "You are dead!"

Sword light shined in his hand like a lightning lighting up the sky. It cut the silver lines in the sky as he rushed towards Boundless Saint rapidly like lightning!

Destroying the leader will make the gang will collapse!

Boundless Saint wickedly smiled. He didn’t step back, instead he marched.

Just in seconds, he and Ning Biluo had fought several sounds, making splendid lights.

Boundless Saint was a bit weaker than Ning Biluo, but it was not easy for Ning Biluo to take him down in a short time!

On the other side!

Because Boundless Saint suddenly showed up with his top assassins to attack Ning Biluo, Ning Biluo left the main battle. No matter how arrogant Ning Biluo was, he wouldn’t dare to say he could deal with those assassins at the same time when he was fighting Boundless Saint and his men. If he dared to so, he would die!

Ning Biluo was taken care of, but there was still Zhao Pingtian. The three strongest assassins in the world all showed up here now. Boundless Saint, the No. 2, and his men were fighting Ning Biluo, the No.1. Zhao Pingtian, the No. 3 was still standing there, looking at the crowd coldly. Even though Ning Biluo was gone, nobody still dared to move recklessly!

If Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian together had a ten thousand point in fighting capability, Zhao Pingtian alone should be over four thousand. The men in black, each of them was mostly just thirty points. One hundred points was their limitation. Four thousand points or ten thousand points, to them, were just the same, invincible!

When the situation was cooling down, a laugh sounded, "Zhao Pingtian? Killer King? What a big title. Come on. Let me knock you down to the dirt, Killer King!"

A blue sword light lit up, like water rolling in the sea. A big shadow suddenly came down from far away. He was also covered on the face, and his sword was glowing in cold lights. He just struck it toward Zhao Pingtian!

The sword swayed and it created a stream of light that was like a long piece of cloth. It struck down and the light tail didn’t end!

Zhao Pingtian humphed. He didn’t hesitate. He reached his hand to the sword and drew it out.

The sword in his hand was the one Ye Xiao gave him. It was a lie if somebody said that it was ten thousand times better than his old sword, but it was at least a hundred times better.

Ye Xiao had so many treasures. To give Zhao Pingtian, a cultivator in such a level, a sword, he would definitely pick a sword that was best of the best!

- Clang! -

They two sword crashed!

They both used sword. However, they were both using it like broadsword, striking it down in full power.

A sound of cracking loudly sounded. Everybody around them felt shocked in their ears. A buzz appeared in their heads as all of them suddenly became deaf for a moment.

Zhao Pingtian stepped back about ten meters. The big guy who suddenly showed up and attacked made a roll in the air while moving backward. He didn’t get hurt at all.

After one round, he was still unharmed. There was barely anybody who could do so. Everyone was wondering who he was!

"Who are you?" Zhao Pingtian felt strange too. So he asked with cold eyes, "You must be someone with fame. Give me your name! Hiding behind the mask is not what a hero would do!"

That man said in a hoarse voice, "I am just an assassin. Assassin hangs around darkness. I am never a hero!"

And then he laughed. "Zhao Pingtian, where is your sword?"

He swayed his long sword again to attack. It was more aggressive this time. Apparently, he wanted a hard fight.

Zhao Pingtian was furious. The man was in the same level with Zhao Pingtian. He must be some famous figure in the martial world. However, he came to Zhao Pingtian with a mask on…

What worried Zhao Pingtian was that the moves of that man were specially designed to fight against him. That crash back then, if Zhao Pingtian was using his old sword, it would definitely be broken, even though he was a bit stronger in cultivation level. He might be shocked when the sword was broken, and he would get hit and died soon. That was not a joke!

Zhao Pingtian kept thinking. The man was here to specifically take his life, and he knew him so well. He just wanted to kill Zhao Pingtian. This man had to die!

"Fine. Go to hell then! All men have the same name when they die anyway." Zhao Pingtian’s sword became a stream of light moving around his body. He continued with a cold voice, "Corpse!"

He stopped talking but focused on fighting that man. The fight was drastic. They changed the battlefield while fighting, jumping up the roof then jumping up to the sky. They both held their breath and fought in sky!

They had the same thought of this, ‘Who fall first will lose!’

Just in minutes, two great figures on Ling-Bao Hall’s side were gone. They didn’t have the time to shock the enemies further since they ended up getting restrained by others!

The two super powerful men were gone. Those men in black were back to their missions now. Many of the men in black had entered Ling-Bao Hall and started to kill!

Liu Changjun was like a ghost; he kept his mouth shut while rushing around the yard. The long sword in his hand was overwhelming. As it shined with silver lights, three men in black died with blood on their throats. Over a dozen men saw the sharpness of his sword, so they rushed over together mercilessly. Liu Changjun didn’t want to face them in a tough way. He stepped backward and jumped through a window behind him and entered the corridor of the room. - Shoot shoot shoot! - Three sword moves, and three men in black died with blood on chests. Before the three of them fell down, Liu Changjun had jumped through the window again, out to the yard. Before he touched the floor, seven sword moves out.

Seven assassins, who attacked him had just reached the window, unluckily encountered the sword attacks of Liu Changjun. Seven men screamed loudly and their bodies flew out like a flying kite with cut off strings. Seven streams of blood shot to the sky, turning into seven blood rainbow in the air under the blue lights of those Sky Origin Stage cultivators.

Sounds of killings burst out.

Liu Changjun’s assassins group arrived and got involved to the fight quickly!

Men were fighting inside Ling-Bao Hall everywhere. However, there was something strange. No one said anything or made any noise except those who exclaimed before they died.

It was reasonable though. No matter on which side, they were all assassins!

Ling-Bao Hall’s men were all assassins. Most of the men in black were assassins too!

Assassins were always quiet. Assassins never talked much.

Assassin against assassin, nobody talked. They just fought.

The stuff of Ling-Bao Hall had left this place under Wan Zhenghao’s arrangement long ago. They were hidden in somewhere safe at the moment.

The city had been filled with bad news these days. Wan Zhenghao was afraid that this would happen beyond expectation, so he told everyone who worked here to leave Ling-Bao Hall everyday when the night came. They only needed to return the next day.

No one was allowed to stay the night in Ling-Bao Hall.

The attack was surprising, and it was loud and fierce, but those who couldn’t fight had left Ling-Bao Hall long ago. Most of them were ordinary people. The others were just cultivators in Human Origin Stage or Earth Origin Stage. In such fights, they were useless. If they stayed, they would die for nothing.

As long as they were gone, no assassins would go kill them in other places. Assassins had their principles. They wouldn’t kill a man for free. Ordinary people who worked in Ling-Bao Hall were safe.

In the sky, somebody shouted. Ning Biluo’s sword hit on Boundless Saint’s!

- Boom! -