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Chapter 463: Trouble Came Again!

Chapter 463: Trouble Came Again!

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Ye Xiao only trusted in true strength for all his life. As Long Tianyun said, money meant nothing to him. Most of the time, he didn’t even think that money was a part of wealth at all.

The reason why when he was reborn, he had to try to get himself some money because he was so poor and had no knowledge about it!

In his eyes, wealth only meant materials, resources, dan beads and martial arts! These were wealth for cultivators.

He was living a second life, but he always treated money as he did in Qing-Yun Realm.

Obviously, he had been wrong all the time. Ridiculously wrong!

However, it was lucky to realize it now. As he finally realized it, his mind became broader. [In the world, money is much more powerful than I can imagine!]

"I will take good use of money from now on! It turns out that saying money doesn’t mean everything is wrong. Money means everything, as long as there is enough amount of it!" Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "Especially for this… martial world."

He sat on the chair and thought for a while quietly. Suddenly, a sharp stream of saint light was shown from his eyes to Long Tianyun.

Long Tianyun saw it; he smiled bitterly and nodded.

He heard it and he knew what change it would bring to this martial world.

As the richest man under this sky, once Feng Monarch realized the importance of money, it meant…

It would definitely change the world thoroughly!

Money could drive ghost, also gods. It could buy lives and change people’s fate. What on earth couldn’t he manage to do?

It wasn’t just saying!

"Money is a good thing. However, life is also a good thing!" A clear loud voice sounded, and then dozens of figures flew into Ling-Bao Hall’s yard like rainbow.

The one in front had long beard flying in the air. He was tall and standing straight up. He looked like a sage with warm eyes. He looked at Ye Xiao and Long Tianyun peacefully, smiling. "Supreme Dan is naturally good stuff. A bright future in the martial world is much more important than money. Don’t you agree, Feng Monarch, Master Long?"

Long Tianyun’s face changed.

Ye Xiao slowly looked up. He wasn’t tired anymore as he sharply looked at these people. He half closed his eyes and said, "Sunlight Sect? Starlight Sect? The two great sects in Land of Han-Yang? So soon you came?"

The danger from those assassins had just vanished, and at the moment, Ye Xiao had just sent out the most powerful forces… The two great sects had been watching this all the time. They were the true threat to Ling-Bao Hall and the five noble clans really. They were the enemies that were most difficult to deal with. Right at this moment, they showed up surprisingly—they truly knew how to pick a perfect moment!

They just showed up and already blocked all the escape paths of Ling-Bao Hall.

Ling-Bao Hall had believed that they had controlled all assassins in the world and they had the power to write the history of this world. However, they were trapped in danger again. Things were even worse than before. They were like meat on the plate, waiting to be cut!

- Shoot, shoot, shoot. - People flew and stopped on every key spots on the roof. Blue lights shined everywhere with swords, and then hey occupied the higher positions at once.

People of the five noble clans were scared.

The most dangerous moment had finally arrived.

In the sky.

Ling Wuxie clicked on his tongue. He was still watching it like it was a play. He held his arms and said, "This guy really have lots of troubles. One wave had just ended, yet another comes now. It is even worse this time. There are not more people than last time, but it is definitely tougher than the last group… What a trouble."

Wan of Clouds and Xiu of Heavens both felt solemn.

"Do we get down to end this drama right now?" Xiu-Er said.

"No hurry," Ling Wuxie blandly spoke, "you have been with your master for such a long time. You should have learned a lot. Remember one thing. You have to watch your friend or your enemy in a right way.

"To tell whether someone has potential, do not just watch him for a short time. Do not just see the moment when he is doing great. Those who are already powerful enough to challenge the heavens, to pick the moon by a hand, you don’t need to observe them at all. They are already well-shaped. Nothing special can be found on them.

"When you observe a man, focus on his weak point. When he is under a negative situation, when he is much weaker than his opponent, how would he react? What would he do? How would things end up with him? How would he turn the situation over and take a great counterattack… He may even completely turn over the situation and hold the war in his own hands and rule everything.

"Only at this point could a man to be seen how far he could develop."

Ling Wuxie blandly spoke, "For now, Feng Monarch is an example. Let’s just see how he will deal with this first."

He rolled his wicked eyes and wildly spoke, "If we get into it early, what is left for us to watch? To say the least, if anything dangerous happens, with me here, what harm could be done even if the sky falls down on it?"

He reached a hand and said, "Chaos in the world is merely in my hand!"

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er looked at each other.

They didn’t know how powerful Lord Ling Wuxie actually was. However, hiscapability of bragging was the top class among all the people they had seen for all those years. If his cultivation was as good as his capability of bragging, he must be telling the truth then…

[He truly is our master’s old friend. Look how good he brags…]

The two ladies were quiet. Ling Wuxie thought that they must have been shocked by his wonderful talk. He thought that he had given a brilliant talk just now, so he smiled and complacently said, "How is it? You understand now?"

And then he raised his head, looking so satisfied. He felt so good about it right now.

In front of two beautiful girls, he showed his best side to them… The most powerful, casual… handsome side. [Hahahaha…] Confidence exploded right inside his heart with vanity!

[I am so good!]

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