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Chapter 469: They Are Enemies!

Chapter 469: They Are Enemies!

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Ling Wuxie smiled with half closed eyes.

"Maybe things are exactly like what you said. Everybody can see it. Bu Jingtian means nothing in our eyes, but he is so much stronger than Feng Zhiling. He may be near death, but he still has power to attack. I guess he will only need to use two fingers to kill Feng Zhiling! There is such a distance between their cultivation capabilities. How could Feng Zhiling, the weaker one, kill Bu Jingtian, the much stronger one?" Xiu of the Heavens asked. She didn’t accept Ling Wuxie’s opinion.

"The most interesting part of observing a person is right here. The unknown part is the most attractive part." Ling Wuxie said, "The strong smashes down the weak. That would be boring. To see how far a man could go, we need to see how he handle a bad situation. I said it already. In fact, I don’t know how Feng Monarch will kill this Bu Jingtian. That is why I am so interested."

"However, if he can kill Bu Jingtian, when this Feng Monarch stands right in front of me… I am not sure I will know what to do."

He said, "Because if he really does it, such figure, I should either kill him right now, or just give up the thought about killing him and to make friends with him. It is never a bad thing to have such a friend. It is a lucky thing."

"My position and my cultivation, if I want to kill him just because I am afraid, it will only plant a seed of discord in my heart. It costs more than what I can earn. More importantly, after that, I will have a thought in my heart that I will never get over him. He will become a nightmare to me."

"It is not a good plan to kill him. However, when such man grows to the day when he can have an even fight against me… It will become difficult to become his friend."

"I admire him, but if I need to go down and make friend with someone in the mortal world, I really don’t like it…"

"Am I making it nonsense? I am ambivalent really! However… that is what this Feng Zhiling brings to me. Besides, I can feel that he and your master are bound to be… enemies!"

"If he cannot break up to higher realm, that is fine. If he reached our realm, it may bring your master a serious headache."

"They are absolutely two persons that are impossible to be together."

Ling Wuxie’s eyes were filled with some purple lights. He stared at Ye Xiao with that beautiful eyes as he added, "My Universal Eyes. I can see through everybody, except a few true legends in the universe. Other than the Four Dominators and Eight Supremes, there is only one man I can’t see through. That is your master, Bai Chen."

"Bai Chen is truly an outlier of all kinds in the world. I don’t think it is a problem not to see through your master anyway. He is also a legend after all. However, now, there is another one, Feng Monarch."

"Legend. That Bu Jingtian is also a legend. He is the ultimate legend of Land of Han-Yang. Do you see clearly through him?" Xiu of the Heavens knew that Ling Wuxie was not some normal figure. He was a cultivator as strong as her master, but she just kept teasing him.

"Stop it, Xiu-Er. What Lord Ling said are all brilliant words. The legends he mentioned are those we shouldn’t directly call their names. How could you compare that trash down there to these great figure. If master knows, he will definitely punish you!" Wan of the Clouds scolded.

Xiu of Heavens knew that she was wrong. She just sticked her tongue out and stopped talking!

Ling Wuxie blandly spoke, "I don’t know if there are others. If they are the only two in the world, they are bound to be enemies!"

"Competitors in fate!"

"Bai Chen has improved to a level that I can not even see. This Feng Monarch, I can still see him. So… I need to watch him for some days. I need to estimate this guy carefully. If I am right and I watch the rise of a legend, it will be my best luck!"

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were both shocked.

They also thought highly of Feng Zhiling, however, he was in a low realm after all. Even though he had potential, he didn’t have a lot. As such, they didn’t really put him in mind.

Now they heard what Lord Ling said, they felt that he wasn’t as simple as they thought.

"The day when Lord Ling was bullied by Meng Wuzhen, you felt helpless, so you came to our master for help. The reason is that you could see through Meng Wuzhen, but couldn’t see through my master with your Universal Eyes? So you think if our master fights against Meng Wuzhen, he will win?" Xiu of the Heavens asked.

Ling Wuxie was angry. "What do you mean I was bullied by Meng Wuzhen? How could you talk with such a big mouth? Don’t you think before you talk… Who could possibly really bully me, Ling Wuxie, in this universe?"

He said, "Pah. I was careless. That is all. I got beaten up accidentally. That is it…"

The two ladies twitched their mouths.

"Heh, heh. When you see yourself in the mirror… Can you see through yourself with your Universal Eyes?" Xiu of the Heavens teased Ling Wuxie. In fact, she was thinking another thing. [Ling Wuxie’s eyes can see through everybody except those in dominant levels and Master Bai and Feng Monarch!]

[What is it? How does it work?]

[Would this Feng Monarch be Master’s opponent in fate?]


They were having the same thought. Xiu of the Heavens was thinking exactly what Wan of the Clouds thought. They were both lost in thoughts!

Looking at the ladies, Ling Wuxie knew that they realized something. His angry face turned peaceful and he peacefully said, "Nobody could kill such a man! Even if I try to do it now, he may still survive… Do not even think about those small plans in your heads now."

"Why not? He is weak. If I am unrestrained, I can blow him to death easily!"

Xiu of the Heavens didn’t agree.

Ling Wuxie smiled blandly and didn’t talk. He didn’t explain anything at all.

The ladies were not well informed enough to understand the reason yet.

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