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Chapter 454: Hero? Devil?

Chapter 454: Hero? Devil?

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Two poison beads exploded at the same time. Moreover, he operated East-rising Purple Qi to make the fog spread in a super fast speed. It was far wider than the last two times.

Ye Xiao sighed with emotion. If he had enough poison beads, it would be such an easy job to kill all those assassins!

"Oooooh…" Suddenly, somebody cried with tears, "I am poisoned. I am poisoned… I can’t survive this… I regret…"

He cried so hard that tears and snot sticked on his face. His two hands started to scratch on his body, but he couldn’t stop it…

Everyone was scratching like crazy…

Some of them kept swaying their weapons like mad men with red eyes, crying and killing others, "I can’t live anymore. I am going to drag more to die with me…"

Knives flied, swords swung. They actually started to kill their associates, tearing them into pieces of fresh with blood…

It only lasted for a while before they bended down for the itch. They screamed and threw away their weapons, starting to scratch their bodies. As they scratched, they smiled.

They knew that once they started to scratch, the feeling of comfort would take the last hope for life from them. They would have to scratch themselves till death. Nothing could stop it!

The itch was deep into the bones, driving their human instincts. These poisoned assassins could not think of others anymore!

They had to… scratch!

Those who luckily didn’t get poisoned acted like they saw ghosts, trembling, backing off quickly. They backed off in the same pace, fast and neat.

Some of them who were a bit slower were run down by others. They stared with dumb eyes, eyebrows twisting. They were backing off but still watching the scene that was like hell…

"Ahhh… Let’s die together…" An assassin kept scratching himself, staring at those who didn’t get hit. His eyes turned red, and then he ran wildly into the crowd that was backing off fast.

"We are all here to kill Feng Zhiling! Now that I am poisoned! Why can you escape this? I am dying. Why are you still living? Why?" He screamed like crazy, scratched like crazy, and rushed to the crowd with blood all over his body.

A sword light flashed.

This man was cut into two parts, instantly dying on the floor. The poison hadn’t killed him, yet the sword did.

Ying Yucheng took back his sword. His face had turned pale. He was trembling. His lips were quivering as he shouted, "It is your bad luck led you to this. How dare you try to take other lives with you? You deserve to die!"

Yin Yucheng was a bit of a coward facing death. He always bullied the weak and feared the strong. People usually didn’t like him. However, all assassins praised him for what he had done now.

That man knew he would die, so he wanted others to die with him. That was mean. He deserved to die!

After a while, over eighteen hundred men became flesh and blood on the floor. They were all dead.

People looked at this scary scene and felt like it was in hell. The scene of hell showed up again and again, more and more horrible. Everyone turned pale on the face because of fear.

Feng Monarch made a good strike with poison beads. He didn’t move, but just stood there with his hands on his back. He stood at the edge of the hell with a cold and calm face, like he was waiting for the living men to get closer.

It was almost dawn.

The wind blew on his black robe. The assassins saw his cold face and felt like he was a devil from hell. They trembled.

As assassins, they had seen lots of cruelty in the world. They even created some themselves.

However, they all had the same feeling at the moment.

They had never seen such horror in the world… as terrifying as Feng Monarch!

These men were here to kill him, but even they couldn’t deny that he was such a sentient man who valued his home, his country. He was no doubt a righteous man!

When his country was in need, he gave it a seventy billion donation!

When Ling-Bao Hall was in danger, he came alone to face the most overwhelming power in the world. He fought against all the assassins!

Such man was definitely a heroic figure!

He was not the hero that people knew as. Heroes in the books all cared about their reputation. They would rather die than lose their heroic character. He, however, never cared about it! He was a hero to his own people, but a crazy demon to his enemy! He was completely a demon! A bloody slaughterer!

He was a devil that made people tremble!

He had only waved his hand three times, and over three thousand assassins died. None of them had left a complete body. Feng Monarch made a hell in the world, yet when he looked at it, he looked like nothing serious had happened!

His face didn’t even move a bit.

He was indifferent and cold.

An ordinary man would never have such a strong mind!

"I think I said it before. Whoever wants to kill me will have to pay more than he could. You want to kill me. I understand. I will kill you too. I believe you will understand me like I do to you." As he said so, he moved again. He lifted his foot and then walked ahead.

He walked into where there was full of blood, but he looked like he was walking into a bright path to heaven. He didn’t hesitate at all.

He was walking to Ling-Bao Hall.

Surrounded by the assassins, Feng Monarch didn’t show even a bit of hesitation. He just casually walked ahead with his hands on his back as if he was walking in a great bright garden.

On the floor, blood was floating like rivers.

Feng Monarch walked on it, making the blood splash up, but he acted like he didn’t see it.