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Chapter 468: They Are Enemies!

Chapter 468: They Are Enemies!

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"If I don’t help you, no matter who you are, you will definitely die. You know this, yet still didn’t ask me nicely, or beg me to save your life. You actually dared to threaten me? How dare you!"

Bu Jingtian’s eyes shot out cold lights; he blandly spoke, "You said you can save me?"

Ye Xiao didn’t answer it directly. "With my capability of dan-making, if I cannot save you, do you think there is anybody in the world who can save you? Don’t get overjoy yet. I don’t think you should give much hope on it, considering what attitude you just showed to me!"

Bu Jingtian burst with anger!

He was indeed about to reach the end of his life. As Ye Xiao said, he might die at any second. However, it didn’t mean he should be humiliated! Especially when he had been the No. 1 Cultivator title in the world for so many years. He couldn’t allow anybody to befool his title.

With a dark face, he said in a low voice, "Feng Monarch has good eyes. I don’t have a long time to live now, but I don’t think I should stand the humiliation from a young man! I don’t need to beg for life! Feng Monarch, you are challenging my tolerance. I have lived such a long time. I think it should be fun to have a master dan-maker to die with me!"

Ye Xiao coldly laughed, then he said, "Die with you? Fun? You want me to die with you? Fine. You said you are a legend in this world, right? Before you die, why don’t you put another chapter in your story. Make a final chapter to this legendary story. A talented master dan-maker died together with you. That would not only add a chapter to the legend, it is also a new myth!"

Bu Jingtian hesitated.

He had killed a lot in his life; certainly, he was a cruel person. He walked alone and acted alone, and not once did he fear anything.

He didn’t put conscience or morality in his heart. He just did whatever he wanted to do.

For him, dignity was important, but life was even more important.

After all, losing his life meant losing everything.

That was the experience of over a thousand years living.

Now he was pissed by Ye Xiao. He was furious and enraged, but he just couldn’t make up his mind to make an attack!

He was so angry that his belly heaved. Vicious lights came out from his eyes, but at the moment, he just couldn’t really do anything.

He was the No. 1 Cultivator in the world, so what? When his weak point was held by others, being No. 1 Cultivator still couldn’t do anything!

Sometimes, it was much easier to talk than to do…

Ye Xiao looked at this No. 1 Cultivator and sighed.

[I guess my plan about recruiting a new fellow is bound to fail…]

[This guy is completely different from Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian, or Wan Zhenghao. I don’t think I should do anything for him!]

[The title of the world’s No. 1?]

[Well, whatever.]

It was stiff. Ye Xiao held his arms on the chest, looking at this No. 1 in the world casually. He was showing a face of indifference and arrogance.

However, Bu Jingtian didn’t dare to do anything to him. He just gasped, doing nothing.

Cultivators behind Bu Jingtian from the two great sects all showed some not-so-well-looking faces.

They looked at each other with complicated expressions.

[What the hell… is this? Aren’t we here to revenge? Why are we sticking here? What next?]

[And… Bu Jingtian’s condition, what Feng Monarch said, is it true?]

"What does that guy want? What on earth is going on?" Xiu of the Heavens watched it from the sky in confusion. "Those men are so powerful, and they are here to make troubles. He actually talked so much and made them embarrassed… He doesn’t even have the power to defend from those guys… He is courting death!"

Ling Wuxie smiled. "That is what I said. Girls have long hairs and short sights. What a good saying from ancient men. Well said. Well said."

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were both pissed. Their eyes were filled with cold lights. They were angry about that "long hairs and short sights" saying, however, they suppressed down the anger.

[This man is master’s friend. If we get on him, it will only embarrass master. Even not to consider this, although he is a fool, he truly is powerful in cultivation. We cannot afford messing with him.] They knew it well, so they suppressed down the anger. They just rolled their eyeballs. That was all.

If rolling eyeballs could hurt people, Ling Wuxie should have been smashed into pile of meat.

Ling Wuxie raised the eyebrows. "This Feng Monarch is really a wise man. Even though he is in a negative position, he can still see through the enemy’s weak point. With just a few words, he made his enemy hesitate and the enemy doesn’t dare to do anything. That so called No. 1 Cultivator… Cough, cough…"

When speaking of No.1 Cultivator, his face looked complicated.

He couldn’t believe that sucha man, whom he could kill with just a blow of wind, was actually the No. 1 Cultivator in this realm, a legend, a myth… Since was it so easy to be a legend now...

When he spoke of No. 1 Cultivator, he felt shamed. He felt like he was obviously lying.

"That… Cough, cough… superior cultivator… When he came, Feng Monarch had seen through him. He knew that old man couldn’t live long. He could help the old man to live longer though. That is why he can again control of the worst situation in his own hands. He even wants to recruit that old man… What he wants to do is to defeat that old man thoroughly and then save him."

"To put him down and then save him, if he does it well, or if this Bu Jingtian is a good man, they can become friends other than enemies with just a few soft words. After that, one will have a strong assistant while the other will have a powerful support. Surely, Bu Jingtian could escape death and live longer."

"That is the beautiful plan of Feng Monarch. All in all, it is a both a good solution. It won’t only benefit either of them."

"However, surprisingly, he was facing a complete cruel prick. That old man is not even close to a nice man. He fears death so much but likes to bully weak people."

"When Feng Monarch learned what kind of a man he is, Feng Monarch lost his patience. He didn’t even need to hesitate. Now he is apparently thinking about how to kill that No. 1 Cultivator! You don’t believe me, then you should just watch and see. Lets see how this No. 1 Cultivator dies in Feng Monarch’s hand. That should be some weird stuff!"