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Chapter 464: Bu Jingtian!

Chapter 464: Bu Jingtian!

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"I see." Wan-Er and Xiu-Er both twitched their mouths. They thought, [Pah. Do we understand? This friend of our master, is he a fool?]

Ling Wuxie heard what they answered, so he became more arrogant. He laughed and reached out his hand, stretching it out and drawing it back like a chicken’s claw shaking rapidly. He shook his as… hip and used the other hand to wave his hair—he was trying to make a handsome pose. Then, he put his hands on his back and, while standing facing the wind, blandly said, "Look."

His voice was deep and heavy, with the particularity of a real man.

However, Wan-Er and Xiu-Er had had a bad image of him, so they both felt speechless at the moment.

That was awkward.

The two ladies had the same feeling. [This guy is just like a male peacock. When he sees a female peacock, he cannot wait to shake his body. No matter what situation he is in, he just spreads his tail like he can show off the shiny part of himself…]

[Yet he never thinks that when he spreads the tail, he shows his ugly naked as… hip…]

Apparently, Ling Wuxie, Lord Ling, didn’t realize what the two ladies truly felt. He stood there facing the wind feeling good about it. He even thought that the wind was too small, so he secretly operated some art to draw over a bigger one.

Wind heavily blew, and Lord Ling’s hair fluttered in the air with his clothes. He looked just like an immortal.

His eyes were tough and profound, and his face looked good with perfect shape…

He was truly… an outstanding young man with a handsome appearance, wisdom and courage!

[Look at my eyes of deep thoughts!]

Apparently, it wasn’t his first time to play such scene. That was so skillful and experienced. He barely did anything serious, yet he had created a image of a great superior cultivator on himself.

No one could do that without thousands of times practice!

However, that showed how exactly he was behaving like a naive stupid boy. It was too obvious that he couldn’t cover it.

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er rolled up their eyes. They both noticed how speechless and helpless they were in each others’ eyes. [How does master… have such a friend… That is not fair. That is not reasonable…]

[No wonder this guy always gets beaten up out there.]

[It would be justice to beat him into death. There’s not a reasonable thing not to beat him…]

[If I can beat him, I will do it eight times a day… That is a minimum number…]

Back to the other side.

Ye Xiao casually sat on the chair, even though strong enemies were in front of him now. He looked at the two group of people and blandly said, "Great sects, I apologize that I haven’t greeted you at the door. I wonder what you seek for in my small Ling-Bao Hall? Things are complicated these days. I am afraid we might not be able to serve you well!"

The old man of Sunlight Sect smiled and said, "Feng Monarch is the true good monarch of Ling-Bao Hall. Just a few words, you solved the crisis and cleared up all those good assassins. They even became your support. How admirable. We came here to see you in person. To be greeted by you yourself, it would be worth everything we have been through to come. What to apologize for? Feng Monarch, don’t be too kind."

"However…" He changed the topic now and spoke in a low voice, "Feng Monarch’s money scheme works well on those assassins, but not so well on us. Don’t you think so?"

Ye Xiao showed him a dark face and indifferently spoke, "I said, things are complicated for us at the moment. I have been busy for a whole day. Please just say what you want to say. I am tired, and I need rest now. I don’t want to waste more time here."

The two best sects in Land of Hang-Yang was pushing him, and danger was getting closer. Ye Xiao still could talk so casually and without showing any respect. In his voice, he showed his impatience.

He sounded completely arrogant!

The old man’s face who just talked turned dark. He really felt angry about Ye Xiao’s impolite words and arrogant attitude. His eyes were filled with sharp glow as he coldly stared at Feng Monarch’s face without saying a word.

All the superior cultivators in the two great sects all became weird on their faces. They felt sorry; they showed taunt, sneer… They felt it all!

They looked at Ye Xiao as if they saw a crazy fool who didn’t realize how bad the situation was for him.

After a while, as the old man’s eyes shined with killing intent, he slowly spoke, "Feng Monarch, you may not know who I am… Heh, heh. I am Bu Jingtian!"

Bu Jingtian!

The name reverberated, and it was like a bomb exploding in Ling-Bao Hall from the sky!

The men of the five clans exclaimed at the same time. Their faces suddenly turned pale, like white paper.

They all looked at this old man with both respect and fear.

Bu Jingtian!

The name seemed to contain magical force.

It scared people and made people tremble!

That was reasonable. After all, this man was known as the No. 1 Cultivator in the world!

Bu Jingtian was the name of the man who was known as the scariest man in the Land of Han-Yang!

Cloud Clashing Hand, Bu Jingtian!

About one thousand and one hundred years before that, this name began to shock the entire land. Bu Jingtian was third level of Sky Origin Stage. He fought against another guy, who was level six of Sky Origin Stage, however, within ten moves, he killed that guy!

That was the first story that made him a legend!

About one hundred years after that, there was a sect called Black Dragon. It had men all over the world, the most powerful sect at that time. However, because of a fight for some money, they beat Bu Jingtian’s families up.

When Bu Jingtian learned of it, he went to Black Dragon with one sword. Black Dragon thought that they were much more powerful, so they didn’t show him any respect. They actually shouted at him with filthy words, but Bu Jingtian started to rush and kill from the gate to seventy miles distance!

Dead bodies of people in Black Dragon were all lying after him.

The blood floated down to the bottom of the mountain for over a dozen miles. Dead bodies covered the road to the door of Black Dragon’s main hall.

Bu Jingtian didn’t stop. He kept rushing and killing into the hall.

After one full day, he left the base hall of Black Dragon with blood all over his clothes.

A few days after that, someone sneaked into the place because of curiosity. He was scared so badly that he went mad! There was no living man in Black Dragon’s main hall anymore.

Forty thousand men died.

Bu Jingtian created it within two bright days and a dark night!

That was the second story of the legend!

After that, he was named the No. 1 Slaughterer in the Land of Han-Yang!