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Chapter 467: Death Knocking on the Door!

Chapter 467: Death Knocking on the Door!

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Even though he was No. 1 in Land of Han-Yang, in Qing-Yun Realm, he should be no higher than second league in the world. He wasn’t really any big figure at all. It was a such a cruel and humiliating conclusion, but it was the truth!

However, although Bu Jingtian was nothing in Qin-Yun Realm, he was still the key pillar of Sunlight Sect in Land of Han-Yang! They would never let him fall!

Letting him come was worse than preventing him!

It was too dangerous.

They took such big a risk.

However, Bu Jingtian actually showed up and asked to come to Chen-Xing City.

The reason was simple. He knew exactly what was going on with himself.

He was about to die soon.

A long time before that, he had been hiding in seclusion. He had reached the cultivation limit in this realm for a long time, and he wanted to break through the limit and rush up to Qing-Yun Realm so as to extend his life.

However, hundreds of years in seclusion didn’t help him. He was now dying.

In cultivation capability, he had actually gone beyond the limit. With no reason, he couldn’t take the last step to get up to Qing-Yun Realm.

Hmm. It was not that he couldn’t. In fact, he did. He didn’t know why he was kicked down back. Since that accident, his soul was seriously damaged. He kept himself breathing till now, but it was going to the end.

In seclusion, he tried to recover himself to almost normal status. However, he only had three months left to live.

Under such a situation, how would he not be in a hurry to break through the limit and extend his life now.

He heard that there was a guy in Chen-Xing City who could make supreme dan beads. That was a shocking news to him.

He didn’t wait even a second. He just came all the way along fast.

Even though he knew that he might encounter people of the House of the Chaotic Storms, he didn’t care anymore. If he had to die fighting against them, it was only to die three months earlier. If things went well, he could get some supreme dan beads that could make him live longer!

Since Feng Monarch could make supreme dan beads, he could certainly make dan beads that could extend his life!

There was hope in front of him, so why would he give it up?

That was his last opportunity.

That was his thought.

This time, he was not here to snatch the dan beads in the five clans’ hands. He was aiming at the man who made these dan beads, Feng Zhiling!

He thought that nobody knew he was dying, so he just wanted to frighten them and force Feng Zhiling. He wanted to recruit Feng Zhiling to make dan beads for him. It could help himself, and also help his sect, the Sunlight Sect.

After all, he was the No. 1 Cultivator, No. 1 Slaughterer.

The legend and his title was powerful enough in this world!

Not to mention only to threaten a dan-maker, even to threaten a king of any of the three kingdoms, he was powerful enough!

However, unexpectedly, things went completely different than what he had planned when he arrived!

This Feng Monarch didn’t fear any threatened at all. He was proud and arrogant as if he was living beyond the clouds. He also had a bad temper that was tough and stinky!

His eyes were so sharp that he actually saw the true status of Bu Jingtian!

[How is it possible?]

"Feng Monarch, be careful when you talk!" Bu Jingtian’s face turned dark and his eyes were full of suppression.

He was surprised about Feng Zhiling’s sharp eyes. He still couldn’t believe that Feng Zhiling really could see through him and clearly know about the status of his body condition!

"Bu Jingtian, right? I mean, your forehead is dark, and your skin is wrinkled. Your pupils seem dispersive, and your temples are extremely swollen. When you talk, it sounded strong and full of killing intent. However, no matter what, I can hear stops in your voice…."

Ye Xiao indifferently looked at Bu Jingtian. He said over a dozen negative symptoms on Bu Jingtian, causing the latter’s face to turn uglier with each of his words. Bu Jingtian was more and more astonished.

"The symptoms on your forehead, pupils, mouth… You can cover them by your martial art. A man with normal eyes could never see it. However, the swollen temples showed that you are close to the limitation of this world. When you talk, you stopped sometimes. It showed that your Jing and Mai are nearly broken."

"You are well cultivated. You are already in such a high level that you don’t need to do anything to absorb the qi in the world. However, at this moment, every breath of spiritual qi will give pressure on your breaking Jing and Mai. If you do it with a tiny mistake, your Jing and Mai would be destroyed, and you will die for it."

"You are indeed qualified enough to be the No. 1 Cultivator in the world. That is what makes your Jing and Mai overloaded! If you can’t upgrade yourself to Spirit Origin Stage within three months, you will die. With you current status, you surely are able to fight against me. But I am sure after you kill who you want to kill, you will die and leave a departed body. You will die with the man you kill. I think you already know it, don’t you?"

"Other than that, I will tell you something you don’t know. When you die, never be around people you care about, or places you care about. When you die, if you are inside Sunlight Sect, it will be destroyed with you! Because your death will release the qi that you have forcibly held inside your body and it will cause a huge explosion! The power of that qi explosion will be times powerful than your best hit. I believe it will be enough to destroy the entire territory of your Sunlight Sect!"

He peacefully looked at Bu Jingtian. "I guess the reason why you showed up here at this moment is to firstly find somebody who can save you; secondly, you don’t want to destroy your sect when you die. Three months is a rough guess after all. Maybe you will die just a moment later!"

He confidently added some words, "Bu Jingtian, I am telling you the truth. In this world, there is only one man who can save your pathetic life! That is me!"