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Chapter 449: Scary

Chapter 449: Scary

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What was most unbelievable was that they had grabbed their skins and muscles off, which revealed the bones inside, yet they didn’t stop. It was like they had no feeling about pain. While pulling if off their bodies, they murmured, "Why so itchy? It feels so good… Itchy… Scratch… Good…"

"Scratch… Oh so comfortable… Oh…"

"It is getting itchier… Damn it… It feels better scratching it…"


A man was enjoying it, but then he felt his hands sticky. He looked at the hands and felt there was blood and flesh on the hands. He screamed, "What… what the hell is going on? Whose blood?"

People around him looked at him.

His ribs and back were all ripped off. Three rib bones were grabbed off and thrown to the floor…

He actually asked others whose blood it was.

Such weird scene made others feel extremely scared…

He was like so, what about others?

Under people’s watch, he rolled his eyeballs and then saw people around him scratching. Fres skin were scratched off… Someone had just pulled his eyeballs off. Somebody was rubbing the eyes without eyeballs. "Itchy. Itchy… Good. Comfortable…"

The man was scared. He was frightened as he said, "Is this mine…"

He then looked down on himself. He shouted, "My body… My god… That… I… I am itchy… I need to scratch… It feels so good… Oh my god. What is happening to me? Itchy… Good… Good…"

The man was terrified as he looked at his body, yet he couldn’t stop scratching it. In his eyes, there was helplessness and desperation, but his face looked enjoying. What a weird scene.

He saw himself taking off the bones in his own body one by one… cracking it down and throwing it away… and then scratching it again… till he grabbed his inner organs out…

The last thought in his mind was, [Is this… this thing in my hand, that I pinched into pieces… is it my heart? It is my first time to see it… Amazing…]

Everyone that screamed ended up the same… They scratched themselves till they died…

People yelled that they were itchy, and they scratched it like hell, making themselves into pieces, falling on the floor, dead. Before they died, everyone… No exception… Everyone’s last words were, "I am so itchy! I am so itchy… It feels so good…"

They were itching till death and they felt good until death…

The dark fog stayed for just a while. It spread away and then disappeared.

From beginning to end, it was only a few seconds!

It only stayed for a few seconds, covered about five hundred people, and these people all scratched themselves to death…

Dead bodies piled up there like hills of corpse. Fresh blood was on the floor, those who didn’t feel itchy were all frightened. They felt cold sweat on their back. They kept their eyes opened, and they were half scared to death!

Luckily, they didn’t get affected and died, but they were almost dead for fear!

[What… What is this?]

When they saw the bodies, which were lying broken on the floor, they found the dead men’s faces showed that they were actually enjoying it…

Those who saw it were trembling. It was terrifying.

It became silent again. There were people coming over from far away. Somebody was shouting, "Hey! Is Feng Zhiling dead yet?"

"His head is mine!"

"Nobody move!"

They just didn’t want others to take the bounty.

While they were shouting, they were rushing over.

That was exactly driving themselves to death!

However, nobody cared what those people from far away were thinking. They were frightened as they looked at Feng Monarch in his flying black robe…

They felt like looking at a ghost!


It must be Feng Monarch’s poison in that fog!

But what was that poison?

Why was it so fierce and vicious, so… unbelievable?

Nobody had ever heard of it.

All these assassins were well informed figures in the martial world. That was why they dared to mess with Ling-Bao Hall.

They were well informed; they were experienced! They all carried medicines that could cure some poisonous injuries! That was something people should take everyday if they wanted to live in the martial world.

It wasn’t easy to poison them in normal days, let alone to kill them by poison!

However, Feng Monarch had just put out a mass of dark fog, and four hundred and eighty-seven men got poisoned!

And they all died!

Four hundred and eighty-seven superior cultivators in the world became pieces of fresh on the floor… nearly at the same time. All Feng Monarch did was just to wave his hand…

They started to look at Feng Monarch in another way!

[What the hell. What… What is this guy?]

[Are we assassins or is he the real assassin? I don’t know what vicious, brutal, and cold blooded mean anymore. This is far more than that!]

[He is this powerful, then why did he have to talk so much?]

[Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian should just stand aside for him. Look how efficient he kills!]

He had killed nearly five hundred men with just waving his hand. Five hundred men were all superior assassins in the martial world, and they all died!

It was more than just scary. It was a legend! It was a myth!

Yin Yucheng was sweating. He hadn’t rushed over first.

Now, he started to feel lucky about it. He was so scared now that he felt weak on his legs.

He hadn’t been among the ones of the first group to rush over, because he felt that Ning Biluo was locking on him with qi. Yin Yucheng was busy fighting against that qi, so he didn’t have time to get to Feng Monarch first.

He was lucky.

If he had rushed over, now he should have been a part of the dead bodies on the floor!

Ning Biluo’s qi actually saved his life. Savior!