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Chapter 470: A Palm Hit Promise

Chapter 470: A Palm Hit Promise

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Ling Wuxie thought, [If this man can be killed, your master should have killed him a very long time ago! Why would he wait till now?]

[Bai Chen is not a fool…]

[If this guy can be killed, it means your master can be killed too. Compared to Feng Monarch, your master have more horrible enemies. If you can realize this, you will pray to the gods to keep Feng Zhiling alive!]

Down on the floor, Bu Jingtian was watched by weird looks from cultivators of the two great sects, causing his rage to surge up. The anger inside his heart was becoming harder and harder to suppress.

Feng Monarch really didn’t show him any respect, so his hands were now itching to kill him. If he didn’t need the supreme dan beads, he would have killed Feng Monarch into pieces really.

He stared at Ye Xiao, and suddenly, he was enlightened. He really thought of a way to do it. He blandly said, "Feng Monarch, at the moment, there are enemies all around you. You care a lot about your men. When you reversed the situation earlier, you get those who murdered your men killed right away. That showed everything. Am I right about it?"

Ye Xiao’s eyes were full of cold lights. "So what? What do you want to say?"

Bu Jingtian casually spoke, "I don’t deny that I don’t have much time to live. I don’t deny that you have the capability to make supreme dan beads… I don’t deny that you are the only one who can make it!

"In other words, you are my only hope here, Feng Monarch. It seems I can only accept to be your puppet. After all, you are holding my weak point. Feng Monarch, you care too much about something…"

Bu Jingtian looked casual and happy all of a sudden.

However, at the same time, Ye Xiao was becoming serious. "What do you want to do, sir. Just say it. Why are you trying to be mysterious."

Bu Jingtian casually said, "Feng Monarch, I will never kill you. You are my only hope! However, I can kill everybody that is important to you! They mean something to you, but they mean nothing to me! Why can’t I kill somebody I don’t care about!

"I will kill them one by one! I would love to see how long can you stand watching them die. I wonder how many people should I kill before you change your mind and your attitude to me! I look forward to it!"

His eyes were filled with killing intent again. He raised his head up and looked at those assassins behind Ye Xiao, including Wan Zhenghao.

He was making a clear point.

[I won’t beg you!

I have my dignity!

But you still have to help me. If you don’t, I will kill your people! If you don’t give up when I kill one of them, I will kill two. I will keep killing them one by one until you give in!]

That was typically a threat. It was direct coercion!

[I will make you beg me to accept your help!]

Ye Xiao’s face finally changed. It didn’t look good. He quietly looked at Bu Jingtian, and after a while, he spoke, "Are you sure? Are you sure you want to do that?"

Bu Jingtian viciously smiled. "You have a pair of sharp eyes. You can see my weak point. That is your advantage. However, you are too arrogant. You showed your weak point to me. You make me see it. If I don’t make use of it, it will only feed your arrogance. Who am I? I am No. 1 in the world. How dare you show off your childish scheme in front of me! Today, I will let you know that a legend is not so easy to break!"

Ye Xiao nodded and took in a deep breath. He said, "To be honest, I really don’t want to help you. You are so contemptible… However, you do catch on my weak point… I was hesitating about fighting against you in a tough way, however, you are No. 1 in the world, a legend in Land of Han-Yang… Fine. I will accept it!"

He sighed. He looked so upset, like there was nothing he could do anymore.

Bu Jingtian blandly smiled. "A wise man submits to fate!"

Ye Xiao humphed and then thought for a while. He said, "Bu Jingtian, I feel so bad to be threatened by you like this. Since you say you are the No. 1 in the world, you should be invincible. How about this. If you can survive one palm hit from me, and you promise you won’t hurt my men, I will make ten Life Extending Dan beads! That will be enough to extend your life for three hundred years. How about that?"

People who heard it all showed a complex expression on the face. When they looked at Feng Monarch, it was weird.

[What was that? You are no higher than level 3 of Sky Origin Stage. You are in the bottom group among all the people in this place at the moment. Bu Jingtian is over level 9 of Sky Origin Stage, the limit of Land of Han-Yang. It is such a huge gap. Not to mention one palm hit… Even a hundred palm hits, even if you can use your sword to attack, you will never kill him!]

[Listen to him. He meant something in the last few words of his. He just wants a way out of that embarrassment. He wants to keep his men safe, so he gave in. However, why does he still want to keep that fake honor since he had decided to give up? He actually came up with such a foolish idea to give himself a way out…]

[Your palm hit will be like an ant hitting a tree. How would it possible to hurt Bu Jingtian with that power?]

[You really should have said yes to him at the beginning. That will be a kind favor to the No. 1 Cultivator. That is a priceless favor you would give him. He would have owed you forever.]

[No matter how much a prick Bu Jingtian is, he will consider reputation in some way. When people want to mess with you, they would be hesitate. At the very least, if he takes your dan beads, he wouldn’t be so shameless to kill your men. That will be a win-win situation!]

[Look what you did. For your fake honor, you made a palm hit promise. You actually gave up many good things you could have gotten.]

[You will help him, yet you call him despicable… What a thankless task.]

Cold lights shined in Bu Jingtian’s eyes. He blandly said, "No matter whether I am despicable or distingue, it is not your turn to judge!"

As expected, he was angry.