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Chapter 447: Local Assassins in Kingdom of Chen?

Chapter 447: Local Assassins in Kingdom of Chen?

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Many of the assassins had reservation on the situation because Feng Monarch was acting so casual.

At the moment, even Yin Yucheng flew over from the fight against Liu Changjun. Liu Changjun was a strong opponent. Yin Yucheng seized the higher position in the fight, but it would take time to take Liu Changjun down. Feng Zhiling suddenly showed up and he thought Feng Zhiling might die at any time. Liu Changjun had the martial art and dan beads he wanted badly, but those were worthless compared to the head on Feng Zhiling’s neck.

He thought for a while and then made up his mind. He made a strong strike to force Liu Changjun back, and then he got over to Feng Zhiling fast. He stared at Feng Monarch, whose head was worth billions, as he coldly asked, "What do you want to ask?"

Ye Xiao looked indifferent. He blandly said, "I have a simple question. I just want to know, among so many assassins here, how many of you are local assassins in Kingdom of Chen?"

People were shocked. They would have never thought that Feng Monarch would ask such a question in this situation.

Many of them started to avoid eye contact. Some of them who knew each other’s identity started to look at each other.

Were there any citizens of Kingdom of Chen?


It was emergence into prominence in times of crisis at the moment. All assassins gathered together here. How could local assassins not show up?

In fact, the first group of assassins arrived was a bunch of local citizens. Old horses knew well the paths. That was their advantage!

"No matter you will admit it or not, I know you are here. I am confused and upset. People from Kingdom of Tianyu and Kingdom of Lanfeng wants to kill me. People from outside Kingdom of Chen wants to kill me. I get it. I can understand. We are in hostile positions. It is reasonable to kill other country’s support. But, assassins in Kingdom of Chen wanting to kill me. I don’t understand. I cam confused!"

Ye Xiao slowly spoke, "Kingdom of Chen is under a dangerous situation with nemies in four sides. The kingdom is perilous like a piling up eggs. Millions are fighting in the frontlines to protect our homeland. What have you guys done, as citizen of Kingdom of Chen?"

"We, Ling-Bao Hall, are businessmen, but we know our responsibility as citizens of the country! We held an auction, offending every forces in the world, giving our full efforts… We raised seventy billion for the country! We solved the financial problem! Ling-Bao Hall has done more than enough for Kingdom of Chen!"

"That seventy billion brings us the current situation. Now we are in great danger and we will collapse at any second."

HIs cold voice was resounding in the dark sky, "No matter you are assassins or ordinary folks, as citizens of Kingdom of Chen, shouldn’t you do something for the country? However, you have done nothing, and you are here trying to kill me, a man who just gave this country seventy billion. Isn’t it disappointing?"

Ye Xiao coldly looked around those assassins’ masks, "Ling-Bao Hall donated seventy billion to the army, to those who are sacrificing themselves to protect your homes… And you, you came here to cut my head for that filthy money!"

"I am not trying to tell you any great moral principles. I won’t. I just want to know, how many people among the crowd are ingrates."

Ye Xiao sneered, looking at the countless assassins with cold eyes. "Anybody brave enough to show yourselves? Stand out and let us see?"

"Even if I am going to die, I want to know whether I die in the hand of my own people or the sword of my enemies!"

It suddenly turned silent. It was awkward silence.

A stalemate!

Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian stopped fighting too. They were coming over beside Ye Xiao. The fights didn’t last long, but it consumed lots of their energy. A stalemate was good for them. At least, they could rest for a while.

Ye Xiao stopped them. "Don’t get over here. Let me have a look at the… heroes of our kingdom."

In fact, most of the assassins weren’t people of Kingdom of Chen. There was only a fraction of them here.

Suddenly, intentionally or not, they were separated into two groups.

Most of the men in black masks looked at those who were people of Kingdom of Chen with disdain.

They were fighting side by side for a long time, so they knew about each other more or less… They knew who were local and who were not.

Some of them didn’t know it, because they were weak and not qualified enough to know that information. Some of the famous ones were well informed.

Local assassins and adventive assassins, they became two groups!

Many assassin seemed ashamed, and then they looked at Feng Monarch, having a few thoughts. Suddenly, they looked more vicious.

Apparently, the huge money attracted them more than dignity. They betrayed their country, but they didn’t care now. Kingdom of Chen was surrounded by enemies from all sides. It was exactly in the same situation like Ling-Bao Hall now. They reckoned the kingdom would be replaced soon. Kingdom of Chen would soon become just a name in the history. What they wanted now was something more realistic!

At the moment, fires and smothers were bursting more and more drastically. Sounds of fights came from everywhere.

There were fights in every sides.

"Now the assassins and secret troops of other countries have invaded the Chen-Xing City. While you are trying to take my life, they are destroying our country. You people are murdering here, trying to kill a man with honor. You are here trying to take my head to exchange for money…"

Ye Xiao was cold and calm. "Are you even human beings?"

A man in black looked at Ye Xiao sneering, "Feng Monarch, don’t ever try to play any tricks here… No matter what you say, you are dead today! …"

This man had just finished talking when another man in the crowd sighed and suddenly jumped up to the sky. He became a dark lightning in the sky and disappeared immediately.