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Chapter 477: Clean Sweep!

Chapter 477: Clean Sweep!

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"Say something? What to say?" Ye Xiao wouldn’t give him what he wanted. He rolled up his eyes and blandly spoke, "Do you really think… I should say anything after killing a person? Let me ask you something. Bu Jingtian, the No. 1 Cultivator in the world, had killed over a million people in his life. Did he ever say anything to anybody about it? Or do I remember it wrong?"

The elder from Sunlight Sect viciously spoke, "Feng Monarch, you are outstanding in martial art indeed, but… You are also a business man, right? Business man always wants peace because it brings profits. Maybe we don’t have anyone who can defeat you in Sunlight Sect, however, it won’t be a difficult thing to make your business to fail in this world. Don’t you think so?"

Ye Xiao’e eyes flashed with cold light. He blandly spoke, "Oh you want to stop Ling-Bao Hall’s business? So you are threatening me now?"

He then showed a cruel expression as he smiled. "I guess Bu Jingtian did teach you some lessons before he died. Look at you. You know how to threat me now… Impressive. You can see what is important to me now, can’t you?"

He smiled and then pointed at the dead body of Bu Jingtian. "Fine. Threat me! Follow Bu Jingtian! Do what he did to me, alright? I accept it. Like I said to him. If anyone of you can survive my palm hit, I will say something to explain it as my fault! If you are afraid that one person is too weak to accept the challenge, you can come together. It won’t make much difference to me really!"

There was viciousness in his eyes as he looked at that elder. At the moment, he didn’t even try to cover his killing intent as he said, "If you dare to say what you just said to me once again, I will take it as a yes to this challenge!"

The elder’s face turned completely pale. He was shocked by that massive killing qi. He stepped back three steps, with a face pale like paper. He didn’t know what to say, afraid that if he said any word wrong, Feng Zhiling would commit a massacre.

"Bluffing. Pretending. Look how well he plays these tricks. For thousands of years, he is really the only person who can do it like this. Maybe even in the thousands of years to come, he will still be!" Ling Wuxie praised with sincerity up there in the sky. That was a big compliment.

A man, who looked tough but weak inside, actually scared the sixty-three top class cultivators in the world and made them stand there, afraid to even move.

That was something nobody would believe… If Ling Wuxie didn’t see it with his own eyes, he would never believe it. It was like a ghost had appeared in the bright day time!

It was a historical event. He believed there would never be such a thing in the future anymore!

"Look at you, a p*ssy face. I haven’t done anything yet, but look how scared you are. If I really get serious on you, I think you will be scared to death really. Fine. I am a man with mercy. Let me say something nice so that you can take the body and leave. I feel good right now. I won’t tear his body into pieces!" Ye Xiao sounded so vicious and impatient. He played a palm hit.

On the floor, Bu Jingtian’s body flew up because of that palm hit. It rolled over in the air and then fell down back to the ground!

"You! You’re too doing too much!"

When the body just left the floor, people of the two great sects rushed over together. However, they didn’t want to get harmed by that palm, so none of them tried to hold that body. When the body hit the floor again, it was like a heavy punch hitting on everybody’s face! That was embarrassing!

Bu Jingtian was the leader for this tour after all. Now he was dead, and his body was ven humiliated like this. None of them felt comfortable about it.

The sixty-three men crowded around that body. They were confronting Ye Xiao.

There was anger in all their eyes.

Some of them had reached the point of losing their tempers. In their eyes, there showed up a sense of determination.

They were thinking that it was better to fight hard to die than to be humiliated like this! They were almost going to rush out and fight it out against Feng Monarch!

They just wanted to die together with him!

At this moment, a deep voice sounded. It sounded from under Bu Jingtian’s dead body. The sixty-three men looked to it at the same time.

Some of them even hoped that a miracle happened, and Bu Jingtian would return from death and continue his legend!

However, they should be disappointed. Bu Jingtian didn’t return. A dark smoke came out from under the dead body. Within just a while, the smoke covered everybody around the body!

The sixty-three men were all around the body. When the dark smoke came out, they were so close to it. Besides, they were all focusing on Feng Monarch, so none of them noticed that there was something wrong with that body.

At the moment, the sixty-three men were in the same situation. When they noticed the smoke, they were already covered by the dark smoke!

They were shocked and then their expression changed!

They were astonished!

They had seen that overwhelming poisonous fog earlier, that was why they didn’t show up when the big fight happened. They were frightened by that poison. When they showed up, they stood far away from each other, wanting to take a good position to fight once people of Ling-Bao Hall came out to help Feng Monarch. Other than that, they feared that Feng Monarch still had that poison bead. Even so, they had been cautious and careful the whole time.

They really didn’t want to get hit by that poison. It was certain death.

In their plan, once they saw that poison came out, they would retreat in the fastest speed!

With their capabilities, it was an easy thing to get away before the poison spread.

That poison was overwhelming and powerful, but it took time to spread. Besides, it could only kill people in a certain area. As long as they kept attention on it, they could get away from it.

However, while they were so cautious and careful, the poison never showed up.

When Feng Monarch asked Bu Jingtian’s to accept that challenge, they thought he had given up, but they didn’t totally put down their alertness.

When Bu Jingtian died, they were stunned. Finally, they stopped being cautious because they couldn’t focus.

After that, Feng Monarch kept provoking them with words. They felt the power Feng Zhiling showed. Such a great figure. Such a heroic man. Such a monarch. They started to believe that Feng Zhiling was strong enough to kill them all by a fair fight. He could kill Bu Jingtian in one hit, so they believed he wouldn’t need to use that poison to deal with them. They believed that he just wanted to hide his true power, so he used the poison earlier. As he had shown them his true power, they thought he wouldn’t use the poison anymore!

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