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Chapter 446: Fight for the Head!

Chapter 446: Fight for the Head!

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Everybody was shocked. They didn’t know Feng Monarch would really show up!

At this moment, things were worse on Ling-Bao Hall’s side!

[Is he looking for death now?]

The crowd was just silent for one second, and then it burst into chaos.

"I feel like I am looking at a gold mountain, shining in golden lights, showing up in front of me…" An assassin was greedy; looking at Ye Xiao obsessively, it was as if he really was looking at a mountain of gold.

Those who heard him all made the same gesture to agree. They nodded.

Feng Monarch was exactly like a gold mountain at this moment. And it was not an ordinary gold mountain!

It was a gold mountain that connected the sky and the earth! That big!

Even a giant gold mountain might not beworth more than Feng Zhiling’s head!

- Shoot, shoot, shoot. - People came up like rainstorm from everywhere. Within seconds, Ye Xiao was surrounded by a big crowd of people!

There were at least four thousand men.

This place wasn’t spacious. Over four thousand men suddenly showed up. It truly was a great scene. People in the outside circle was off the sight already. The sounds of people shouting sounded from distance. There must be more people gathering over…

Their eyes were all staring at Feng Monarch with greed.

In fact, they were staring at his head. That was all.

They were like staring at tons of gold.

They eyes looked greed.

Ye Xiao sighed inside his heart while looking at all this of people here, waiting to take his head off.

He had never thought that he would end up being hunted by everyone. Life was tough!

He had been hunted by many sects in his previous life, but he had never been hunted like this. He was enemy to the entire world now!

There were many assassins in the world. However, not all of the men in black here used to be assassins! Many of them acted as assassins so as to try to kill Feng Monarch. No matter who killed Feng Monarch, he got the money!

"I know my head means a lot of money. It is very precious. Super precious." Ye Xiao blandly smiled as he pointed at his head. He spoke with a smile, "To be honest, I am kind of proud. Not everyone has a head that worth this much like mine."

"At least, you here, all have worthless heads!"

"Your heads are cheap!" Ye Xiao coldly spoke.

Whoever heard him, no matter on which side, all staggered.

[What the hell!

Somebody put a big bounty for your head and you are actually proud of it?]

Well it was a great achievement thought!

However, the words he said, ‘your heads are cheap’ pissed many assassins.

"Our heads are cheap compared to yours, but our lives are much longer than yours," an assassin coldly talked back, "When a man’s head is too worthy, it will be very difficult for him to save his head. What do you think, Feng Monarch?"

This guy’s words pleased many assassins.

"That is right. Our heads are cheap. What a shame, your precious head is going to be cut off by us!" Another assassin sneered.

"That’s right. Our heads are cheap, but they will stay where they are!"

"Whose head is still on his neck. It is really hard to say before tonight ends," Ye Xiao indifferently spoke, "You are all assassins. I shall give you an advice."

"The advice is here. If somebody’s head is precious, then this man’s head must be difficult to cut off. Those that are easy to cut off must be some cheap heads."

"Next time when you accept a mission, don’t just look at the price of the head. You need to think carefully, whether you can keep your heads on your necks after you take that mission or not."

Ye Xiao’s words convinced many assassins in their hearts.

Those were definitely words of wisdom for assassins.

However, Feng Monarch was no assassin!

"You want my head. I understand it. No matter who take my head will live on a wealthy and happy life. His children, grandchildren and the next generations after that will be rich… In fact, I want to support you really."

What he said shocked the crowd. They were all speechless and stunned.

[What… What the hell is wrong with him. We are here to kill you. We want to cut off your head for money. You understand us and you support us?

Are you human being? What is wrong with your brain? Are you insane?

Do you even have a brain? Is your brain rotted?]

"I know your lives are tough. You just want to live better. I want a happy life too. Everybody does."

Feng Monarch kept talking like a fool, "So, I can’t give you my head. I think you should try to understand me too. We all have the same thoughts. I understand you, so you should understand me too, don’t you think?"

"After all, this is my head on my neck. Right?"


Surely we understand!

Nobody wants to lose his head for somebody else’s reward.]

"So, we are dead enemies on this issue. No matter how it ends, I kill you or you kill me, it is just how it goes. Don’t have any negative feelings." Feng Monarch nodded to the crowd of assassins decently.

"You want that money, you will have to cut my head off. I want to save my head, so I have to kill you… Is it right?"

Feng Monarch kept saying heads. Your heads, my heads, like he was saying a tongue twister. It made them feel buzz in the head.

"Well, it surely is reasonable." An assassin looked at Feng Zhiling with confusion. "What Feng Monarch said is mostly rubbish talks. Are you trying to delay the fight? To be honest, it doesn’t work!"

Ye Xiao blandly smiled. "Of course it brings no good for me to delay the fight. More time I waste, more people will come. I don’t have any back support… So, I won’t delay anything. I just want to ask you one more thing before we start to fight for these busy heads! No matter who dies and who lives, I promise the one who dies will die in glory under the watch of everybody!"