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Chapter 474: I Will Fight You All on My Own!

Chapter 474: I Will Fight You All on My Own!

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[This honest and honorable man, you just killed him!]

[You played such a trick! He wasn’t allowed to defend your attack, and he had to take the hit!]

[Now he is dead because of your dirty trick… You actually act like praising him…]

[Don’t you have a heart of shame?]

[For a dead man… No matter how much you praise him, even if you praise him so hard, he is still a dead man!]

[Even if you try to make him a legend, a myth, a miracle, it won’t bring him back!]

[It is totally meaningless!]

Feng Monarch spoke with a sigh that was full of emotion, "Elder Bu kept his words. You all heard us. We all know what he promised. I am sorry for what happened to him… But it is a challenge that we all agreed… He made his promise and he kept it. I don’t think you guys would break it, would you?"

He blinked. "I believe the superior cultivators of the two great sects would never bring shame to our past Elder Bu…"

"I think, we, Ling-Bao Hall and the two great sects never had disagreement on anything serious. What happened has happened… Let’s just let it go. Let’s just move on. From now on, the mountains are still tall and the rivers are still long. We all have long trips in this martial world. We all have a long way to go in our lives… For me, I sincerely want to make friends with you all. Such a good idea. From now on, let’s share our happiness and sorrow, and let’s fight side by side…"

While he was talking with emotion, his eyes turned red.

Like he really meant it.

However, the superior cultivators who stood around Bu Jingtian’s horrible body, after hearing the speech of Feng Monarch, they just felt furious! The flame of anger raised up in their hearts!

[What is this?

What the fxck is this?

You just killed our leader by one bloody hit. Now you actually want us to share happiness and sorrow, fight side by side with you?]

[Are you just so stupid? Or do you think we are that stupid?]

[What the fxck!]

[What is wrong with you?]

[You are an outstanding man, the Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall. That is true… But you can’t take us all as stupid men?]

"Feng Zhiling, aren’t you too ignoble and despicable?!" An elder of Sunlight Sect looked at the body on the floor. He couldn’t hold the anger and sorrow in his heart!

Bu Jingtian was mean indeed.

But for Sunlight Sect, he was a guardian god!

His death was a heavy strike for Sunlight Sect!

This elder had been cursing Bu Jingtian daily, yet when Bu Jingtian really died in front of him, he couldn’t accept it!

"I am ignoble? I am despicable? Am I? I don’t feel it at all. Why? Heh, heh. Look at you. How you make the black white and make the white black! You do everything inurbane and take every means to reach your purpose."

Ye Xiao frowned, then he spoke with a cold smile, "To know oneself is sure progress. You, two great sects, don’t you understand how to admit defeat for a bet?"

Sixty-three superior cultivators of the two great sects all showed their furious faces. However, they didn’t have a word to say.

It was indeed a challenge Bu Jingtian accepted!

Everybody saw it. They all knew it.

Feng Monarch really did only make one hit. He had even told everybody that he was going to kill Bu Jingtian. Bu Jingtian didn’t get away because he accepted it. Now that he died under that promised hit, who could be blamed?

Everybody was there for the whole thing. They all saw it clearly!

No dirty tricks were seen.

Maybe it was too much to call Feng Monarch ignoble or despicable!

"Feng Monarch, such hatred will never end. We, Sunlight Sect, will be Ling-Bao Hall’s enemy forever!" An elder of Sunlight Set stared at Ye Xiao and talked slowly.

They didn’t have a righteous reason to argue, so they had to do it the tough way.

"So now we are enemies forever? Were we that close before? So this is how you define your relation to others?"

Ye Xiao put his hands on the back and half closed his eyes. "You just cannot admit defeat, can you, Sunlight Sect? Do you think Ling-Bao Hall is weak and you can bully us as you want? Is that why you can say such shameless words?"

He grinned. "Words are like winds. Since you made your statement, why don’t we just figure something out here today? I won’t mind. I really won’t. You don’t need to just stand there and take my hit. Let’s just fight in a fair way. If you don’t think you can do it, it is fine if you want me to fight you all by myself. Come on!"

He shook his sleeves and showed his two pale hands. Suddenly, the golden glow shined again.

Sixty-three men saw the golden hand and they all stepped back with fear.

That golden hand just killed the No. 1 Cultivator, Bu Jingtian in one hit!

[What is his real level status?]

[Even Bu Jingtian couldn’t handle his palm hit, would I… be able to defend it?]

They all had the same thought. They thought it would be suicide if they got near Feng Monarch.

Ye Xiao spoke with horror, "Come on. Let me fight you all on my own. You won’t be bullying me, I promise. Come over here, you pricks over there! I was worrying that I didn’t have a reason to kill more today. Now I do. Aren’t you enemies forever to me?"

He suddenly widely opened his eyes; they were filled with killing intent. He made a stride and got closer to them!

As he made this step, those cultivators hearts were all filled with fear.

The qi of killing rushed over to them like tides.

His killing intent actually felt like real qi!

A stream of extremely cold qi was like something from hell, making those men feel cold and frightened.

Even though some of them were in the master levels of Sky Origin Stage, they couldn’t help trembling when the cold qi hit them.

They stared at Feng Monarch with their eyes full of fear!

They all realized something at this moment. [It turns out… This Feng Monarch has been hiding his true capability for the whole time!]