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Chapter 466: How Dare You!

Chapter 466: How Dare You!

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"I guess you really haven’t heard about my name? A man in the martial world who has never heard about my name…" Bu Jingtian’s face was turning pale.

Everybody knew that when his face turned pale, he was preparing to kill.

"Should I?" Ye Xiao sneered. "Why should I have heard about you? Is Bu JIngtian a famous name? Is it worth my attention?"

"Feng Monarch!" Long Tianyun tried to warn him in a hurry. He spoke in a low voice, "This is… the No. 1 Cultivator in Sunlight Sect. He is well known as the world’s strongest… He is Bu Jingtian! Bu Jingtian…"

Long Tianyun was nearly scared the sh*t out of himself…

[My holy god. Do you know who you are humiliating…]

[My god! if you don’t shut up now, we are going to die.]

[No. Not only are we all going to die, all people in our clans will die!]

Ye Xiao showed a sneer.

[Well known as the strongest, No. 1 cultivator in the world?]

[In Land of Han-Yang?]

[How… impressive!]

In Xiao Monarch’s eyes, there was no superior cultivator in Land of Han-Yang at all. Even if he really was the No. 1 Cultivator in Land of Han-Yang, he was nothing but an ant that was easy to kill in Xiao Monarch’s eyes!

[You actually want me to be shocked by just your name…]

[Besides, Land of Han-Yang is a deep pond. There are Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens, two super powerful ladies, also my father and Bing Xinyue who are two great cultivators. A few days later, when Uncle Song recovers his true power, he is very likely beyond Sky Origin Stage. What on earth do you think can make you No. 1 in this world!]

[I truly have no idea what you can be proud of!]

"I see. A famous man you are. I thought it is just somebody’s name. Admirable." Ye Xiao looked up at Bu Jingtian. "However, Bu Jingtian, what on earth do you want? I told you several times that I am truly very tired. Let’s cut the b*llshit and go straight to the point. I can’t hold it anymore!"

Bu Jingtian was shocked speechless. Suddenly, he smiled in a weird way. In his eyes, there was killing intent as he nodded. "Kid, you are good. You are very good! You really are good."

Ye Xiao blandly smiled. "Accepted! I know I am good, otherwise, you wouldn’t praise me so many times. However, let’s stick to the business at. Your praise made me feel better indeed, but I am exhausted. I really don’t have time for you."

‘Tired. Don’t have time for you.’

Ye Xiao said it four times already now!

He was looking at Bu Jingtian.

[If he isn’t a stupid prick, he should… know what to do?]

However, Bu Jingtian didn’t understand what it meant. Maybe he did, but he just ignored it.

He was so angry and he actually laughed. His eyes were filled with killing intent. He lowered his voice, "I thought Feng Monarch was a heroic figure, someone who could make chaos and also solve the chaos with decisive mind and sharp moves. I was wrong. I am disappointed to see you in person. To see is better than to hear. You are just normal! Feng Monarch is a man without respect. Such man is useless in the world, only a waste of food. I don’t see we should cooperate with you. Why not just let me send you down to hell today. You are tired. You want rest. When you die, you can rest as long as you want."

He slowly raised his hand and reached to sword on his waist.

His hand slowly moved, but it made an image of countless hands moving in people’s eyes. In the same moment, those hands kept moving to the sword like a dragon…

Ye Xiao coldly laughed and made his decision too. He didn’t move; instead, he just blandly said, "Send me down? When I die? With your cracked old body? You don’t want your tongue to be blown off by the wind, do you?"

He raised his head up and looked into Bu Jingtian’s eyes. Those were two streams of sharp lights. Just like that, it was direct and bold, like nothing was dangerous to him. In his eyes, there was even disdain. "Hearing such foolish talk, I now know you are good too. You are really good!"

Bu Jingtian’s face twitched. "Are you mocking me?"

"It is a commendation. You are good." Ye Xiao sneered. "Because you actually could ignore the fact that your body is a cracked body that may only be able to live for three months! With this, you actually dared to want to kill somebody. Most importantly, you want to kill me!"

His eyes turned colder as he blandly shouted, "Bu Jingtian, how dare you!"

Bu Jingtian stopped moving all of a sudden.

They looked into each other’s eyes.

In Bu Jingtian’s eyes, instead of killing intent, a sense of fear and unwillingness suddenly appeared.

Ye Xiao’s eyes were filled with sharpness like sword and coldness like ice, with a sense of disdainfulness and pride!

"Do you dare to kill me?" Ye Xiao asked with an attitude from higher to lower, coldly and peacefully.

Ye Xiao’s pride of being a monarch was showed completely when he faced this No. 1 Cultivator!

At this moment, in his eyes, there was only the power to rule!

What he said was like a sharp needle stabbing into Bu Jingtian’s heart!

[I don’t dare to kill you?

Why don’t I?]

His first thought was not to think about anything else but only to break Feng Monarch’s neck!

In fact, he didn’t dare to.

He didn’t have the courage to do it at all!

That man was someone even he couldn’t touch recklessly!

Bu Jingtian came out from seclusion this time. He didn’t inform anybody. Even masters in Sunlight Sect didn’t understand why he would actually agree to come out for this.

Normally, although things in Chen-Xing City didn’t go well on their side, it wasn’t bad enough to make Bu Jingtian, such a powerful figure, to come out. He was a key figure of Sunlight Sect after all.

Besides, it was the House of the Chaotic Storms who made this event. Bu Jingtian was, although No. 1 Cultivator in the world, only limited in this land. If he had to fight against the House of the Chaotic Storms, either one of Wan and Xiu, he would be destroyed immediately.

Sunlight Sect couldn’t take that risk.