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Chapter 456: Expel Tigers; Swallow Wolves

Chapter 456: Expel Tigers; Swallow Wolves

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"I am going to announce the first reward. It takes place at once." Ye Xiao kept his hands on his back. He stood facing his back to the countless assassins outside the wall. He spoke in a low voice, "I announce the first… Tonight, some of you successfully took away many lives in Ling-Bao Hall. Whoever killed my men, I will offer one hundred million taels of silver for his head. Maybe you think it is not that attractive. I would love to make another promise. I will pay as soon as you win the reward!"

His eyes became sad and solid. "However, there is a time limit for this reward. It will only last within tonight! After tonight, all those of you who do not try to get the bounty, will lose his qualification to join Ling-Bao Hall’s reward events forever!"

Feng Monarch was right. A number of six billion was unbelievably attractive. However, there will only be one person who could get it. The others would get no more than just survive this fight. Why would they fight for such a diminutive chance?

If they joined the bounty hunt of Ling-Bao Hall, it would be easy to get the money. To think it deeper, six billion and one hundred million made no difference to a normal person really! They both were a wealth that a man would never use up!

However, the success rates were in a great difference!

One night!

Only one night!

One opportunity in one night!

How could they give it up?

Ye Xiao’s words suddenly made the situation turn over!

At this moment, everyone was shocked!

Feng Monarch’s decision really opened people’s eyes!

Money could enslave ghosts, also gods. The magic of money was something ninety-nine percent of men in the world couldn’t resist!

Even heroes, great figures, honorable ladies, and famous officials couldn’t resist it. As long as the price was high enough to break down the line of their moral sensation, they would be changed immediately!

Money was somehow almighty!

[You want money? So I will give you money. I am going to kill you with money!

Just tell me do you want to die with money?

People give you money for my life, then I will fight them back with money!]

"I think that in this world, there may be nobody else who can make such promise!"

Feng Monarch said something that he was confident in, in an unbelievable way!

It was not that "he thinks", nor that "may be", there was truly no one richer than Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall in the world!

Some of the assassins started to turn pale on face. They sneakily stepped back slowly.

Over a half of the assassins who had killed people of Ling-Bao Hall died in Ye Xiao’s poison. There were twenty more who were lucky to survive. They were still staying in the crowd waiting for a chance to attack.

When they heard Feng Monarch, they knew things went wrong for them.

[Did I use up my good luck when I survived the poison attacks?]

Many of the assassins had started to aim at these men. The eyes were even fierier than when they looked at Feng Monarch.

One of them decisively stepped ahead to block another assassin’s way, smiling in a vicious way. "Wang Liu! where are you going?"

Wang Liu was a good assassin. He killed two good men in Liu Changjun’s group. Now that he was stopped, he surely knew what people want from him!

"None of your business! Move away!" Wang Liu rushed forward.

He didn’t think about the six billion anymore. He just wanted to leave this place. It would be a great luck to survive!

However, maybe he did use up his good luck now!

"None of my business? How could that be! You are one hundred million now!" The assassin didn’t even finish talking when he struck down his sword like lightning. He didn’t even try to cover his killing intent.

At the same time, some other silent assassins got closer with weapons in their hands.

Wang Liu screamed and then about eight places on his body came out with blood. The next moment, the assassin in front of him swayed his wide sword. Wang Liu’s head flew up to the air and was grabbed by that man. The man shouted, "This head is mine now!"

Some of other assassins stared at him like devils. They were filled with dissatisfaction.

In the world of assassins, when people finished their jobs, no matter how much he got from it, nobody was allowed to snatch it! It was an iron rule in the assassins’s world. Everybody was following it.

If anyone dared to challenge it, it meant this man announced he was an enemy to all assassins in the world!

This rule brought peace and fairness to the world of assassins…

The next moment, people didn’t stop screaming. Over twenty assassins all fell down to the blood immediately. Their heads were all chopped off.

"Will you keep your word, Feng Monarch?" One assassin with mask grabbing a head said to Ye Xiao coldly.

Ye Xiao humphed and blandly said, "Small money. Why not. Put down the head. I am going to offer it as sacrifice to my brothers who died tonight! Now, Wan Zhenghao!"

Ye Xiao suddenly shouted his name.

"Yes. I am here!" Boss Wan showed up with his super fat body.

"Give him the money!" Ye Xiao was cold and solemn. "One head, one hundred million! Debt should always be paid!"

"Yes, my lord!" Wan Zhenghao was generous. He took out a thick pile of notes from his space ring.

Twenty-seven assassins all got their money.

They all kept silent. After they got the notes, they just jumped and flew away, disappearing in the night.

Within a short while, things went to an opposite direction really!

Those assassins got the money and felt that it truly wasn’t a small amount.

They had nothing more to expect in their lives now!

They realized it was nearly impossible to kill Feng Monarch. It was very likely going to get them all killed tonight. Now that they didn’t die, they also got such a big amount of money. That was a good fortune for them!

When they left this place, they even felt relieved that they never felt before…

Finally, they could get away from this demon!

Other than the twenty-seven assassins, one man disappeared too.

Yin Yucheng. The No.5 Assassin, Ghost Hand!

Not many people noticed when he left.

Only Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian and Boundless Saint looked to the direction where Yin Yucheng was gone…