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Chapter 475: Frightening!

Chapter 475: Frightening!

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[It turns out Feng Monarch was strong enough to shock the world!

He is even stronger than Bu Jingtian!

That is why he can kill Bu Jingtian with just one hit!

He might play tricks on other sides, but this aura and the qi, he can never fake it!

He can never fake that overwhelming and brutal qi of killing!

Only those who are in certain positions in the world can produce such qi. Only those who have superior cultivation capability and have killed many lives could produce such overwhelming qi of killing!

That aura, that qi of killing that Feng Monarch produces… is invincible!

One who has killed less than a million lives can hardly get such qi!

Such horrible qi of killing is enough to make him the No. 1 Cultivator in the world!]

"This is, ‘million slaughters makes great qi of killing’!" That elder of Sunlight Sect stepped back with fear. He had opened his eyes wide enough, like he was looking at a ghost. Apparently, he was frightened by the story he knew.

He suddenly felt regret!

[I should’ve thought about it.

I really should!

This Feng Zhiling has been calm and casual facing all the assassins in the world who had come to kill him. So many superior cultivators stood opposite to him, yet he could walk in casually like he was taking a walk in the park.

How would he do that if he wasn’t that confident. How would he risk his life to just show off?

When things were really bad on his side, he actually declared a rule of his own to the entire world of assassins!

He turned over the situation and controlled all those who came here to take his lives!

We all ignored something important. Feng Zhiling must be very confident. He at least had a perfect plan to escape from that. That was the most important thing he need to make that turn-over. Otherwise, one tiny mistake could take him to death!

How would he do that if he didn’t have that confidence?

It is the same reason here. If he wasn’t really confident, how would he make such a challenge to Bu Jingtian?

He is the one who has been confident all the time. He knew he would win. He was just playing everybody like the world was a game map for him!]

The elder thought more than that… the House of the Chaotic Storms would never show kindness to anybody in the world. However, back when Feng Zhiling met the House of the Chaotic Storms at the auction, why would Master Bai be so kind to him? The reason was simple. Feng Zhiling also had great capability that could shock the world. He just kept hiding his true capability, just like Xiu of the Heavens!

Thinking about that, the elder sighed. [When Feng Monarch asked for the challenge, everybody thought he was crazy. They were all waiting to see him become a joke!]

In fact, now everybody knew that Feng Monarch was never a joke. When the challenge began, Bu Jingtian was bound to die!

Feng Monarch had such great cultivation capability, yet he acted like he was weak. Bu Jingtian had to die!

Ye Xiao looked down to those superior cultivators of the two great sects. His face looked casual, yet it was full of killing intent.

He was operating East-rising Purple Qi at second level, Purple Qi Descends. He stood there like a great mountain, untouchable. He was like a king looking down upon the world!

No heroes dared to offend him!

At the same time, the killing qi that he gained in his two lives were rolling up heavily!

At this moment, Ye Xiao had a feeling. [If I want, I can kill the entire world within seconds!]

The sixty-three Sky Origin Cultivators of the two great sects were all several times stronger than Ye Xiao in real cultivation levels!

However, in front of Ye Xiao, nobody dared to move recklessly. Not even one of them dared to breath heavily.

There was fear in their eyes, and their faces were pale. On the floor, there was Bu Jingtian’s body. He was a vivid example to them. Their chests were full of hatred, yet none of them dared to step out and say anything about revenge!

They all felt like they were trapped in a snow mountain in winter naked.

That extreme coldness made them feel hopeless!

In the sky.

Ling Wuxie’s pupils shrieked.

Looking down at Feng Monarch, his eyes were full of confusion. He murmured, "His killing qi, why is it so dense and heavy? Only those great slaughterers in the world can have such qi… This killing qi is so close to those great figures in Human Realm Above Heavens… How did he cultivate himself into such status? He is so young. That is unreasonable!"

"Did he already kill everyone in this Land of Han-Yang? But he isn’t in a right level."

Lord Ling was confused. He was just making random guesses.

"Look how vigorous he is! Is it too much?" Ling Wuxie murmured, "I can see he is bluffing, but how does he make such vigor out! It looks so real. Why? How?"

He operated the Universal Eyes again to observe Feng Zhiling. What he could see was still a blurred figure. There was a mass of chaos around it.

He still couldn’t see through it.

"Weird! How weird!" He rubbed on the head. He was stunned. "This man… What he will achieve in the future is truly immeasurable…"

Xiu of the Heavens and Wan of the Clouds were both shocked too.

Looking at Feng Monarch, they thought of their master.

Suddenly, they had a feeling. [Master… When he was in this age, did he have such vigor? Did he have such verve? Did he have such killing qi? Did he have such achievement?]

They suddenly felt scared.

"Shame. This Feng Monarch was born in a low family. He is nothing but a local resident of a low level realm. He is not a noble born in Human Realms Above Heavens. He wasn’t born in the aristocratic clans. If he were raised up in a aristocratic family in Human Realm Above Heavens, he should become a great figure in the universe!"

Ling Wuxie kept praising him. "If he has a background like your master, and if they fight against each other all along… I won’t be surprised if he became someone like the four Dominators of East, West, South and North."