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Chapter 458: Interested

Chapter 458: Interested

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"He had actually created a way that is much easier for you, which you will like a lot. He showed you that although you can never get the bounty for his head, you can still get some money for others. He pointed out that he is rich. He is richer than anyone in the world. No matter what price it takes, he can pay it!"

"You lose something, but you have a chance to get something else because of it. Will you give up a very important job and take a much easier, safer and more attractive one? Although it won’t give you more money than the bounty for Feng Zhiling’s head, it is still a lot of money. I believe everyone knows the smart choice. Feng Zhiling is not offering just a good number. For a person, it truly makes not much difference to get one hundred million or six billion!"

"That’s right!"

"So he actually controlled the entire situation. Most importantly… The men of the five noble clans haven’t done anything yet after being recruited by him. They didn’t even show up. Because they didn’t show up, no super powerful sects dared to do anything first. That makes it all assassins in this place. What Feng Monarch is doing actually works the best on assassins!"

"The first task he wanted to complete was to avenge his men who died. As such, he just gave whoever the money to do it."

"As long as there is someone who takes his money, it sets up a foundation of such cooperation. In other words, those who have come to kill him became his men for real."

"No matter if they are willing to or not, things are already going this way and will be hard to change."

"Whoever dares to disobey him will become his next target. At the moment, this is the only way for to their survival… Even Boundless Saint doesn’t dare to make a sound to disagree right now."

"However, I think he hasn’t shown his vicious part yet… These assassins are here to kill him. They all intended to kill him anyway… I think he will never let any of them go."

"Those assassins who got the money didn’t finally make it anyway."

"These who are still here are most likely going to work for him. They will go somewhere killing each other for the money… No matter who dies, it is a good thing for Feng Monarch. He doesn’t even need to do it himself. He just pays. If I am right, he must have more schemes after this. He will arouse the greed inside these assassins’ hearts. For example, he may use those supreme dan beads."

"These assassins may still be rational about the money, but if they can get supreme dan beads after killing who Feng Monarch wants them to, even the most powerful sects will go for the hunt for him."

"At last, there will barely be anyone of these assassins alive."

"That is how he made a beautiful counterattack under the worst situation. He solved the problem and brought himself a great opportunity."

"But… No matter how rich he is, whoever kills him will get his money too. Isn’t it true?" Xiu of Heavens asked, "That is an even greater fortune. Does anybody think about that?"

"Xiu-Er, you always miss the process." Wan of Clouds bitterly smiled. "If Feng Zhiling dies, Ling-Bao Hall will belong to Kingdom of Chen. Most of the wealth he has will go to this kingdom. The assassins will get little of it…"

"Besides, it will always go to the most powerful hands. Countless assassins will aim at it. Nobody would dare to touch the wealth from Ling-Bao Hall, because it will make them enemy to everyone in the world."

"Other than that, Feng Monarch showed them his strength. It is nearly impossible to kill him! That is the key of his scheme!"

"It is stupid to kill someone you cannot kill. Going against him will put them into a very dangerous situation. That is why most of them quit. At this moment, if they quit, they may still get something in return. It could be a big amount of money… It is not that dangerous… What would you choose if you were one of them?"

"Even so… Ling-Bao Hall is not that powerful at all. If all these assassins work together, they can wipe it out within one night for sure. Why don’t they see it?"

"That is true, but they will never do it this way. That is why Feng Monarch only aims at these assassins. If he plays such scheme on one super powerful sect, it won’t work. Men in sects are well disciplined. If their masters gave them an order, they will sacrifice themselves for it!"

Wan of Clouds bitterly smiled. "However, these are mostly isolate assassins… Who could give them orders? Who would they listen to?"

They all lived half their lives alone. Who would they trust? There is no trust among them. They won’t work together. Besides, all they want is Feng Zhiling’s head. Why would they kill other people in Ling-Bao Hall? Assassins kill for profits. They won’t do things that don’t mean any money!"

"Feng Monarch knows it well. That is why he can turn this over completely! It looks quite easy, but he has to make sure every detail is right. Otherwise, he will die!"

"That is why I said he is good!"

"He is so good that…" Ling Wuxie thought for a while and said, "If he was in our realm, maybe Meng Wuzhen wouldn’t be your master’s biggest opponent… Meng Wuzhen may lose that qualification…"

Wan of Clouds and Xiu of Heavens took in a cold breath.

They thought highly of Feng Monarch as they could, but they never expected that Lord Ling Wuxie would give him such a comment!

"I am very interested with this man. If possible, I may try to recruit him." Ling Wuxie half closed his eyes and wickedly smiled.