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Chapter 444: Instant Killer vs. Ghost Hand!

Chapter 444: Instant Killer vs. Ghost Hand!

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They were in extremely two different sides. Naturally, both of them wanted each other to fall!

Therefore, even though Boundless Saint knew he was used on this, he jumped in anyway. At this moment, all assassins gathered together to fight against Ling-Bao Hall.

It was the perfect time to declare a death fight to Ning Biluo. If he didn’t kill Ning Biluo through this great chance, he was possibly not going to have another chance ever.

However, Ning Biluo was so powerful. Boundless Saint never had thought that he would end up in this sh*tty situation!

He gritted his teeth and tried so hard to stay defended in the fight. It was impossible to defeat Ning Biluo with an instant kill. He was doing his best, but he was only able to keep the fight go on this way. He was more like struggling before death. However, he had one chance. Ning Biluo was extremely powerful under the human-sword mergence status, but it wouldn’t last long. No matter how enormous his energy pool was, there was always a limit. After this, he would become exhausted. As long as Boundless Saint could stay safe till then, he would have that opportunity to fight back!

For Boundless Saint, it was much more important to kill Ning Biluo than to kill Feng Monarch!

This fight depended on which side could stay longer!

If Ning Biluo got exhausted and couldn’t keep the human-sword mergence status, when his sword light was gone, the six opponents would definitely fight back like crazy. It wouldn’t be strange that he got knocked down by an instant kill!

However, if people in the other side were not cautious enough before that, they would die. They were now trying to keep the fighting going. That was all. Any one of them dying would make them all fail. The other five would die for sure!

To put in a long term consideration, it was surely more optimistic on the Boundless Lake’s side!

However, Ning Biluo was still fierce like when he began to keep the human-sword mergence status although it had been quite a while now. He didn’t seem tired at all. The six superior cultivators were all in a embarrassed situation at the moment. They started to feel tired first.

On the other side, Zhao Pingtian didn’t have the good luck like Ning Biluo. He had said that he would kill the enemy, but the truth didn’t quite go along his prediction. He didn’t know who that enemy was, but he was so tough in martial arts. He was no weaker than Zhao Pingtian even a bit!

Most importantly, he apparently had studied Zhao Pingtian. He knew every move of Zhao Pingtian. That was why he was wise one in the fight. He fought in some specific strategy that aimed at his weak points. Zhao Pingtian tried so hard but was only able to keep himself unharmed in the fight. He didn’t make any optimistic approach at all.

Zhao Pingtian’s old sword was broken several days before, so he got a new one from Ye Xiao. If he used the old on in this fight, he should have died long ago. Even if not, he should have definitely been in a very bad situation!

The two of them flew up to the sky. After hundreds of rounds, they both got down to the floor because they went out of qi. Before they touched the floor, they were still fighting. When they touched the floor, they both made a turn like two whirlwinds. Whoever were fighting around them were blown away…

When they stood firm, they made another attack on each other. It was even. They both staggered backward. While they moved backward, they both left the staggering images in the air, yet their true bodies were fighting again, crashing into each other. Sword, blade, fist, and kick. They became like a strong whirlwind, blowing to the west and then to the east. No matter how sharp one’s eyes were, he couldn’t see them clearly…

Suddenly, a shout sounded in the sky. They both rushed up to the sky again…

As time passed, Liu Changjun’s situation was getting more and more dangerous…

Seven hundred assassins were fighting in full efforts. The enemies didn’t work well together like they did, because the enemies came from different forces. However, the enemies were a big number…

Although dead bodies were everywhere, there were still so many men in black climbing the wall getting inside. They were like tides flooding in Ling-Bao Hall!

The bounty was increasing everyday.

It was close to ten billion now.

Who could stay calm in front of such a number?

Everyone wanted to be the lucky one who knocked it eventually!

Assassins killed for a living. Risking their lives didn’t matter at all!

They would die someday anyway. If they got the money, it would change their lives! They could spend the rest of their lives in any way they wanted!

Eyes of the assassins were all red.

Liu Changjun was fighting everywhere to support his men, however, over a hundred men in his group died!

The number was going bigger!

More and more men in black rushed over… and entered the yard…

Liu Changjun had wounds on three places. Blood came out, but he didn’t notice. He just kept fighting and killing!

At this moment, a cold voice sounded, "That is Liu Changjun, the Instant Killer, you can all stay back now… Let me fight against him!"

A shadow rushed into Ling-Bao Hall like a hawk. His narrow eyes were full of vicious lights. He was covered by aura of killings. He looked brutal with no reasons!

It was brutality that would treat life as trash!

Liu Changjun saw him and felt stricken in the heart.

He knew that man. The man had a title, Ghost Hand!

This Ghost Hand had a name, Yin Yucheng. It was a good name, but he was a typical murderer!

He was the No. 5 on the ranking list of assassination!

An assassin of Sky Origin Stage.

He put his hands on the back and walked in step by step. He looked at Liu Changjun with his sharp and cold eyes, which looked like eyes of a hawk. He blandly spoke, "Instant Killer Liu Changjun… Nice… Very well."

Liu Changjun disdainfully spoke, "Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian are even better! Do you dare to challenge them?" Apparently, he was taunting him because he picked the weaker one to challenge.

Ghost Hand Yin Yucheng sneered, "Things are going to a dead end. I don’t need to go to them and they will die anyway! You, Liu Changjun, you should just focus more on how to die in my hand. Dying in pain or dying with joy are both death, but they will give you different feelings."

Liu Changjun sneered, "It is death anyway! What are you waiting for? Since when a fight between two assassins has to be so nagging? You need to have a chat before the fight? Yin Yucheng, did you learn this from your master’s wife? Let me tell you something. Talking to you is an extreme pain in the ass!"

Yin Yucheng humphed. His eyes showed up with killing intent. "What a sharp tongue! You know what. You are dead! I can assure you that I will spend ten days to torture you before you finally stop breathing!"