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Chapter 476: Woeful

Chapter 476: Woeful

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"What a shame. He has no such opportunity nor qualification. Your master doesn’t have such a good opponent that can boost his cultivation. They were both unlucky on this. They both are impossible to step on the highest stage in the world. How fate plays us…"

Ling Wuxie made a long sigh.

"This is such a woeful thing!"

Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens looked at each other. They both saw helplessness in their eyes.

That was right. Feng Monarch was full of schemes. He was a wise man, also a capable man. He was vicious and had a broad view… He had everything a great cultivator needed!

However, the only thing that weakened him… was that he was in a low level realm. Too low. It was lower than the lowest!

In the life of a super great cultivator, the most important thing was never his friends, his family, or his women… It was his opponent!

A great opponent who was in an equal level was the most important! If he didn’t work hard, he would be defeated!

The motivation from a great opponent was horribly effective!

To have such an opponent was every great man’s dream.

The four Dominators in the Human Realm Above Heavens occupied the peak positions, because… the four of them had been fighting against each other since they were young. They fought and fought and never gave up. Whoever was left down a bit, he would try everything he could to catch up to others. They kept chasing each other and passed each other. They just didn’t give up!

They kept fighting and kept rushing up. They always had a goal to reach. They never gave up. Finally, they became the absolute dominators in the Human Realm Above Heavens!

They were still fighting against each other. Never surrendering, never giving up!

That was why the four Dominators were still progressing greatly.

[Even though our master is a talented man, he really needs an opponent who is in an equal level at every aspect!]

It was such a lonely thing to be invincible. It was also lonely to have no opponents. The loneliness to be at the top was a feeling that nobody could understand. That was why he wanted to improve himself through the Heavenly Mystery, such an extreme method. If he had such a great opponent, for Master Bai, he wouldn’t have to get the Heavenly Mystery. It was the worst choice to choose the Heavenly Mystery!

He was born to be a great man who would rush up to the top someday. He just needed an opponent who could motivate him!

Now this man showed up. It was a shame that he was a man of such a low realm.

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er helplessly sighed for this cruel reality.

How long would it take…

For an opponent to develop to be strong enough to get in the Human Realm Above Heavens, strong enough to fight against Master Bai?

When that day comes, things were bound to be too late, everything would be too late…

"However, it is not a permanent way to control his enemies by bluffing… It won’t last forever…" Ling Wuxie frowned. "He doesn’t have the ability to defeat the sixty-three men down there. It looks like he has occupied the upper position, it looks like he controls everything, but if he pushes it too hard, every one of those men can easily defeat him. Feng Monarch is definitely going to fail this… How will he deal with this situation?"

Ling Wuxie thought for a while, but he couldn’t think of any practical way.

He thought that if he were Feng Monarch, he would have died over three times under such a situation.

However, he believed Feng Monarch had a back up plan to deal with the next situation. What was that plan though?

The two good men he had sent out for a mission, Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian, even if they both came back, they couldn’t help him much. They would only reveal his true capability sooner.

His special poison was powerful and overwhelming, but he had used it up. Those cultivators stood far away from each other, so een if he used the poison, it wouldn’t work that well.

They were warned already. They could easily get away.

He acted like he was powerful, yet he wasn’t. He didn’t have the capability to handle the current situation.

He did shock the enemies for now, but his enemies had lost an important man. They didn’t have a good reason to retreat, so the fight would begin sooner or later.

When it got serious, bluffing wouldn’t help anymore.

One thing that Ling Wuxie couldn’t understand the most was that Feng Zhiling had already occupied the higher position, so it was reasonable to try to suppress people with his strong vigor. However, he made such dense killing qi. That was useless. If anyone of the cultivators felt it dangerous to a certain extent, he would fight with desperation. Wouldn’t it be a bad thing for Feng Monarch?

People of the two great sects were getting impatient now.

Those of Starlight Sect were a bit better. They were gloating in their hearts though. After all, the man who died was the guardian of Sunlight Sect. Starlight Sect did have supports for many years, yet they had been suppressed by Bu Jingtian for a long time.

Bu Jingtian died. It was a pity. However, it made them feel relieved.

[Finally, this man died.]

[We may not get beyond Sunlight Sect right away, but if we give it some time, we will be the No. 1 Sect in the Land of Han-Yang sooner or later!]

On the other hand, people of Sunlight Sect couldn’t accept it, either mentally or physically. They were full of anger!

They didn’t know whether to step forward or step back.

[Leave? That is not an option!]

[Our guardian died here miserably, and we just leave like this?]

[If we retreat like this, we will be skinned off by the grand masters!]

[But… what can we do if we stay?]

[We fight?]

[Are we going to fight a man who killed Bu Jingtian in one hit?]

[Even Bu Jingtian was killed, how do we fight against such an enemy?]

[That is not a fight. That is suicide!]

[That is totally stupid!]

Ye Xiao’s cold eyes looked around the sixty-three men. He blandly spoke, "Why don’t you leave yet? Do you want a drink from me now?"

That elder of Sunlight Sect was furious. He spoke with an angry voice, "Feng Monarch, you killed our man. Don’t you think you should say something?"

He sounded like he was being reasonable, yet everybody could hear the fear in his voice!

Apparently, he really just wanted to have some casual words from Feng Monarch about it!