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Chapter 445: Who Wants My Head?

Chapter 445: Who Wants My Head?

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Liu Changjun coldly spoke, "The No.5 assassin in the world, did you talk to get this title? What a surprise!"

Yin Yucheng coldly and viciously spoke, "Liu Changjun, I will ask you one thing. How did you improve so much in such a short time? Tell me the truth and I will give you a good quick death!"

His eyes were full of greed.

[By some special dan beads or some special martial arts, it is a way to improve quickly. I have to figure out how Liu Changjun did it… If he can do it, surely I can!]

[Liu Changjun will die today. So will Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian. If Boundless Saint dies in the counterattack of Ning Biluo, it will be a perfect ending. I will become the world No. 2 Assassin!]

[No. If I get the secret how Liu Changjun improved himself so quickly, I may become No. 1. That is possible. That is very possible!]

As he thought deeper, he was immersed in his sweet dream. His eyes were full of greed as he stared at Liu Changjun. He didn’t want to miss any move or any word of Liu Changjun!

Liu Changjun laughed. "I brag a lot! That makes me improve!" He stopped and then spoke with extreme disdain, "I have been just like you, chatting a lot, bragging, and then I got improved. Hahaha. Hahaha."

The laugh was full of disdain. It was wicked.

"You asked for this!" Yin Yucheng couldn’t bear it anymore and drew out his sword!

His sword was all black!

In the dark, his sword was nearly invincible like it was a part of the night.

Before he moved, Liu Changjun had rushed over to him. Facing this No. 5 Assassin in the world, who was in a higher ranking than himself, Liu Changjun actually made his attack first!

In Ling-Bao Hall.

In the highest floor of the house, there were a bunch of men in black standing beside the wall.

Inside the room in the middle of the house, Wan Zhenghao nearly filled up the room with his giant body. He was staring at things outside.

"When do we move?" It was Long Tianyun speaking.

[As alliance to Ling-Bao Hall, we can’t just watch, can we?]

[I really don’t understand why Feng Monarch wants us to ambush here.

The fight is going on like storms there, and Ling-Bao Hall is losing it. He actually does not want us to help.

If we go help them, things would have been much better than this!]

Long Tianyun and his men didn’t really want to get involved. This was not just some quarrels in martial world. It was life and death!

Once they got into that fight, it was very likely they would die there!

However, for their clans, they were prepared to go sacrifice themselves, even though they knew they would die there.

Feng Monarch was there, and Wan Zhenghao told them to wait.

"I didn’t say you shouldn’t get into the fight…" Wan Zhenghao’s face was shaking, "Thing is… Those who attack us are all assassins in the martial world… The two kingdoms out there and the savageries from north and south hate us like hell. There is still no sign of their men yet…"

"None of the sects in the world took moves yet…" Wan Zhenghao frowned and said, "Now it is not a good time for you to make a strike… The sects are all waiting for you to show up at the moment! I don’t know what would happen if I let you go out now. Things might go worse…"

Everybody took in a deep breath.

That was true. It was possible!

Why hadn’t those strong forces taken moves yet?

Wan Zhenghao had lived thousands of years. Situation was dangerous at the moment, but he was still calm. That was so shocking. He was a thousands years old man after all!

The fat on his cheeks shook. He looked outside the window and said, "Let’s just wait… When Feng Monarch comes, he will make the decision."

He somehow realized that this Feng Monarch had become the mainstay of them all. Even Boss Wan, whose position was snatched by Feng Zhiling, now accepted it already!

"Feng Monarch…" Someone of the five clans twitched his mouth.

[Ling-Bao Hall is in great danger. It is important to save the situation. If Feng Monarch isn’t a fool, he will never show up here now!

Those men in black haven’t destroyed this place yet, because those strongest ones are waiting for Feng Monarch, whose head is wanted with a bounty of billions!

If Feng Monarch returns, those assassins will definitely be enraged and rush over to get his life!

When that happens…

Even if Feng Monarch has three heads six arms, he will die soon eventually!

At this moment, Feng Zhiling can just flee away. He can get another chance to rise again in somewhere else. He can make supreme dan beads, so it won’t be a difficult job to rebuild his career!]

The men who were fighting on the roof suddenly made some bomb noise!

Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian were both anxious now!

They were both kept in fights. Even though they could hang on with it, it wasn’t a good thing for Ling-Bao Hall. After a while of fighting, they both felt completely warmed up. They both started to make fatal attacks!

Things were getting worse for Ling-Bao Hall down on the floor now. If they didn’t go down to help, the seven hundred men of theirs would die out!

It included Liu Changjun.

Liu Changjun was losing in the fight against Yin Yucheng now.

At this moment…

A shout resounded from distance in the sky. It was clear, loud, calm and indifferent.

"Who has the gut to attack my Ling-Bao Hall?"

People no matter from which side, and those who had been watching the fight, waiting in the dark, all looked to the south where the sound resounded!

It was Feng Monarch’s voice!

Feng Zhiling finally came!

At this most dangerous moment, when everybody thought that he wouldn’t show up and had fled for his life, he came!

The south in the night.

A shadow came along the wind. His black robe was floating in the wind. His bland eyes were looking down upon the crowd from a higher position. He blandly spoke, "Who wants my head?"