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Chapter 453: One Hit Poisoned Three Thousand

Chapter 453: One Hit Poisoned Three Thousand

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Many people got slammed away by Ye Xiao. No matter where he went, the assassins didn’t dare to defend. They just kept backing off. They looked panic and terrified. Those who didn’t have time to back off, or couldn’t back off, were all with low cultivation capabilities…

Those who were better kept pushing the weak ones out while they stepped back themselves. Apparently, they were pushing them away to feed Ye Xiao’s anger.

However, Ye Xiao wouldn’t show mercy. He kept attacking with kicks and punches. He moved like lightning with no mercy.

Within seconds, he had rushed forward hundreds meters.

- Clang! - A sword showed up in his hand. It burst with cold lights. As it glowed around the crowd time and time again, people started to screech…

Ye Xiao had already entered the hall now.

He killed the way in like cutting grasses. The assassins had lost the intent to fight. They were scared. How could they organize a defense force anymore?

At this moment, one of them was suddenly enlightened. He shouted, "He is using a sword? He is rushing and fighting in a tough way?"

People around him were disdainful. [Of course he is. We are not blind. Why shout like that? The truth is obvious. Is it worth shouting for? You think you are the only one with eyes? We are blind to you?]

But then they were all enlightened!

[That’s right! He is the one with clear eyes!]

[Feng Zhiling killed along the way over, leaving blood and fresh on the floor. He is using a sword to fight!]

[He is rushing with difficulty!]

[Why does he do this if he still have that world shocking super vicious poison?]

[Has he used up the poison?]

They were not fools. They thought through it within seconds. Feng Monarch’s head worth so much. Such a big attraction would surely arouse their twisted minds. They couldn’t stand by anymore, as they were now filled with greed again.

Those who had been trying to back off like hell started to stop. They stared at Ye Xiao, like they had seen through Ye Xiao’s mind and trying to know whether Ye Xiao was playing any tricks now.

Ye Xiao didn’t notice it. He just kept rushing forward.

It delivered a clear thought to the assassins, [Feng Monarch is trying so hard to get into Ling-Bao Hall. He is trying to meet his men in there!]

[When he gets into Ling-Bao Hall’s inner hall, he will at least have two super powerful guards, Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian!]

[Then whoever tries to kill him will have to pay a great deal!]

[They may get killed at any second!]

They were almost certain that Feng Monarch was having such a plan!

His poison has run out!

"He is bluffing!" An assassin shouted.

"He has run out of poison!"

"That’s right! It is impossible that he can have a lot of that marvelous poison beads! Striking twice has reached his edge!"

"Kill him! Kill him and end all this sh*t! The great money is just in front of us!"

Endless assassins rushed over with red eyes. Some of them who had fled too fast were now furthest from Feng Monarch, and they were regretting.

Yin Yucheng was one of them, the No. 5 assassin, Ghost Hand!

He was always a person who valued one’s life the most. Back to the days, he always only accepted those easy missions that he was confident about. If the target was dangerous, he would rather give up. He could have touched Feng Zhiling earlier, but he fled the fastest! At the moment, he was so far away, and it was impossible to get closer again.

He was upset that a great opportunity fled away from his hands. He rushed over so hard, shouting sincerely, "Feng Monarch! Hold on there! Please do not die! Wait for me!"

All assassins, even men of Ling-Bao Hall burst into laughters.

[That is so freaking hilarious!

You want him to hold on? That nobody else kills him? Wait for you? For you to cut his head off?

You sound like trying to save somebody, but you are… That is… unbelievably hilarious!]

Countless assassins rushed in. This time, they were all determined and hurried. They rushed so fast and gathered together. The crowd was twice denser than earlier now!

"Bold! Watch my poison bead!"

Feng Monarch shouted!

"Hahahaha…" Somebody laughed. [Feng Monarch actually tries to play the same trick again? You bluffed many times, now you are still sticking on it. Tricks only work for the first time, don’t you know that…]

However, Feng Zhiling had just finished the words, and then a sound of explosion sounded!

People who had rushed closest to him were all stunned… Completely stunned…

A mass of dark fog spread in the densest crowd without warning!

Wait. No. There had been warning a though. Feng Zhiling had warned them again and again, with words like "Watch my poison bead!"…

The assassins inside the dark fog didn’t care about whether they were warned or not. They were looking at the horrible fog, panic and scared. It spread out in front of them…

They were all stricken to the hearts at this moment!

They felt cold in their hearts!


That poison!

It showed up again!

This time, it spread broader than the last two times. Basically, everyone who tried to gather over was covered by the fog this time!

At least one thousand men were inside the fog!

It was far over one thousand, nearly two thousand now!

Everyone of these men was staring at the fog with dark face. They didn’t even think about running away. They knew they couldn’t make it!

It was impossible to get away.

When it exploded, the fog covered the place immediately!

Most importantly, these men were cultivators. They were more sensible than normal people. Within an instant, they all felt that itch, which only brought them desperation!

They were poisoned!

Ye Xiao saw that there were so many people gathering over him, so he decided to be vicious and threw out two poison beads at once!