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Chapter 459: Chaos from a Tap of a Finger

Chapter 459: Chaos from a Tap of a Finger

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Apparently, Ling Wuxie quite liked Feng Zhiling, and Feng Monarch should be comforted that people like Ling Wuxie truly liked him!

"That is a real chaotic storm. Impressive!" Wan of Clouds nodded.

The beautiful eyes of the two ladies were full of admiration.

Nobody expected Feng Monarch could make things change so well in such a desperate situation! It was such an impressive strategy.

When the three of them came, Feng Monarch just made the second poison strike.

They came in a hurry to make sure Feng Zhiling didn’t die in this fight; after all, as long as he was still alive, he could make that dan for Master Bai. They had prepared for the worst situation. If Feng Zhiling was seriously wounded and about to lose his life, they would save him with their best effort.

Wan and Xiu were restrained in cultivation, so they couldn’t save him. However, Ling Wuxie was a real cultivator from higher realm. Nobody in Land of Han-Yang, even in Qing-Yun Realm could fight against him!

However, things were beyond their expectation. Feng Zhiling didn’t die. On the contrary, he had actually controlled the whole thing. He changed the flow of how this thing went. That was something they couldn’t even imagine!

Ling Wuxie was shocked when he saw Ye Xiao spread the poison. He kept his eyes opened and said, "What is that poison? How can it be so overwhelming? It is even hard for me to know what that poison is. Feng Zhiling is truly an extraordinary man. He is not only a great dan-maker, but also a great poison maker. He must be in a great level on poison! Now we don’t need to worry. He is safe. Let’s just see what will happen next. I wonder how things will pan out."

That was why they stopped there in the sky watching it.

The three of them stayed there. Even if Ye Xiao was in danger, they could save him immediately!

And then they saw Feng Monarch fight against the crowd and then made another poison spread to control the entire situation. At last, he started his money attack unexpectedly!

He actually made a dead situation alive again for himself, making himself stay in a great positive position.

"He is just rich, that is all. He has earned a lot earlier. Look at him, acting exactly like an arriviste. Not that good at all. Humph!" Xiu of Heavens humphed with disdain.

"Heh, heh. It is not just about money." Ling Wuxie smiled. "He has spoken about money a lot, but… Money is just a weapon to him. The most horrible thing he has is not the money. It is the wisdom and capability he has!"

"With just a small effort, he turned over a dire situation into a positive one. He is now holding the initiative position… I have never seen anybody except your master who can do this. This man is the second man who can do it."

Ling Wuxie’s wicked face showed admiration.

"You mean he can be in the same league with our master? Ridiculous! How is that possible?" Xiu of Heavens really didn’t like Feng Monarch.

"No, Xiu-Er. Feng Monarch is really that good. He might be less capable than Master Bai, but he is in the same league in some ways. He is not that far weaker." It was Wan of the Cloud who said this.

"He seized the chance in a perfect way. He did a great job in analyzing the situation. The last decision he made… All those things he has done mattered. If he did anything wrong in any small things, he would fail!"

"However, he did it perfectly. Such capability is truly admirable."

Ling Wuxie nodded. "That’s right. That’s what I would say."

"Still, I don’t think he is that good. He supported one kingdom to become enemy to all other countries. That was stupid. What wisdom could he have. Even though he did a good job in dealing with this situation, he is just normal. What he is doing now should have been done earlier if he is smart enough. Money is of course something people in this world cannot resist." Xiu of Heavens humphed.


Ling Wuxie and Wan of Clouds answered at the same time.

"First, you need to consider what kind of people you are facing. He is facing assassins now! What is an assassin? Assassin is a person who kills for money. Money works perfectly when he is dealing with assassins."

"If he did this earlier than tonight, the reward he posted would only lead to a war. It would be impossible for him to tell which group of men were his enemies. That would set him up into a negative situation."

"What happened tonight is different. He didn’t show up early. He let Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian show up, not to solve this problem, but to show everyone in the world who he had! He wanted to tell them that he was not easy to kill!"

Wan of Clouds slowly spoke, "It was more like a pre-war message he made to send the two great assassins. He want everybody to know that these two great assassins are on his side. It might not have a big influence to those sects, but it would shock the assassins. A King of Assassins and A Killer King are more than enough to overwhelm all assassins in the world!"

"So, since they showed up, most of the assassin were shocked and started to worry. They knew that even if they could kill Feng Monarch, they would be hunted by the two great assassins forever. As an assassin, who could escape the hunt of the King of Assassins and Killer King? In Land of Han-Yang, none. Feng Monarch was making his first strike then. It looked like Ling-Bao Hall was losing, but in fact, they were starting to fight back! It was a hint."

"After that, he showed up. He said some bullsh*t first, acting like he was showing weak. In fact, it was another hint. And then he used that poison to shock them. That was his third strike. Then he put away that poison and started to show his martial power. Even if he doesn’t have his dan and poison, he is still not easy to kill… That is an important step for him."

"If you are the assassin, your target is powerful in martial art, also great in poison, and someone you can never kill, what would you do?" Wan of the Cloud asked.

"You have to give up and leave. Give up on this mission to save your life. You can never put you life at risk for something you can barely achieve. Money is less important to life," Ling Wuxie answered quickly.

"Right. But would you regret just leaving like that? Would you feel upset?" Wan-Er added.

"Sure. All men would have that feeling."