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Chapter 462: Money!

Chapter 462: Money!

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A Sky Origin Stage cultivator who was equally powerful as Zhao Pingtian in the fight was actually a chess piece that could only act on orders?

How powerful was the House of the Chaotic Storms really? How many forces did they have really?

No matter what, what he needed to do tonight was only to keep Zhao Pingtian away from Feng Monarch. Now, he had completed his mission.

"Where are the men from the five noble clans?" Ye Xiao asked with confusion.

"Feng Monarch is truly wise and smart. Only within a few talks, a huge crisis was gone. We are all impressed!"

It was Long Tianyun speaking.

He really meant every word he said though. It wasn’t kissing ass.

What Feng Monarch did in this night was really impermeable and impressive. He truly had counted every reaction and possibility. He made a series of good steps till he finally fully controlled the entire situation.

He was really a great figure!

Ye Xiao frowned. "I am flattered."

Long Tianyun saw him and knew what he was thinking. He then explained, "We have been hiding aside as you told us to. However, Boss Wan has been worried that our appearance would draw the forces from those great sects and make things worse, so he didn't let us show up the whole time…"

Ye Xiao heard it and said, "I see."

He could accept such an explanation. Money could take care of those assassins because money was the biggest weak point of them. However, for the sects, money might not be that attractive. That was the difference between sects and assassins!

However, understanding was not all. What should be done needed to be done. He seriously said, "The crisis on Ling-Bao Hall is ended. However, on you, it hasn’t started yet. Do not loosen yourselves. Master Long, you should keep it in mind."

Long Tianyun looked solemn as he said, "I do. We all do."

Ye Xiao nodded and said, "Good. Ning, Zhao Pingtian, Liu Changjun, you three take some men with you and go to the royal house… If there are still fights there, give them a hand. End this chaos as soon as possible."


"Monarch, there are Crown Prince’s Palace, the departments, National Treasury… These places are all in attacks. Do we…" Wan Zhenghao reminded him.

Ye Xiao said, "Hmm. Ning, you go to the royal house. Zhao Pingtian to the National Treasury… Liu Changjun go the the House of Minister Zuo. Boundless Lake people are possibly settled there. Do not fight against them. And General Lan’s place… The young lord is not there. There should be nothing happening in his house. Just send a man to check on it. Oh right, Prince Hua-Yang. Send some men to his palace too. Leave the other places alone. We don’t have spare time for those trashy places…"

Crown Prince’s Palace and other princes’ places, Ye Xiao didn’t care. In his heart, he wished them all dead. How would he even think about helping them?

He finally felt relieved now.

He seemed to control everything tonight, playing everybody around casually. However, no matter how great he looked like, only he knew how it felt inside his heart.

He was exhausted both mentally and physically.

It already wasn’t an easy thing to hold himself up standing there now!

Chaos was everywhere in the city. Ye Xiao felt that there were limited things he could do about it. At this moment, he came up with an idea. [What if… I have great power in this country? ...]

And then he shook the head. He tried to forget this attractive but unpractical idea. He slowly sat down on a chair and rested to recover the qi inside him.

The assassins who stayed in Ling-Bao Hall started to do the clean up. In and out around Ling-Bao Hall, blood and corpses were everywhere. Bodies piled up like mountains while blood flowed like river. It smelled so bloody that it made people want to puke. It was truly like a hell with blood pond.

Morning fog gradually showed up, and the night was disappearing.

Long Tianyun quietly stood beside Ye Xiao for a while before asking, "Feng Monarch, I guess… You have figure out a way to solve this all?"

Ye Xiao didn’t open his eyes. He blandly answered, "Half of it."

Long Tianyun was cautious. He said, "Not really. I think you have a method to solve it thoroughly."

Ye Xiao was surprised. "Oh? Why do you think so?"

He opened his eyes and looked at Long Tianyun.

Long Tianyun spoke solemnly and quietly, "Money!"

"Money?" Ye Xiao frowned and acted like he was thinking about it.

"Money can drive ghost, also gods." Long Tianyun said, "Money is something that great men don’t care about but powerful for most men in this world… When it rises to a certain amount, it can also make chaotic storms."

"On this method, nobody is better than Feng Monarch!"

Long Tianyun looked at Ye Xiao’s face as he cautiously spoke.

Ye Xiao nodded slowly to agree.

That was right.

Long Tianyun was right. Ye Xiao had thought about it.


When he came to Ling-Bao Hall at midnight, on the way, he came up with the same thought. The crisis was a serious one. All that had happened was for that great reward for his head! In other words, it was money that created this situation!

Money was the most vulgar thing and it created a huge trouble on him!

However, his enemy had money, so did he! Ling-Bao Hall had been making money for thousands of years. It was rich enough to make the entire world envy. It was even wealthier than any of the three kingdoms in the world!

Even if the entire world worked together to defeat him on a money campaign, they would fail!

Since so, why let others use money to crash Ling-Bao Hall down?

If so, as Ling-Bao Hall was the richest in the world, wouldn’t Ling-Bao Hall become a complete joke?