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Chapter 472: Killed by One Hit!

Chapter 472: Killed by One Hit!

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Bu Jingtian was shocked too. At this moment, he clearly felt that the hand above his head was rapidly operating martial art. It was going to hit with an extremely strong power. However, Feng Monarch was in a low level. Even though he had operated the martial art into an extreme extent, even if it was a special martial art that could make his attack much powerful than it should be, Bu Jingtian believed it wouldn’t threaten his life!

Besides, he could feel the power inside that hand!

Such power could never hurt him!

Such attack could not even break his defensive energy shield!

Bu Jingtian didn’t move, but only stood there!

He had even prepared words to say.

He had decided what to say after this hit, to give Feng Monarch a lesson and tease him.

[The head of Bu Jingtian is not something that anybody can hit on!]

[Today, I endured this for the dan beads, however, Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall will pay for what he did today! It will cost him a lot!]

[People live different lives. Some lives are even worse than death!]

Under everyone’s watch, that golden hand that shined like sun heavily fell down!

Ling-Bao Hall’s men nervously watched it. People of the two great sect were disdainful. - Puff! - The hand hit on Bu Jingtian’s head!

- Boom! -

- Crack! -

Something extremely weird and horrible, one that should have never happened, one that was impossible to happen, suddenly happened!

The head of Bu Jingtian, the No.1 Cultivator, was like a snowball in a firing stove.

- Boom! - It exploded!

At the same time, Feng Monarch’s hand didn’t stop. It kept going down from the top of the head. The shiny golden hand hit on Bu Jingtian’s head, went down to his chest, and then cut the entire upper part of his body!

Blood splashed out on the floor, some even went dozens of meters away!

Feng Monarch’s black clothes was suddenly tainted with red!

He didn’t save any power to form a protection on himself. He truly did put all his power to that palm hit! All power was in that hand!

- Puff! -

Feng Monarch got down to the floor. He held back the red hand and looked at it. It was a hand covered by flesh and blood.

As expected, he was standing right in front of Bu Jingtian’s dead body.

Not exactly a "dead body" though. Bu Jingtian’s head was broken into pieces. It should be just a few body parts.

His legs were still standing there, yet nothing was left from his chest. The tall man only had a short part of his body left, like a seven years old kid standing in front of an adult.

He was two heads short!

Bu Jingtian’s body was swaying, but it was still standing there. Ye Xiao was indifferent. He reached out his hand and pointed on that body, then he blandly spoke, "Aren’t you tired standing all the time? Just get down!"

Bu Jingtian’s body fell down!

- Puff! -

The mutilated body of that world’s No. 1 Cultivator heavily fell on the floor. Flesh, blood and organs splashed on the floor along with it.

The legend, the No. 1 Cultivator in the Land of Han-Yang, Bu Jingtian, lied on the floor like a broken bag in everybody’s gaze. Everyone in the two great sects couldn’t believe it. They had the same thought at the same time. [It turns out… Even the No. 1 Cultivator in the world… When he dies… The body is no different than the others… Only it is even bleaker… Dying with a broken body…

How miserable!!

How could Bu Jingtian die? How is it possible?

How could such a thing happen?!]

They all felt crazy at the moment!

Maybe they were crazy. Maybe they thought they were in a dream. They were actually in such a ridiculous dream!

If not, how could the super powerful legendary cultivator, the No. 1 in the world, be killed by just one palm hit! How could he die like this? How could he be killed by just a man of level 3 of Sky Origin Stage?

[How is that possible?]

There was a huge strength gap between the two sides. They believed that even a hundred Feng Monarch together could never harm Bu Jingtian a bit. They couldn’t believe that such a terrifying man would die so easily!

It was silent.

Even when a needle dropped on the floor, it could be heard!

No matter whether they were men of Ling-Bao Hall or men of the great sects, even the of the five clans, all of them were shocked. They were totally blank in the heads.

They didn’t know what they should do or think.

Nobody noticed that in the air, there was a small wave of energy flows. It disappeared very soon though.

However, noticed or not, this place, which was full of dead bodies, was suddenly… brighten up a little bit…

Ye Xiao frowned.

He then casually looked at the dead body of Bu Jingtian. He spoke with a sigh, "You really shouldn’t have accepted the challenge… Let me tell you one last thing. This hit from me, even if you are ten times, hundred times, even a thousand times stronger than you were, you could never handle it. You were merely Level 9 of Sky Origin Stage… You thought too highly of yourself and you didn’t even think about defending… Anyway. No matter how great a story is, it will end someday. Your story ends today!"

"You knew you were dying, so you came. You knew you were dying, so you accepted the challenge. I had to let you die! You didn’t even know what you want to do if you could live on… I just brought death to you, which you deserved!"

If he said so earlier before the man died, people would definitely laugh at him.

It sounded just like a fool bragging about himself!

However, now when he said it, nobody dared to question it.

The truth was right there. Who could possible question him anymore!

Many of them trembled and stepped back.

"Elder Bu…" People of Sunlight Sect finally shouted out with fear and rushed over to Bu Jingtian’s body.

Both Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect had the same thought.

They didn’t believe Bu Jingtian would die so easily. They believed there must be some nasty trick behind the attack!

They believed that if they started to check the dead body, they could find something!