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Chapter 479: Instant Kills

Chapter 479: Instant Kills

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No matter what they had to do, they wouldn’t let Feng Monarch live today!

Whoever showed mercy today would definitely fall in the future!

Ye Xiao coldly looked at them, like he could see through everybody’s heart. All of them had already stopped talking; they just stared at Ye Xiao while nodding their heads. On their foreheads was sweat because they tried so hard to bear the itch.

"It seems you all agreed to my proposal. Good. I don’t need to treat you differently then." Ye Xiao talked and nodded. He took out a white bottle and opened it. - Splash. - Countless black dan beads rolled on the floor shining with some weird glow.

That was about a hundred beads.

"These are what you need!" Ye Xiao softly spoke, "Whoever agrees to let the hatred go can come and take one."

And then he stepped aside and watched.

- Whoo! -

Sixty-three men moved like starving tigers rushing to the meat. The dan beads that could save their lives were right there. They used up their last bit of energy to fight for the beads. They wanted to get the dan beads before they lost their minds!

It was their last chance to move themselves.

If the dan beads didn’t show up, they would have used the last chance to attack Ye Xiao. They would fight as hard as they could to kill Ye Xiao.

However, now that the dan beads showed up, everybody wanted to take it as soon as they could! They couldn’t help using up all the remaining energy they had for it, in order to be the fastest one!

They were almost fighting. Everybody kept scratching the dan beads on the floor trying to take as many as they could and swallow them!

They were all Sky Origin Stage cultivators, and the weakest among them was in Level 7. They truly moved like lightning.

Within only the time of a blink, they all had at least one dan bead.

There should be about thirty dan beads on the floor if they only took one that they needed. Some of them just took the rest too.

Feng Monarch’s dan beads were valuable things. They must be some supreme dan beads that could cure most diseases. They thought they might need it in the future when they were poisoned.

It was safer than nothing to keep some with them.

Besides, they never really agreed to just let everything go.

[We just nodded. We never said yes. We never made any promise!

We are still enemies.

Now I have this dan bead, I won’t fear your poison anymore!]

The only problem they should think about was whether that dan bead could really save them. Would it work?

Feng Monarch always kept his words though. It worked well!

It worked fast. Some of them had just swallowed the dan beads, and they stopped feeling itchy immediately. The dan beads hadn’t even reached their stomach yet!

"Hmm. Now that you promised we are good, please just leave. Let’s see each other again in the martial world. I hope we can become friends, cultivators." Feng Monarch showed them a warm smile as he casually spoke.

"We are good now?" The sixty-three men viciously stared at Ye Xiao. Those who had thought that they wouldn’t fight Feng Zhiling again started to looked at him with viciousness. Some elders among them even laughed with a vicious and loud voice, "Hahahahahaha… Feng Monarch, you are so naive!"

"Oh?" Ye Xiao half closed his eyes.

"You humiliated us like this. You insulted us about our persistence. You dishonor our personality. You made us ashamed. Do you really think… that it will be ended by sending us away? Do you think we will forget how you insulted us?" Some of them spoke in a brutal way.

Ye Xiao changed the expression on his face, and his eyes were full of cold lights again. He blandly spoke, "So you mean… this will never end? Your hatred will remain? You want to break what you promised?"

They stared at him viciously.

Ye Xiao slowly nodded as he said, "Good. Good. Tough men. Honorable men. Good men in the martial world. Admirable. I am being naive, however, heavens know what we did. Promise always means something…"

Feng Zhiling didn’t finish when Wan Zhenghao suddenly exclaimed.

"What the fxck… That…" Wan Zhenghao acted like he saw ghost as his fat body uncontrollably trembled. That was unbelievable that such a fat guy could make such girly voice.

Not only Wan Zehnghao, but also those men of the two great sects, and even those assassins under Liu Changjun’s command all looked scared, like they all saw ghost.

Especially the men of the five clans. They all had pale faces, shaking so hard like they were about to fall down.

The reason was… while the men of the two great sects were taking big and vicious, the muscles on their faces started to rot!

It started to drop off their faces.

One elder of Sunlight Sect only said, "It is just a vow. It means nothing. I will never let go of this hatred! There is a long time ahead, we will meet again in the future!"

While he said the word hatred, his nose had fallen down. While he said "a long time", his ears dropped down. While he said "will", his eyeballs fell off! While he said his last words, his lips dropped to the floor.

There was only a head without skin talking on his shoulder! It was still making sounds!

What surprised them the most was that even though his body was rotting, he didn’t notice it!

He just kept swearing and threatening viciously…

Not only him, the others of the two great sects were doing the same thing.

While they were talking, the muscles dropped off their bones.

When the muscles and skins hit the floor, they became a pile of blood.

Even the clothes were rotting. There was no muscles or hair on their bodies. It rotted like hell, and even their organs were all gone.

Only sixty-three sets of empty bones remained there!

They were like dead bodies that had been in the tombs for hundreds of years, but still able to stand up!