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Chapter 452: Do You Believe It?

Chapter 452: Do You Believe It?

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[That man talked dishonorably indeed, but his own death is enough as a fair punishment. Cutting his body into pieces and killing his entire clan… That is just too much!]

Even Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian were embarrassed. They coughed and turned over their faces, acting like they didn’t know Liu Changjun, at least not so well.

Ye Xiao nearly fell down from the roof!

[What the hell is it?

Assassins… I don’t think it has anything to do with being sacred and honor? Besides… cutting into pieces… Killing his entire clan… That… Is that something an assassin should say?]

Ye Xiao felt like ten thousand alpacas were running over his heart. He was speechless and embarrassed.

[Liu Changjun, you are really good at talking, aren’t you?

You have been such a quiet man in normal days, yet you come up with such words in this special moment!

That… shocked me greatly.]

Luckily, Wan Zhenghao wasn’t here. If he heard what Liu Changjun had just said, the image he had of Liu Changjun would probably break down.

In the shadow.

The men of those great sects were looking at the scene with solemn faces.

"It is good that we didn’t show up… Otherwise…" One of them said. He hadn’t stopped being scared yet.

"I don’t know how much poison he had left. What a horrible poison it is…"

"Not much I reckon. Otherwise, he wouldn’t need to bluff like that…"

"That’s right. Such overwhelming poison must be really difficult to make. He shouldn’t have much… If it is easy to make, how come we have never heard of it?"

"Hmm. So in your opinion, how many times more can he use it?"

"One more must be the limit." The man who answered seemed confident. He said, "Maybe he has used it up already. If I am Feng Zhiling and I have plenty enough, I wouldn’t play that bluffing trick…"

The assassins in the yard were all stunned!

They looked at the broken bodies on the floor, and they felt cold deep inside their hearts.

Feng Zhiling had made two strikes, and now over a thousand assassins became dead bodies—in fact broken dead bodies!

These men were all elites among them!

Yet they weren’t able to defend at all!

What a horrible and splendid victory. Whoever looked at Feng Monarch felt extremely scared now!

Feng Monarch stood still on the roof. He casually spoke, "My apologies. Sorry for scaring you. My poison is a bit overwhelming indeed… I am however, sorry about that."

The assassins looked up at the executioner on the roof who was saying sorry. They just felt speechless.

[You are sorry?

You are sorry and you turned us into blood and pieces. What if you don’t feel sorry? What would happen?]

"You can be settled now." Feng Monarch sincerely spoke, "There won’t be much of this kind of poison. I have used it up already. Now, I have to fight you with sword and fist. People who don’t have the luck to try my poison, I can only say sorry to you. It is difficult to make. I have given all I have to you."

[Are you addicted to lies? Only fools would believe it!]

Assassins kept cursing in their hearts.

[Who would believe you? If you really have used it up, why would you tell us? It is a vicious poison indeed, but it has a limited effective area. You just want us to gather over again, so that you can hit us all at once. Don’t you? Isn’t it?!]

[If we still believe it, how stupid should we be?!]

[To hell you said ‘People who don’t have the luck to try my poison, I can only say sorry to you’… What the fxck. What is that?]

All they knew about this Feng Monarch was that he was a superior master dan-maker, who was rich and was the holder of Ling-Bao Hall…

They knew nothing about his marvelous martial art though.

Now they had a new image of him today! This man was absolutely a horrible figure!

It was well said that all those who succeeded never depended on good luck!

Feng Monarch was truly solid!

Other than his great poison skill, only his cultivation capability was impressive. He was in Sky Origin Stage. Although it was only about level four, not so good, he was professional in many aspects. The supreme dan beads were from his hands, and this poison was extremely good. He was in the middle levels of Sky Origin Stage, yet with such limited capability, he had such great achievements. He was in affluence and he was young. It was praiseworthy for his excellent conduct…

It wasn’t good luck that made him the Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall. He earned it!

That world-shocking poison skill… It created horror that shocked everybody.

It should be easy for him to defend from his enemies for a few seconds. Those few seconds were more than enough to him though! He had enough time to spread the poison and slaughter enemies while he was smiling.

Even if he got wounded, as long as he wouldn’t die instantly, he could save himself by the splendid dan beads he made himself! He might be able to get cured immediately!

He could provide that many supreme dan beads in the auction, so he surely would carry many dan beads with him.

It was nearly impossible to kill such a man!

No wonder his head was worth such a huge amount. It was difficult to cut if off really.

Suddenly, none of the thousands of assassins dared to move!

There were still a huge amount of assassins here. They knew they had the advantage in number. If not, many of them might just give up the bounty due to the difficulty. However, nobody dared to be the first to attack now. The ones who went out first would definitely get hit by that super poison. It wasn’t hard to imagine the result!

They didn’t move, but Ye Xiao wouldn’t just wait there.

"The fight begins. Be cautious, you all. Who stands in my way dies!"

Ye Xiao shouted. His black robe flew up. He was like a thunder rushing into the crowd!

- Bang bang! - Two assassins got hit and flew out with blood on the faces.

- Puff, puff, puff… - The sounds of fights wouldn’t stop…