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Chapter 450: Comfortable Till Death!

Chapter 450: Comfortable Till Death!

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About this mysterious poison, Yin Yucheng had no confidence to deal with it at all!

Such poison would never care about whether he was No. 5 or No. 6. He would be killed mercilessly.

"What kind of poison is this? What on earth is it?" Yin Yucheng kept screaming, with his eyeballs popped up as he stared at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "Look at you, how ignorant. You wouldn’t know it even if I told you. I don’t think I should waste my time to tell you!"

He talked in such a casual way, yet he had been quite nervous in fact.

He had talked a lot about local assassins, this and that… He talked a lot, not just for patriotism education… He talked so nobly, like he was so honorable, but in fact he was trying to buy more time. That was what he wanted!

Since he had that conversation with Zuo Wuji and anticipated the possibilities, he had been preparing things that he might need to use in the battlefield.

He knew he would never defeat such an amount of assassins by real fights. That was obvious.

He never planned to do it that way.

He couldn’t win in hard fights, but he had more crooked ways to kill these men.

He had been looking for some poisonous materials, grass, worms, and anything he could find that was enough to kill a lot of people. He used these materials to make a special poison. He had been working for so long till he successfully made one.

Those poisonous materials were all inside the Wood Space.

That poison fog was the result of his hard work. Well, it was one of the results!

Surely, he didn’t do that much to make the poison. He just parted the poisonous bits from those materials and then gathered them under the Egg’s butt. He just let the Egg, or the Spaces to make the poisonous dan beads!

He only gave it one prescription.

It would only be one kind of poisonous dan!

That was what he wanted—a poisonous dan that would explode into a mass of fog when he threw it out!

It wasn’t special in the Qing-Yun Realm.

It wasn’t used often, but experienced men would know about it. In fact, most people knew it.

It was called Comfortable Till Death!

A master poison maker, the Poison Sage, was famous for this kind of poison.

It had such a name because whoever was hit by this poison, he wouldn’t feel anything wrong. When he was poisoned, the poison would benumb his nerves. It would make the muscle rot, but wouldn’t give the man much feeling. He would just feel itchy. When he felt itchy, he had no other negative feelings. As he scratched it, he would feel extremely comfortable.

It would never stop being itchy. The man would have to scratch it on and on, enjoying the comfort from it!

The itch and the comfort would last until he killed himself, or when he couldn’t scratch himself anymore. Even when he died, he still looked comfortable…

He was comfortable till death!

That was why to be poisoned by this was one of the ‘Nine Weird Ways to Die’.

Comfortable to death!

Basically, it could be a peaceful way to die really… It wasn’t really that vicious… Ye Xiao would rather make some poison like pestilence to torture these men, but he didn’t have enough materials. He could only make Comfortable Till Death.

He didn’t have a lot though!

The Space was making it all along. No material wasted. However, he had only five poison beads.

The five beads had made quite an effective explosion. It was beyond his expectation. He himself was shocked too.

[When I killed the Poison Sage, I got this book of poisons. I thought what it said about Comfortable Till Death must be bragging. It turns out it truly is that powerful when it was perfectly made!]

He was thinking.

[Poison Sage’s Comfortable Till Death could only poison about eight people at a time. Those who are beyond Dream Origin Stage can even drive the poison out by operating their martial arts. However, this time, I used one bead, and yet it killed nearly five hundred men. None of them survived. Incredible. Is it because these five beads are in higher level…]

He was truly shocked.

[I wonder if Dream Origin Stage cultivators can drive the poison out of their bodies… if they are hit by this poison that is made by Brother Egg?]

Ye Xiao was thinking.

[Well, no matter what, it is impossible to test it here. Land of Han-Yang has no Dream Origin Stage cultivators.]

- Shoot, shoot, shoot… -

Assassins rushed over from far away. Some reckless ones saw Feng Monarch standing there casually, so they just ran over.

Ye Xiao humphed. He finally started to move.

Assassins might be afraid of the Killer King and the King of Assassins, but Feng Zhiling was also unbelievably strong!

Except several true superior cultivators, Ye Xiao didn’t fear any other assassins now.

Before this, when he was still beneath Sky Origin Stage, he played Liu Changjun in hands, who was one of the top ten assassins in the world. Now he had the poison beads produced by the Egg, and he had been improved a great deal. He wouldn’t care about those assassins!

The assassins in front of him were standing separately. If he used the poison bead, it would only hit twenty, maybe thirty assassins. It wasn’t worth it. It wouldn’t help him anyway.


"Watch my poison!" He waved his hand like he just had done.

Suddenly, countless assassins started to back off like crazy. Only several of them were still rushing to get Ye Xiao. They had just arrived, so they didn’t know what had just happened…

Those who had backed off just waited and watched, waiting for the horrible dark fog to show up again. They waited and waited, but they saw nothing happen.

Several assassins who had been fighting Feng Monarch were still safe, attacking vigorously. They seemed to push Feng Monarch to a negative position now. Feng Monarch might be killed at any second!

People were happy but couldn’t make up their minds. They just looked at each other.