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Chapter 478: I Don’t Want to Kill!

Chapter 478: I Don’t Want to Kill!

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That was why they loosened their cautious heart against the poison.

Especially when Feng Monarch further insulted Bu Jingtian’s body, they felt extremely furious. The caution in their hearts were completely gone!

At that moment, when they all gathered together preparing to fight their enemy together… The poison fog showed up again!

That was surprising! Nobody was prepared for it!

Everybody of the two great sects were hit!

They were all poisoned!

When the most horrible thing was impossible to happen, it suddenly just happened, completely out of everybody’s expectation!

They all felt so close to death at this moment!

Not only the men of the two great sects were shocked, even the assassins of Ling-Bao Hall and Wan Zhenghao were stunned. They watched it happen with astonishment. Finally, they knew that Feng Monarch never wanted to set those men free!

He had planned to kill them all!

Those men were on his killing list already. He had bluffed, played tricks, given weird talks, driven people away… Those were his schemes!

He did those things only to serve as his last step. What he really wanted to do was to use that poison to kill all those sixty-three great cultivators!

Kill them all!

Once and for all!

He had worked a lot to prepare the poison beads, but he only made five beads. He had used four of them to deal with the huge amount of assassins earlier, so he only had one left. However, this single poison bead was going to kill the best force of the two great sects at the same time!

The last bead had made the best impact!

Now, he had no poison beads at all! Not even one!

However, no matter how he would swear that he didn’t have any, whoever had seen how horrible that poison was and knew what he had done just now, would never believe it anymore!

Ye Xiao acted like he still had hundreds of poison dan beads in his pocket! No matter how many he took out, nobody would be surprised. If people found out he had nothing… they would feel shocked instead!

They didn’t believe it. They couldn’t believe it! They didn’t dare to!

Those who believed he had no more poison beads were all dead! No exception!

After that dark smoke spread, they could see Feng Monarch standing there with his hands on his back, looking right back to them with cold eyes.

In his eyes, there was no cruelty or mercy. There was only coldness and indifference.

"I said, leave or die. Do you really think I was joking?" Feng Monarch stood straight up in the fog. His voice was like a cold wind blowing from hell.

"I warned you, but none of you listened," Ye Xiao spoke with cold smile, "do you really think I wouldn’t dare to kill you because you are part of the two great sects?"

"Do you really think the two great sects can control the entire world?"

"Holding your sects’ names which are rotted for thousands of years, you actually think you can do whatever you want in this martial world…" His eyes were full of sneering and pity. "I have to say that you are wrong. Now, taste the punishment for your mistakes with your lives."

The cultivators looked at him with desperation, with none among them knowing what to say anymore.

They started to feel itchy on their bodies!

Their entire bodies!

From head to eyes, to nose, to ears, to mouth, to neck, to chest… to the toes, it started!

It was such an unbearable feeling that made them mad and freaked out.

However, they had seen what happened to those assassins. They tried everything they could to keep themselves calm, and they tried so hard not to scratch it.

They didn’t even dare to move a bit. They didn’t want to motivate the poison.

They just stared at Feng Monarch with fury in their eyes.

They all made up their minds.

[If we are going to die today, you will come to hell with us!]

They failed to suppress the poison, so they only had the power to make a last strike now.

After that last strike, no matter whether they would make it or not, they wouldn’t be able to handle that itch anymore.

The last strike was too important to fail!

They had to make it!

Ye Xiao blinked and blandly said ,"However, man should have mercy. I am not a man who loves killing. There have been too many lives that were lost in this place. I don’t want to kill more. You are all piteous men who only follow orders. You came to my place acting arrogant, but you haven’t hurt any of my people. I don’t have to kill you after all. So, I can spare your lives, as long as…"

He paused and said, "Whoever promises that the hatred will be gone after today can come over and take a dan bead to detoxify himself. After that, we just say goodbye and live on our lives."

His words was like a blow of cool wind, blowing off the haze of death. Everybody stopped the crazy thoughts.

They all looked at Feng Monarch.

Who would want to die if they had the chance to live?

Maybe nobody else could detoxify that poison beads, but Feng Monarch surely could, not only because he was the one who made it, but also because he was the only person in the world who could make supreme dan beads. He was a legend!

If he couldn’t do it, nobody could!

Some of those men thought, [If I can survive tonight, I will make a promise. So what? Even if I don’t have to make that promise, after tonight, I will never be against him in the future. It is just too horrible to fight him…]

However, many of them just stared at Ye Xiao with viciousness. They nodded as a sign of agreement with that proposal. However, their eyes showed that once they leave here alive, they would gather whatever they could in their sect to kill Feng Zhiling. Even if they couldn’t kill Feng Zhiling, they would kill all the others in Ling-Bao Hall!

They would definitely take revenge after this!

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