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Chapter 457: He Is Good

Chapter 457: He Is Good

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Others might not know, but these three fellows had a good guess.

Yin Yucheng must went after the twenty-seven assassins who had gotten the money.

They might not be able to see Yin Yucheng again in the future.

Yin Yucheng was of course better than any of those twenty-seven assassins. Although they were all superior cultivators and some of them might have been hiding their true capabilities, they were still much weaker than the No.5 assassin in the world. Yin Yucheng wanted to kill them. That would be a piece of cake for him.

Every one of them carried one hundred million. Yin Yucheng might want to get all the money from the 27 assassins, or maybe he would only get the money from ten assassins, that would be enough for him to retire from the assassins world and lived a happy life ever after.

As long as he kept low profile and abandoned his name, he would live a happy and peaceful life with money that he could never use up.

In another world, he would be out of the martial world forever!

Boundless Saint looked at Monarch Feng. There was fear in his eyes. [This man has shrewd and deep mind.]

"Saint, this Monarch Feng… He is a tough one." A golden label assassin of Boundless Lake spoke in a low voice beside Boundless Saint. Only Boundless Saint could hear him.

People of Boundless Lake had been dealing with Ning Biluo. If not, they should be more capable than enough to kill all assassins of Ling-Bao Hall. However, if they did so, they would have become the ones who were killed just now for the rewards. Boundless Saint was the No.2 Assassin, but he was not that Intimidating like Ning Biluo. He would have failed to lead his men to escape the hunt. That was why at Boundless Saint and his people felt terrified at the moment!

[That was lucky… that we didn’t kill anybody.]

"He is more than a tough one. He is horrible!" Boundless Saint was solemn. Lowered his voice, he said, "He used money to make a fight-back. That is a simple and effective way. All those who got the money showed themselves in front of everybody… These men are very likely going to die soon. We all know each other. They will be hunted by someone soon or later. Yin Yucheng is the first one. There will be the second, the third…"

"So this Monarch Feng has revenge this, and also destroy our attack force at the same time."

The golden label assassin nodded.

Boundless Saint showed fierceness in his eyes and said, "Tell others to track Yin Yucheng… No matter how much he gets, I want him to give it all out. He might not be able to get all the money from 27 men, but he will possible get about seventy percent of it!"

"Yes. I will."

"I don’t think we have a big chance to get that six billion. However, I am confident about Yin Yucheng. We might not be able to get six billion, but we can still get a lot amount of money. That is not bad. It is easy, isn’t it?" Boundless Saint said.

Things changed. It was so dramatic when things changed.

Assassins who had left there all had a weird feeling.

[We are here to kill him. How do we end up to be hired by him now?]

[We are doing this for money, but I feel things is somehow not so right. Where is my dignity as an assassin? Where is my position?]

However, when they saw the eyes of Monarch Feng that cold like ice and fierce like blade, they had another thought, [Never mind. Position doesn’t matter. Dignity is something in the future… To be hired by this man is much better than to be killed by him!]

The attractive six billion bounty was too risky!

"Money is such a good thing!" Ye Xiao looked up and smiled, "I have been ignoring it all the time… I have too much money. That is why. I even feel tired of it. The number truly bores me. Now I have thought it through. Money can enslave ghost, also gods, and men…"

"Money can drive a ghost to grind the mill. Sometime it drives the mill to grind the ghost too. When it is used on some particular work, it works even better." Ye Xiao spoke blandly, "So I decided to dig deeper in how to use money into its limitation!"

"Assassination is a special job. To kill somebody for the money he gets." Ye Xiao stood there with his hands on his back. His voice sounded still calm and casual, "I truly want to know how painful it can feel to be an assassin. If any of you can earn your livings or fulfill your dreams by doing something else, you may not want to be an assassin who always risk lives for money and hide in darkness."

"That is why I always understand it, when you accept my offer or accept offer from others to kill me. I think I have told you many times since the beginning."

"I said something else too. It is one thing that I understand you, but it is another that I will revenge everything that brings me harm. The 27 dead bodies proved my words well. Now they all become dead bodies!"

Ye Xiao pointed at the 27 heads and smiled coldly, "I may have done this in a hurry today. If there is another time I want to do this, I promise you all, to die quickly like this will be the happiest thing they can feel. It will definitely be an extravagant hope to die like this!"

"It is easy to do that. I can raise the reward and tell everyone to get them to me alive. I will hire good executioner to kill them. To kill their entire clans or to kill them within thousands of cuts are simple. I can make their families live for decades begging for death!" Ye Xiao threatened frankly, "To be honest, I am tell the truth. I am being honest. I have so much money. I am wealthy. So I can surely do that! You. Any of you don’t believe me? If you don’t, I will let you try."

All assassins were gasping.

Nobody dared to challenge his words though!

They knew he truly had that capability and that money!

Things had changed. It became positive for Monarch Feng, who had been in a low position at the beginning!

He controlled the whole situation now.

The crisis of being enemy to the entire world was gone just like that!

Ye Xiao controlled the whole thing. He had been prepared for next.

He knew that maybe he had controlled them for now, but House of the Chaotic Storms wouldn’t let him.

He still feared Master Bai, who had been checking on him.

Maybe next moment, House of the Chaotic Storms would make another unexpected strike to hit him down to the bottom again and things would changed again!

Ye Xiao had operated his entire spiritual mind. Even the Egg in the Space was controlled by him at the moment. It was well prepared too… If anything happened that he couldn’t handle, he would throw the Egg out at once!

Brother Egg could kill a Tao Origin Stage cultivator… This situation must be under its capability too.

"Bravo!" In the air, among a mass of cloud, Ling Wuxie looked at Feng Zhiling with admiration in his eyes. He praised with sincerity, "This man is good!"