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Chapter 443: Prestige of the King of Assassins

Chapter 443: Prestige of the King of Assassins

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- Boom! - Boundless Saint stepped back, staggering. Ning Biluo staggered backward ten meters, eliminating the strike and dodging the attacks from the other six assassins of Boundless Lake. He then rolled over and became like a long rainbow with his sword, rushing over towards the Ling-Bao Hall!

It wasn’t for nothing. His sword light was splendid. The sword light was like a light pillar with coldness, running over the house like wild wind. All those assassins who had stood on the wall or tried to get up on the wall were wiped!

Ning Biluo actually had time to do so while he was fighting against Boundless Saint!

What he did was surprising. It lasted for a short time, but it affected a big area.

It hit around the house!

Pressure on Liu Changjun’s group was greatly reduced. It was temporarily reduced, but even one second was a pleasant rest. Ling-Bao Hall’s side was thrilled. Many of them started to fight back during the seconds and killed many enemies.

Boundless Saint stepped back dozens of steps when fighting Ning BIluo. He finally stood firm. When he looked at Ning Biluo, Ning Biluo was killing a bunch around the house. His face turned red because he was humiliated.

"You pushed it too far!"

While he and his men were attacking Ning Biluo, Ning Biluo actually had time to kill a lot others in another place. That meant he didn’t put Boundless Saint in his eyes at all. Boundless Saint viciously spoke, "Good move, King of Assassins. However, you are underestimating me! I shall show you what regret tastes!"

Before he finished the talk, he rushed over to stop Ning Biluo.

In Boundless Saint’s mind, Ning Biluo made such an area attack right after one sword hit against him, so Ning Biluo must be short for energy at the moment. Boundless Saint had also consumed a part of his energy, but he recovered during those few seconds. He was in a perfect state.

Even though Ning Biluo was stronger than him, at this moment, Ning Biluo should not be able to defeat him! In others’ eyes, Boundless Saint attacked because of anger, but in fact, he did it because he thought it was the perfect moment to defeat Ning Biluo once and for all!

However, things went beyond Boundless Saint’s plan. Ning Biluo had made an attack around the house and didn’t slow down at all. He rushed up to the sky and became like a thunder striking right on Boundless Saint fiercely!

"Do you really think you can stop me!" Ning Biluo’s voice coldly came from the sword light. "You don’t have that capability to defeat me. Facing you, I can be as arrogant as I want!"

"No matter what I want to do, I just do it. You are too weak to stop me!"

Boundless Saint’s face behind the mask turned red because of anger.

However, Ning Biluo was in a human-sword mergence status. It was his most powerful attack. Boundless Saint had to give up the plan and move away.

If he still went for the crash, Ning Biluo wouldn’t be short for energy like he imagined. Instead, he would be fierce and powerful. That was his perfect status. To fight him in such situation was to seek for death.

However, there were always plans. Boundless Saint was never good at hard fights. He suddenly moved around fast like ghost. Because he moved so fast, he looked like a mass of fog, floating around Ning Biluo. Needles were flying in the air everywhere. - Shoot, shoot, shoot. - It was hard to defend.

Ning Biluo was integrated with his sword at the moment though. Sword lights fully covered his body. When the needles touched the sword light, they broke into pieces. Ning Biluo was also in an extreme fast speed. Boundless Saint was like a mass of fog, while Ning Biluo was like lightning. He was chasing after Boundless Saint, attacking. If Boundless Saint made any mistakes in defending, he would be hit and seriously wounded. He might even die in an instant.

Five top assassins of Boundless Lake saw that their master was losing, so they got over to help him. They made attacks on Ning Biluo together again. However, Ning Biluo’s sword light was long and tough. Even under the attacks of six powerful assassins, he stayed unharmed. Instead, his attacks made the six of them in a muddle. No matter where Ning Biluo’s sword pointed, they had to get away as fast as they could. If they ever hesitated, they would be wounded badly. Even though the six of them together were more powerful than Ning Biluo, under his rapid attacks that were like rainstorms, they were divided into individuals. They couldn’t fight together at all!

They all had a feeling like each of them was fighting Ning Biluo alone!

Or it was like Ning Biluo was surrounding them by himself!

Ning Biluo was so experienced in fights. He could create such a situation to make every enemy concentrate on their own situation. Those who were watching this battle all exclaimed with praise.

"What a King of Assassins! Marvelous!"

"Fighting against Boundless Saint and his five golden label assassins, yet he can still seize the higher position in the fight. Look at them now. A bunch of men from Boundless Lake were pressed and hit by Ning Biluo alone! What a scene!"

"That is so strange today… I heard the golden label assassins of Boundless Lake nearly killed Ning Biluo several days ago. Boundless Saint didn’t even join them. How come now the six of them couldn’t defeat Ning Biluo today?"

"Pah! Nearly killed Ning Biluo? You know nothing about the truth! They poisoned Ning Biluo in advance, that is all… Otherwise, several golden label assassins are not even close to be able to kill Ning Biluo! To end their own lives must be easier!"

"Oh, I see. I was wondering why Ning Biluo suddenly became so powerful today. It turns out the King of Assassins is always that horrible…"

"Ning Biluo is always that strong. You only get to know it now! Stop the fuss!"

While people were talking, discussing about him, Ning Biluo became more and more unpredictable. He was nearly impossible to defend now! While his sword was shining, two golden label assassins were injured.

Ning Biluo created over a dozen sword breaths roll over to them. If they stepped aside a tiny bit slower, they would have become dead bodies by now. They might be ripped into pieces!

This time, Boundless Saint jumped out to challenge Ning Biluo himself, because he knew there was deep hostility between him and Ning Biluo!

It was exactly Boundless Lake who made Ning Biluo’s assassination group fall back in the days.

Ning Biluo could forgive many people, but he would never forgive Boundless Lake!

He would never forgive Boundless Saint for sure.