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Chapter 448: Poison!

Chapter 448: Poison!

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The man only left his voice behind.

"I, Chen Zhizhong, failed the Kingdom of Chen. I am too ashamed to show my face. Feng Monarch, I wish you good luck… If you can survive this, I will come back to apologize myself!"

His voice was resounding in the sky, while he had already gone far.

Chen Zhizhong!

The name shocked Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian.

The No. 4 Assassin in the world!

This guy was even above Yin Yucheng on the ranking list. His achievement was so close to Zhao Pingtian. Nobody had thought that he would come. He had been hiding among all those assassins… If he didn’t say his name, Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian would never know he was here too. This guy was good at killing discreetly. He usually only used one strike to take the enemy’s life. That was what he was famous for. In the Land of Han-Yang, he was the best in discreet assassination.

[What if he sneaked close enough to us and made his famous strike, could we survive that?]

Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian were both frightened by the thought. They couldn’t be sure that they could survive Chen Zhizhong’s killing strike!

They were surprised that Chen Zhizhong was actually a citizen of Kingdom of Chen!

Luckily, Chen Zhizhong left!

After that, dozens left after him quietly.

"It is a lot of money. We are merciless assassins. However, we are ashamed. Take care, Feng Monarch!"

Dozens of them chose to leave.

Ye Xiao sighed in his heart. [These men are, although assassins… have a sense of honor. In front of this attractive bounty, they need courage to leave under this situation.]

Those who stayed hesitated and then lowered their heads.

They didn’t leave.

Nobody left now!

After all, Feng Zhiling’s head… meant too much to them!

It was an enormous attraction!

Not many people could resist!

Such a great opportunity was in front of them. What a precious head. It would be such a shame to give it up for others…

[Feng Zhiling must die!

Then why give it to others?

Chen Zhizhong cherishes his reputation and gave up such a great opportunity. He must have left his brain at home. That is why he can’t take away others’. Such a powerful opponent left. Isn’t it a blessing from gods?!

More assassins left after him. As assassins, they talked like they were some honorable figures…]

Many local assassins had such thoughts.

"Feng Monarch, cut that crap already. Don’t ever think about playing this trick." An assassin from Kingdom of Lanfeng laughed. "That is so much money. I can even kill my father for it, let alone Feng Monarch, someone I’m not even familiar with… Haha. Only fools will talk about honor and dignity in this important moment! Ling-Bao Hall is falling now and Kingdom of Chen will fall after it. It is destiny!"

Ye Xiao nodded. "That is quite right actually. I think about that too. However, you here are, so obviously, you are trying to kill me. I don’t want to die, so I will kill you. I was just worrying I may kill someone honorable… I have to give myself a reason to kill anyway."

"Now I have thought it through. I have the reason. Clear and loud."

Ye Xiao blandly looked around at those assassins. "I don’t care who you are. I have enough reasons to kill you!"

For the first time since he showed up, he moved. He slowly stepped ahead. In his eyes there was splendid lights. An enormous aura of killing rose up to the sky!

"Those who stand on my way die!"

Ye Xiao coldly spoke.

"Kill him!" a man loudly shouted and rushed over first.

Assassins would be afraid of Ning Biluo or Zhao Pingtian because of their titles. Even Liu Changjun would frighten them. However, they would never be scared of Feng Zhiling!

As one man had moved, the others wouldn’t want to be left behind. They rushed over like tide.

No matter how Feng Zhiling was good at hiding his true strength, no matter how powerful he was, how could he defend the attacks from such countless enemies?

Under everyone’s watch, he suddenly stepped back.

At the same time, on his body, a mass of dark fog burst forth!

The fog rapidly rolled and spread around.

Within seconds, it covered the area of sixty meters in diameter. It kept spreading in the same speed. It was spreading wider.

Nobody cared about the dark fog really. They thought it was just some vision trick Feng Monarch played. He might just want to escape under the cover of the fog. They sneered in their minds. [Look how heroic when he talked. Now he is trying to flee…]

[I won’t be tricked!]

None of them wanted to be the last. They fought so hard to be the first to attack!

Surely, there were some cautious men. They were afraid that the dark fog was more than just vision. It spread so fast and widely. They felt relieved a bit though. As it spread wider, it should be less dense. Even if it was poisonous, it wouldn’t be that heavy. Then they stopped being cautious and rushed into the dark fog. After all, Feng Zhiling might escape while nobody could see him in the fog!

The next moment, somebody said, "What? Why do I feel itchy on my face?"

Another voice sounded, "My god it is itchy. What is going on?"

"My back. Oh my god. What happened? Why so itchy?"

"My eyes are itchy…" Somebody started to rub their eyes.

Suddenly, the hundreds of men who rushed out first started to scream. They hurriedl started to scratch they bodiesy. That was unbearable!

"Scratch it… It feels so good! So good… Damn it is itchy again… Scratch again…"

"So good… Scratch again…"

They looked painful while scratching, but they were enjoying the feeling somehow. They felt like scratching was something for gods to enjoy now…

However, after a while, they were all shocked. They felt cold on their back now!

They looked at each other who was scratching and was scared to death…

Those who felt their head itchy grabbed a piece of the skin on the head off the skull… Hair was in their hand…

Those who felt itchy on the back ripped off a piece of muscle from their backs. It was bloody and mutilated…

Those who felt itchy in their eyes grabbed their eyeballs off. Eyeballs dropped down to the floor one after another. A man lost one eyeball, but then he felt another eye itchy again…