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Chapter 460: Blood Swear! Rules!

Chapter 460: Blood Swear! Rules!

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Feng Monarch was in control of everything at the moment.

He turned the situation over all on his own with no help from anyone!

After this, he did something even unbelievable.

It was crazy indeed!

He was so confident—a total defiance!

Under the watch of thousands of assassins, he asked Wan Zhenghao to put the 27 heads on the altar, in memory of the men who died for Ling-Bao Hall tonight!

"Wield! For my brothers!"

"From now on, no one, no one dares to bully us!"

He had said that he wanted to kill those 27 people for the men who died for Ling-Bao Hall, however, it was a bit too arrogant at this moment. It was overweening!

However, no matter what those assassins were thinking, people in Ling-Bao Hall still burst with emotions.

Liu Changjun nearly cried. Not only him, those who survived from the fight all cried for real.

Liu Changjun and his men were tearing up. They put on the altar quickly.

Under the watch of the cold eyes of those assassins, Ye Xiao put on three sticks of incense and bow solemnly to pay his respects to the dead!

"To brothers who are gone, I am sorry. I was late. I brought you death!"

Ye Xiao sighed. "Brothers, I wish your souls are still with us now. Drink with us. Here I give you blood and heads of our enemies to show my respect to you all. It is a long way to heaven. Take care!"

"At this moment, in this place, I, Feng Zhiling, swear to the entire world!"

He drew out the sword quickly. - Shring! - He cut on his hand and blood poured out. He had been through all the dangerous parts but never got injured, but at this moment, he cut himself on the hand. It was badly injured, and blood poured like water.

He didn’t care. His face didn’t change a bit. He shouted loudly, "From now on, no matter who dares to hurt my men, Ling-Bao Hall will use whatever we have to hunt him down! Even if I will need to use up billions money, I won’t let the enemy go!"

He was determined, solemn and sad.

All assassins were shocked in their hearts.

Feng Monarch was such a tough man!

He made a blood swear in front of all these people, as if he was making a rule to the martial world. [Whoever dares to mess with Ling-Bao Hall, I will put on billions to get him down!]

[Whatever it takes! I will hunt him down!]

"These are the men who dared to hurt us. Here are their heads! Who dared to mess with us, are now lying here on the ground! All the others of you, listen up now! No matter who you are, No. 1 Assassin or No. 2, Sky Origin Cultivator or Cultivation Master, no matter who the fxck you are… if you try to hurt us, you are on the wanted list!"

"Whoever is against us, we will never sell them any dan beads!"

"Whoever is against us, we provide no resources to them!"

"Whoever is against us, our wealth is the power that sentences them to death!"

"Whoever is against us, we declare hostility to him forever!"

Under the watch of everybody, in the faces of all assassins, Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall made a blood swear, threatening the entire martial world!

Everybody was listening to it.

Their faces all looked bad, however, they had to endure it.

To be honest, this was a weird scene.

There were over three thousand assassins right here, and more were coming to join them. Every one of them could be top-class assassins. All these good assassins surrounded here, yet no one dared to move.

Feng Monarch and Wan Zhenghao stopped being in a negative position now. They were holding a ceremony for their dead brothers. Feng Monarch even made a direct threat to all assassins in the world!

No assassins dared to make a sound against it. Not even Boundless Saint! He didn’t even move a bit!

That was the magic of money. Money could drive ghost, also gods. It was the biggest weak point of these men who killed for money!

[Our wealth is the power that sentences them to death!]

What this sentence showed was that he would give up everything to kill his enemies. That was too obvious, too frank. Because of that, it was the most threatening, most horrible, most deadly thing he made!

- Shoot, shoot, shoot… -

There were still assassins coming over fast. Apparently, many of them were still planning to kill Feng Zhiling.

However, when they arrived, they were surprised that nobody was moving at all. They were confused.

"What… is going on? Why are they all standing there? Are they hit on vital points?"

"That man… Isn’t he Feng Monarch? How come nobody is moving? What… What is that…"

"Why are ther so many dead bodies on the floor. Corpses all over the ground and blood flows like river… Gosh! Those are all assassins’ bodies?"

"How did it go so disastrous. What happened? Is Ling-Bao Hall really that powerful? Is it too powerful that no assassins dare to move ahead now?"

Those who just came saw the weird and horrible scene. They were frightened. They tried to figure out what was going on by asking others by whispering.

They started to know partly about what happened. When they figured out the truth, they did the same thing. They widely opened their eyes and mouths.


They took in a cold breath.

Cold sweat came out on their foreheads.

Six billion bounty for Feng Monarch’s head?

Oh it became a joke now!

Now Ling-Bao Hall was wiling to give billions for rewards!

Six billion was big enough. What about the number Ling-Bao Hall gave then? Was it bigger than the heaven!

It was shocking!

It shocked them hard!

In Ye Xiao’s mind, [You want to kill me by paying money? Fine. I don’t care. I will do the same to you. I will smash you to death with my money!]