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Chapter 473: An Egg Hits a Rock!

Chapter 473: An Egg Hits a Rock!

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They wanted to confirm that Feng Monarch didn’t really have such power. They wanted to believe that Feng Monarch only won by luck. They wanted it to be an opportunity to slaughter Ling-Bao Hall!

Bu Jingtian’s death was a disaster for Sunlight Sect indeed!

It was also a hatred that would last forever!

They would never forget what happened today.

Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect together, about sixty superior cultivators gathered over at the same time. They looked at that cracked body on the floor. They couldn’t believe it. [Is this really Bu Jingtian?]

[Is this really the No. 1 Cultivator in the world, Bu Jingtian?]

[Could it be a fake one?]

[Fake? Please just keep fooling yourself. That is enough.]

In the sky.

Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens couldn’t help rubbing their eyes.

Truth was right there in their eyes, but they still couldn’t believe it. They couldn’t believe that this Feng Monarch had actually killed Bu Jingtian in just one hit.

"How did he do it? How is this possible?" Xiu-Er said. Her eyes were pretty and clear.

The two ladies looked to Ling Wuxie at the same time.

For the first time, they thought that this Lord Ling was profound. [Was he acting like a fool on purpose for the whole time?!]

[He said Feng Monarch could do it. And then Feng Monarch actually did it!]

[What is going on? Other than Feng Zhiling who made it happen, nobody else knows it better than this mysterious Lord Ling!]

"Don’t look at me like that." Ling Wuxie bitterly smiled. "I didn’t help him."

The two ladies rolled their eyes.

[Of course not. We know you didn’t.]

[If you did, no matter how strong you are, we would definitely sense something from you, as we are this close to you. That is the problem… Something that is impossible actually happened.]

[Hmm? What did he say? He said he didn’t help? Does it mean he doesn’t know what happened down there either?]

As they were wondering, Ling Wuxie said, "I did see the result, yet I didn’t see how Feng Zhiling did it." He paused and then went on, "I think the problem should be that golden hand of Feng Monarch. That golden shiny light on his hand. I don’t think he used it to enhance his power. Instead, I think he used it to cover our sight. He must have killed Bu Jingtian using another method."

"I guess he has something hidden inside his hand!"

"Maybe it is some secret weapon. Maybe something really special. It should be a killing move that he has been hiding all the time."

"What is it then? I didn’t see it." He was upset about it too.

It was reasonable that others couldn’t see it.

But he had especially paid attention to it, yet he actually still couldn’t see it. That was embarrassing!

What on earth gave Feng Monarch the power to kill someone who was much more powerful than him in just one hit?

Ling Wuxie couldn’t figure it out. He thought and thought but couldn’t think of anything.

Even for him, it was impossible to do such an incredible thing!

Just what did Feng Monarch do to kill a nearly invincible enemy in just one hit under such a situation…

That was far beyond legend. That was a myth…

That was totally a fairy tale!

What Ling Wuxie wanted to know was… What Feng Monarch had hidden behind that golden glow?

What did he hide?

What Ye Xiao had said, ‘This hit from me, even if you are ten times, hundred times, even a thousand times stronger than you were, you could never handle it’, was true. If Ling Wuxie knew this too, what would he feel! In fact, Ye Xiao actually did kill somebody that was thousands of times stronger than Bu Jingtian.

Ye Xiao made it, but he did feel scared for one moment in his heart.

When he saw Bu Jingtian’s body on the floor, his heart was still beating fast.

[He died?

For real!]

He tried to see the egg in the Space that was covered by blood. He felt like everything was unreal.

When he operated the golden hand to cover people’s eyes by the shiny glow, he had held the egg in hand!

When he hit on Bu Jingtian’s head, the egg had shown up in Ye Xiao’s hand. He didn’t really push it hard. He just touched the head! At that moment, he thought that there would be two possible results.

First, the egg might be broken! It would become a totally broken egg.

Second, Bu Jingtian’s head would become the totally broken egg.

Bu Jingtian was right about the theory of an egg hitting a rock, but Ye Xiao did exactly use an egg to hit him.

Nobody knew that the egg could be so unbelievably tough!

After that hit, Bu Jingtian directly went to hell. He was totally dead. The egg didn’t disappoint Ye Xiao, and everything was totally fine!

That was a reasonable thing though. The egg had killed Gu Jinlong earlier, in a very nasty way! Bu Jingtian was nothing compared to Gu Jinlong!

Even though Ye Xiao knew he had a good chance on this, he still felt worried when he made that hit. His heart was beating rapidly… [What if Brother Egg retreats?]

Truth was the egg was tough and strong.

Brother Egg also got a lot from this fight… So many people died. Their souls were wandering around and became soul energies.

Brother Egg just showed up for a second, but he had already gathered all those energies!

It hadn’t wasted a bit!

However, Ye Xiao was so excited that he didn’t notice it at all.

He was focusing on something else…

People of Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect were all gathering around Bu Jingtian’s body. They couldn’t believe what they saw. They were even a bit angry and scared!

[This Feng Monarch actually killed Bu Jingtian!]

[Would it be too easy for him to kill… us…]

"I really didn’t know that this elder was such a honorable man!" Feng Monarch spoke emotionally, "Elder Bu knew he would die, yet he still kept his words… What an honorable man! An honest man! I am full of respect for him. Nowadays, there are not many people who can be so honest and honorable like this man."

[He is dead anyway. It won’t hurt to praise him a little.]

People of the two great sects all showed their red eyes when they heard Feng Monarch’s shameless words.