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Chapter 465: No. 1 Cultivator!

Chapter 465: No. 1 Cultivator!

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About nine hundred years earlier, there had been six sects in the Land of Han-Yang that were the most powerful sects. Although Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect were the most powerful ones, the other four sects were only a little bit weaker. The six sects were all in the same league. A disciple from one of these six sects accidentally killed Bu Jingtian’s son. Bu Jingtian was enraged and went straight to the sect. The fight lasted three months, and fresh blood flowed like rivers—he actually wiped out the entire sect with one sword!

After that, he rested for three years to recover himself. It was said that he was wounded so badly that it was nearly impossible to heal.

That was reasonable. One man fighting alone against an entire powerful sect and wiping them out. It was reasonable that he could get himself seriously injured. However… although he won the fight and wrote a legend of his own, was it worth?

Because of this, another two sects knew that an opportunity had come. Bu Jingtian, Sunlight Sect’s strongest man was gone. It was a godsent opportunity to destroy Sunlight Sect. Five years after, the two sects attacked Sunlight Sect. When the fight was turning most dangerous for Sunlight Sect, Bu Jingtian showed up. With one sword, he fought and fought. He was invincible as he changed the situation alone.

The two sects were almost done in, and they started to retreat. Bu Jingtian, however, didn’t let them go. He hunted them a thousand miles, and this fight was full of blood. The next five years after that, Bu Jingtian took revenge on them from time to time, until the two sects both disappeared!

Four hundred years later, a talented cultivator showed up from nowhere. He was from one of the other four sects than Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect. He had great talents in martial arts, and nobody could defeat him in the entire martial world. He extremely disdained Bu Jingtian’s title as the No. 1 cultivator, so he had challenged him many times.

Bu Jingtian was completely indifferent though.

However, this man stayed in front of Sunlight Sect’s gate. Anybody of Sunlight Sect who came out, he killed them…

Finally, Bu Jingtian came out. He swayed his sword once—only once. He cut off this man’s head. He went a long way with that man’s head stabbed in his sword, to the sect that man was from! He rushed and slaughtered!

Within one day, this sect was destroyed too!

After that, only two great sects were left in the world.

Sunlight Sect.

Starlight Sect.

Till then, legend was no more a legend. Bu Jingtian was no more writing a legend. He was creating a myth! A myth of a god killer!

Bu Jingtian never showed mercy to an enemy. Besides, he believed one thing. When he cut the weeds, he had to dig up the roots too!

No matter who had offended him, they all died. Even their relaxants died! Nobody survived!

Bu Jingtian’s name was so horrible that in Land of Hang-Yang, even kids didn’t dare to mention it.

He was known as the world’s No. 1 Cultivator! The most cold-blooded butcher!

His name was a myth in Land of Han-Yang, also a taboo!

Now, this old man in front of Ye Xiao was exactly this horrible man.

At the moment, would the legend continue?

Before Bu Jingtian arrived, Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect were separated. None of them liked each other.

However, since Bu Jingtian showed up, the two great sects were bonded together.

Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect were both subsections of the great sects in Qing-Yun Realm. They had the same position in this world, and they both knew it. Most of the times, they acted in the same pace. Either of them would act overwhelming to the other!

However, when Bu Jingtian was here, things were different!

Everybody listened to Bu jIngtian!

In fact, no matter who, no matter how complicated the relations were, as long as Bu Jingtian was there, he was the one who gave orders!

Nobody could take over his position!

Sunlight Sect realized they were still too weak to handle the situation as they had been defeated in the fight against Boundless Lake. They knew that things were getting serious, so they asked Bu Jingtian to show up and take up the leader’s position!

Who dared to take the highest seat when this slaughterer was there?

When people from the five clans heard that it was him, they all showed a grey face.

Bu Jingtian’s presence showed Sunlight Sect’s attitude. They would never negotiate about this situation!

If the men from the five clans still held a tough attitude on this, they might need to worry about their lives seriously. Bu jingtian could wipe their entire clans up within one night!

[Take it or not? You want to rise? You want to keep the supreme dan beads? Fine! I will kill you all with all the people in your clan!

Let’s see whom you will give those dan beads to!


No matter how talented a genius is, he will become a dead body under my sword!]

This world’s No. 1 Cultivator, No. 1 Slaughterer, the legend of the Land of Han-Yang, said his name in front Feng Monarch Feng of Ling-Bao Hall.

It was obvious that he was trying to make a clear attitude.

"Bu Jingtian? Never heard of it." Ye Xiao shook the head. He looked tired. "Hmm. Now I know your name. You are Bu Jingtian… But can you just tell me what do you want here? I am really tired. I don’t have much time to play games with you. Please just be frank, could you?"

"Like, what do you want to talk to me, my friend?"

It looked like he had just heard a normal name. He wasn’t surprised or shocked at all, since he had truly never heard about the story about Bu Jingtian.

What he said was "my friend", not "my friends". He was especially talking to Bu Jingtian, and there seemed to be a hidden meaning behind it.

[I am tired. I said it twice.]

Bu Jingtian was a bit shocked. The next moment, fire of anger flamed up on his face.

He thought that once he said his name, these young men would have been scared the hell out and cried to apologize, to the point that they would even get down on their knees to beg for forgiveness. He thought that they might at least say something to praise him…

It was possible that they would faint because of fear…

Bu Jingtian had seen a lot in his life after all.

He had gotten used to it anyway.

Besides, he enjoyed it.

When people do that to him, he felt good.

He thought he could experience this wonderful feeling on this young man, but he was wrong… The young man showed nothing when he heard his name, like he never knew who he was. Feng Monarch was actually still showing an indifferent face!

This moment, Bu Jingtian felt like being thrown a damp over when he expected to feel happy. He was not in the mood anymore!

"Young man, haven’t you heard my name before?" Bu Jingtian frowned, trying to press down the anger in his heart.

[Maybe he heard never has about my story… That is possible.]

Ignorant man always make mistakes. It didn’t feel good, but it was forgivable!

"Should I? Bu Jingtian is not just a name? Is it a famous one?" Ye Xiao impatiently said, "I think you are making a mistake to focus on this petty thing? Man in martial world should never think too much about himself. Don’t you think so?"

Ye Xiao stopped thinking about it now. When he said this, he already negated most of his assumptions!

He knew it was unnecessary now!