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Chapter 455: I Am a Good Man

Chapter 455: I Am a Good Man

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They were terrified, looking at the blood that splash everywhere. Feng Monarch was making sound with every step on the blood, and the blood flew up. He looked so casual. He sighed. "Such scene reminds me some words. It was some kind of lifestyle that I appreciate."

Everybody was listening to him with complicated thoughts.

[What kind of life does he like?]

"Looking at the flowers come and die, I never am terrified by anything; the clouds move over and away, I don’t care if I should go or leave…" He kept stepping on the blood, yet he acted like an elegant man. He said, "I love this leisure life the most."

All the assassins wanted to close their eyes and give a long sigh.

[You made the blood into rivers and the dead bodies into mountains. Now you speak like it is a casual scene to you, like you are an anchoret living a leisure life…]

However, they also felt cold in their hearts.

A man who killed gritting with his teeth was not so horrible, but a man like Feng Monarch, killing thousands while he was talking in a casual way like he was having a tour… A terrifying horror arose in their hearts!

[This man is invincible!]

Feng Monarch was walking. He saw several heads rolling in the blood on the floor. He stopped. Looking at the heads, he sighed. He said, "People. How difficult it is to live in the world. Since they were born, they had worked so hard to become a superior cultivator. How much difficulties have they come through? But… It is so easy to die…"

"It told us that to choose a right path is very important." He looked up at the assassins with sincerity. He seriously spoke, "Sometimes, you need to keep your eyes bright and clear. Do not be hotheaded. Don’t just look at the money. You may lose your heads. Don’t you agree?"

Nobody talked. Those who stood in front of him made a few steps back. They looked pale in their faces.

"I am a good man. I don’t want to kill people. I have always been kind to people. I try so hard to be reasonable. I show everybody kindness… I have a weak heart… Really. I don’t want to kill people. I usually worry about killing ants when I sweep the floor and I always put on a lampshade so that the moth won’t fly into the fire…"

He spoke in a commiserative way.

The assassins all trembled. They looked at the scene of hell in front of them and then looked at this man who kept saying he was kind and he didn’t want to kill anybody.

They all felt like a hundred thousand alpacas running over their hearts with sh*ts on their bodies!

They truly were speechless looking at him.

"You made me do this…" Feng Monarch looked casual. His voice was cold and indifferent. While he was walking, he said, "My head is worth a lot, I know. No matter how worthy it is, it can make you stop being greedy."

"Your greed is worth more."

"My head is important for me. In your hearts, your heads are much more important to your than mine to me… However, you greed put your heads in risk. Even if you will become rich, what if you can’t live through this. Besides, you will never be able to get rich on this."

"I never show mercy to this kind of people. When I attack, I never hesitate."

He walked with his hands on his back. He didn’t operate any of his cultivation capability. He walked to Ling-Bao Hall totally in a speed of an ordinary man. He moved slowly.

He walked over to those who surrounded them with his hands on his back. The assassins were in chaos facing Feng Monarch.

As he walked over, the assassins in front of him tried so hard to get away.

Everybody realized one thing.

If they didn’t get away, they would die.

Feng Monarch was no more a gold mountain to them. He was no longer the man they wanted to kill so hard.

He was death itself. He was a god of death who could kill them by any movement!

Wherever Ye Xiao walked over, assassins got away. No assassins dared to stay within ten meters close to him.

There suddenly appeared a ten meters wide path connecting where Ye Xiao was and the Ling-Bao Hall!

It led him directly to the yard of Ling-Bao Hall.

Ye Xiao just walked over them looking right ahead. Nobody dared to move a bit!

"… At first, there were so many people who wanted to kill me. I understand them, but I was terrified. I didn’t know what to do. It felt so bad to become an enemy to the entire world." He was walking and talking. His voice was bland, and he sounded sensitive.

However, whoever heard it felt terrified and trembled.

Feng Zhiling was like a god of death to them. His voice was like the sound of death to them!

"I then thought it through… Completely… Since everybody wants me to die, I have to let everybody die! You want to kill me for your happy life in the future. I can also kill you all for giving myself a future. Isn’t it reasonable?"

Ye Xiao smiled and said, "In fact, six billion… Is it really that much? The man who kills me can take it all. What about the others? The best they can have is to survive. There will only be one person who can get that money. The others can get no more than a chance to survive. Isn’t it so?"

"That is it. That is the truth. People want to cut off my head. The only thing I can do to these people is to chop off their heads instead. That is all!"

Ye Xiao blandly smiled. "I have thought more. Those men, they could place a bounty for my head, so I can put a bounty for theirs too. I have thought that there is no one else in the world who can offer more than I can!"

"After tonight, Ling-Bao Hall will put on rewards! It is luck that brings us together tonight. I guess I should just tell you something about the reward." He stood on the wall of the yard with his hands on the back. He looked into the yard, and then his face changed.

Apparently, things were not as he expected.

Ye Xiao saw the dead bodies of the assassins on his side in the yard!