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Chapter 471: Palm Hit Attack

Chapter 471: Palm Hit Attack

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People around them all sighed at the same time. Such an opportunity for making peace was destroyed.

"However, if Feng Monarch insists, I will accept the challenge. Just stand here still and take a palm hit from you. Not to mention one hit, one hundred, one thousand, so what?"

Bu Jingtian arrogantly talked. He sounded full of confidence.

Ye Xiao smiled. "Good! Deal!"

Bu Jingtian laughed as he firmly stood on the floor and smiled. "Let’s do it. In fact, Feng Monarch, do not hesitate too much while you are still living. The more you care, the more weak point you will be held! You are now under my control because you care too much. Are you trying to just give me a stupid palm hit to vent the anger in your heart?"

"Let me tell you more. The more you care, the more weak point you will show! The more likely you will be caught!" He wildly laughed. "Now and from now on, you will be controlled because of all your weak points. A man with lots of weak point will always bow to others…"

Behind him, the dozens of men who heard Bu Jingtian all shined their eyes.

It was a good warning to all these people too.

[Think about how you can defeat this Feng Monarch, guys!]

[I will take his dan beads. No matter what, I can’t kill him because I owe him this favor. However, you are different. You can just feel free to get on him. I can take use of his weak point, why can’t you?]

Other than that, what he said had shown his attitude. [Although Feng Monarch will help me, but no matter what happens to him, I won’t help him. You can feel relax and do whatever you want to him. Do not consider my position.]

Ye Xiao stood up with a big smile on the face. He seemed indifferent to what Bu Jingtian said. He said, "Bu Jingtian, the well known No. 1 Cultivator indeed. How heroic… Good! Let’s do it. You take one palm hit from me and survive, I will make those dan beads for you. Deal is a deal!"

Bu Jingtian disdainfully smiled. "Good. Deal is a deal. Not to mention whether I can survive, if I move any bit when you hit me, I don’t think I will shamelessly stay in the martial world."

Ye Xiao slowly walked over to him as he blandly spoke, "Words come out like the wind. You can’t take back what you have said. This attack, I will try all the power I can use to hit on your head. It is the key part of your body! Either you will die, or I will fail!"

Bu Jingtian laughed. "Feng Monarch is such an aboveboard man. Since you made it so clear, I will accept it. Just do it then. Every part of my body is invincible! Talking too much will not help you. Feng Monarch, you should watch out yourself. When an egg hits a rock, the rock will be fine, but the egg will crack!"

It was a clear statement. [I don’t need you to consider my condition. You should better worry about yourself!]

Ye Xiao didn’t take it as an offense; instead, he just laughed. "I am going to do it now. Watch out your head!"

Bu Jingtian was casual. He said, "Do it then!"

Ye Xiao smiled and jumped up. In the air, he rolled up his sleeves and a white hand reached out from the sleeve. Under the sunshine, it looked crystal and clear.

Such a pale and elegant hand.

Long fingers, pale skin—it was like a hand of a girl. It was even more exquisite than a girl’s hand.

He slowly rose and gradually got down. That hand was aiming at Bu Jingtian’s head.

Bu Jingtian coldly laughed. He was still looking straight forward. He didn’t even care about the hand that was about to hit on his head.

That palm hit didn’t even have any trace of power.

Apparently, it was weak like nothing.

Feng Zhiling said he would use all power he had, yet it didn’t seem like it!

Everybody was watching.

"Pay attention. After this attack, that legendary Bu Jingtian will die for sure. The last chapter of a legend is right here!" Ling Wuxie stared at them concentratedly in the sky.

"Uh?" Xiu of the Heavens and Wan of the Clouds were both surprised. They didn’t know what to say.

Their cultivation might have been restrained, but they still had sharp eyes of super powerful cultivators.

For them, at any situation, that was a palm hit with no power!

Such a soft hit couldn’t even kill a fly, not to mention a man.

[Why are you so sure about it, Ling Wuxie?]

They looked at Ling Wuxie. They believed in their own eyes. They believed that this Ling fool was no stronger than them in foresight. They didn’t think that Ling Wuxie could see things that they couldn’t see!

Ling Wuxie blandly spoke, "Don’t look at me. Look at Feng Zhiling! After this palm hit, if Bu Jingtian lives, Feng Monarch will become another’s tool from now on. Bu Jingtian must die! To be honest, I don’t know how he will kill Bu Jingtian, but after this hit, he will surely kill Bu Jingtian. Otherwise, his challenge will be completely a joke. A useless joke!"

"People like Feng Monarch will never be controlled!"

"Look at him, what a proud man. If he doesn’t have the confidence to kill Bu Jingtian, he wouldn’t have made this happen. It is much better to talk with your master. If he is here, I won’t need to explain so much. Geniuses are lonely!"

The two ladies stared at Ling Wuxie with anger, and then they looked back to Feng Zhiling. They thought, [What a prick. He is obviously a fool. He just loves to act like he is much better than others. After all, he doesn’t dare to say he is better than our master… Wait. Pah. That is wrong. Look at him, how can he be in the same league with our master. Let’s just wait till Feng Zhiling fails. If he doesn’t make it, we are so going to humiliate you! We will humiliate you so badly that you will feel ashamed and shut up!"

While Ling Wuxie and the two ladies were talking, Ye XIao’s pale hand suddenly changed color right before it hit on Bu Jingtian’s head. It became golden and shiny!

At this moment, the golden hand was in perfect use.

Over Bu Jingtian’s head, there seemed to be a tiny sun.

Nobody could see the exact move of Feng Monarch’s hand. All they could see was a mass of strong light.