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Chapter 451: Fraud in War

Chapter 451: Fraud in War

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After a while, many assassins were afraid that those men might really kill Feng Monarch and get the bounty, so they stepped ahead a few steps.

"How dare you. Watch my deadly poison!" Ye Xiao waved his hand again.

People embarrassedly backed off again.

Nothing happened…

The men who were attacking Ye Xiao were confused. [What is this? Playing smart? Playing smart in groups?]

[He was just shouting ‘poison’, and thousands of assassins trembled and backed off at the same time…]

[But nothing happened.]

[What is wrong with those men? Are they out of their minds?]

And then some of them started to come closer slowly, surrounding Ye Xiao…

"Watch my poison!" Ye Xiao shouted.

- Clop-clop… -

All backed off!

"My poison!"

- Clop-clop… -

"My poison!"


"My poison…"

People didn’t back off now.

They just viciously stared at Ye Xiao.

[Bastard. He has run out of poison now. He is bluffing, buying time…]

[Motherfxcker. What a prick. Played such tricks several times. Those who just arrived have pushed him into a corner, but it was just close to kill him. How lucky!]

[What if they did kill him when that prick was bluffing us! That would be sad!]

"Watch my…" Ye Xiao waved his hand again.

"Watch your ass! Let’s go!"

People rushed over at the same time!

They didn’t care about what Ye Xiao would say anymore.

[Watch your ass!]

[We know you are out of poison! You think we are fools?]

Ye Xiao humphed and smiled. He waved the hand!

"Watch my super poison!"

He shouted, like he had done a while ago… but he seemed vigorous this time!

The man who rushed in front viciously shouted, "Watch you ass, you cxnt! Come spread your fxcking poison now! Let me see what you got!"

The next moment, his face changed. His face turned dark and grey, full of desperation!

As Ye Xiao waved, a dark fog truly burst out.

This time, the assassins were gathering together.

The fog rapidly spread.

Those who were rushing over all got hit!

"Itch… Itchy…"

Those men who kept attacking Ye Xiao screamed out at the same time and then they started to scratch…

"Itch…" Many people started to moan too. There was a man in black mask. He found himself itchy, and he was frightened. He remember what happened to the last group of people. He totally freaked out and started to cry with tears desperately…

He had seen what happened to those men. He couldn’t help to imagine what would happen to him now.

"I was wrong… Feng Monarch… Please, mercy… Please, I beg mercy. Save me… Ahh…"

A man scratched his body and face and begged for life. He got down on his knees, kowtowed to Ye Xiao and begged, "Help me… Please… Help me…"

Ye Xiao coldly looked at him. He coldly looked around. Everyone was screaming. He looked at those who were desperately scratching themselves. In his eyes, there was only coldness and murderous look.

Somebody tried not to scratch the skin. They started to operate their martial arts in an attempt to push the poison out.

The poison was from the upper realm, and it was made by Brother Egg in the Space. Surely, they could never drive it out with their weak cultivation capabilities. They only kept trying for a while before they started to scratch again. Itch… Comfort…

After a while.

There were more several hundreds of corpse. It was more than the last group.

Those who survived and wanted to kill Feng Monarch started to back off together.

In their eyes, there was only fear!

They looked at Feng Monarch as if looking at a demon from ancient times.

He waved his hand twice… More than a thousand assassins in the world died!

[What was that?]

[What is that poison?]

Nobody had heard about such a poison ever! What a fierce and overwhelming poison!

The Poison King, Poison Queen, Poison Monarch, and Poison Master in Land of Han-Yang meant nothing compared to this. They weren’t even qualified to be Feng Zhiling’s slaves! That was overwhelming!

On the other side, on the roof.

Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian was shocked too!

[Since when… Monarch has such unbelievable poison?]

Ning Biluo sighed. "Maybe we should know it earlier. A master dan-maker, who can make supreme dan beads, how hard would it be for him to make some supreme poison beads? He can save a life as well as take a life. One in and one out. It is always easier to kill than to save. Isn’t it?"

Zhao Pingtian nodded to agree!

"Feng Zhiling, you are too vicious! We are all people in martial world. Do you have to use such a vicious method? Don’t you fear divine punishment?" A man in black with a mask cursed. He was frightened but also angry!

[How… How can he do such a vicious thing?]

[We are here to kill him, that is true… But… It is reasonable. He said he could understand us. He shouldn’t do such horrible thing on us…]

As he said so, people all felt weird.

A black figure showed up.

- Pah! -

The man who just talked was slapped away on the face hard by that black figure!

In front of him, it was Boundless Saint standing there.

"As an assassin, you kill people or you get killed! In this war of life and death, everybody can use whatever he can as long as he can kill the enemy. You are an assassin, yet you say those words. You ashamed us all!"

Boundless Saint spoke in a vicious way, "You think you can kill him and he cannot protect himself? How can such a vile man like you be an assassin!"

"That is right!" On the other side, Liu Changjun acclaimed, "Boundless Saint, it is the first time you said something I feel reasonable. That’s right. These men are smearing the names of assassins, the sacred and honorable job! Death would be too easy for him. He should be cut in pieces slowly before he died and all men in his clan should be killed!"

The assassins looked at each other…


Sacred and honorable?

What… Really?]