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Chapter 461: All Settled

Chapter 461: All Settled

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Smashed with money!

It would be stupid to compete with the richest man in the Land of Han-Yang on money!

Even if several kingdoms worked together, they might also fail. The wealth that Ling-Bao Hall had was beyond people’s knowledge!

A kingdom wouldn’t use all the money on such thing. There were still plenty of other affairs that needed money.

Ling-Bao Hall was not a kingdom anyway.

[I am richer than any country.

I can use all the money on anything if I need to!

I have supreme dan beads. I will get all the money back by selling the dan beads! I can play this game day after day, none stop!

Only if you can also play that long!]

These were the words Feng Monarch didn’t speak out!

Money was really powerful indeed!

It was nearly invincible to be the richest man!

When a man didn’t have much money, he might be able to just keep himself well fed, but nothing more could he do with it. However, when he had a horrible amount of wealth, he could start a war with one thought, wave a disturbance with one hand, and control the rise and fall of the world!

One hundred taels of silver was not good enough to make people fight. However, a billion taels could easily buy one’s life.

Money was all the same, only there were different numbers. Difference on amounts made huge impacts!

After a while, Ye Xiao finished lighting the incense. He was still solemn and serious. He stood up but didn’t talk, and then he backed on the assassins and coldly said, "I think you should all go back now! Today, you are never going to kill me… Staying here wouldn’t make any difference. It is only wasting your time."

At this moment, Boundless Saint smiled with a vicious voice. He blandly spoke, "Feng Monarch, we surely want to leave, but we are here with passions. It may be quite depressing to leave with failure. I think we need some comforts. At least you should tell us when Ling-Bao Hall will put on the rewards you just said? And what’s the price? It is not a good idea to just tell us to leave with nothing but only depression!"

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "I said it again and again. I understand your thoughts. I know what you are thinking right now, but we have just lost many people here. I don’t have the mood to talk about other things. Let’s just be merciful and let those men I want live for another day. By the afternoon tomorrow, the entire world will know the rewards we will put on! At that time, you will only need to bring me the heads and take the money."

He rolled his eyes, showed his killing intent, and spoke in a low voice, "The prices are not yet decided. However, I can guarantee you… No matter what level you are, two of the names on the list I will put on will bring you enough money to retire from the martial world and live a happy life! How about that? Is it a good promise to you now?"

[… Will bring you enough money to retire the martial world and live a happy life!]

It brightened all the assassins’ eyes. Such a promise was more than enough for them.

"Fine. We will wait for your announcement in the afternoon tomorrow then!"

The Boundless Saint’s black clothes was flying in the dark as his voice reverberated. A dark fog suddenly exploded in the sky, covering it in a dark fog all of sudden. The next moment, Boundless Saint and his golden label assassins rushed into that dark fog.

When the dark fog was gone, the six of them all disappeared.

They actually left first!

Ning Biluo stared at where they left, his eyes filled with killing intent. He obviously wanted to kill them. It wasn’t a good time, but if it was, Ning Biluo would definitely chase up to them. Even if he couldn’t wipe them out, he would try to kill one or two of them to vent the anger in his heart.

"Feng Monarch is playing a good game. Look how you turn things over. Impressive. I should better leave too." That big tough guy who had been fighting against Zhao Pingtian shouted and then flew up to the sky.

Zhao Pingtian shouted, "You want to leave? Not so easy! Leave your name!"

That big guy loudly laughed. "Zhao Pingtian, why do we have to know each other. We didn’t know each other before this. After today, we may never have another chance to meet. It means nothing to leave my name!"

And then he disappeared in the sky. He looked no weaker than Boundless Saint at all.

Zhao Pingtian frowned.

[With such capability, he doesn’t need to lie to me. He said we didn’t know each other, and we wouldn’t meet again in the future. Then why was he here?]

[Most importantly, this man knows so much about my martial art! Whoever knows that much about me must be somebody who wants to fight me for a long time. But he said we would never meet again.]

It was suspicious, but Zhao Pingtian believed him. It was exactly like how he trusted Ye Xiao earlier. He just did, with no reason!

Ye Xiao looked at where that big guy left too. He solemnly spoke, "This man is probably from House of the Chaotic Storms… He knows you so well, not because he hates you… He did it for House of the Chaotic Storms."

What he said enlightened Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian. They started to understand the truth.

This man should be someone House of the Chaotic Storms sent out to specially deal with Zhao Pingtian.

It was like how Boundless Saint distracted Ning Biluo. He was trying to make Feng Monarch stand alone!

"However, things ended in a weird way!" Ye Xiao frowned and said, "The House of the Chaotic Storms worked so much to make this event. It shouldn't be this easy to solve. If it truly was solved this easy by me, the House of the Chaotic Storms really doesn’t deserve its big title then…"

He seemed to be humble, but he was just really confused.

In fact, he had been waiting for the next step his enemy would make. However, nothing happened after he made that swear. Things ended just like that, and the House of the Chaotic Storms didn’t show up at all.

Even in the eyes of that big guy, Ye Xiao saw a sense of confusion.

Apparently, that big guy was also confused about how this thing ended tonight.

However, he was just a chessman in others' hands. He could only follow orders—he couldn’t do anything else on his own!