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Chapter 480: No Blood on Weapon

Chapter 480: No Blood on Weapon

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Such weird scene could scare some coward men to death even if it was shown in daytime!

Luckily, everybody, including Wan Zhenghao, had seen much death in their lives. They were all scared though; they felt cold, and they shivered in fright.

They couldn’t even say a complete sentence.

The next moment, those men stopped talking.

Silence defeated the sound. Everything was deep inside everybody’s mind now!

Sixty-three good cultivators of the two great sects, hmm, good bones of the cultivators, stood in the yard quietly.

They stopped breathing now.

They didn’t know what happened to them till they died. They didn’t even know they were already dead.

They just lost their lives in such a silent way.

- Splash… -

- Splash… -

As the wind blew over, the bones fell apart to the floor. As the wind blew again, they all became ashes!

The ashes covered the floor and some were blown up flying in the air.

To become skeletons was not their end. Their end was to become ashes!

People thought a living man turning into a pile of ashes was just a story. It turned out it was something that would really happen!

Whoever had seen this all felt it hard to believe. They kept swallowing. Their necks were moving, and they felt like their hearts were going to stop beating.

"Pahhh… Pahh…" Wan Zhenghao couldn’t stand it anymore. He started to throw up like crazy, causing him to feel dizzy and weak. He nearly puked out his gallbladder..

What happened today had truly frightened the shxt out of him.

In fact, he shouldn’t be weak like this, as he had lived for a thousand years. However, too many things happened in one day. Happy, sad, worried, scared, frightened… One after another, he couldn’t handle it anymore!

"Pah… Pahhhh…" Some of the people of the five clans started to throw up.

After what happened, they were going to lose their desire for food in the coming several months for sure.

Long Tianyun and his people were standing there looking at Feng Monarch’s back. They were scared and also extremely admiring!

Even if they saw a real demon eating a living man, it wouldn’t be as horrible as this!

After this, the men of the five clans would surely treat Feng Zhiling like they had treated Bu Jingtian! Even kids didn’t dare to cry out because they feared Feng Monarch!

For the five clans, Feng Monarch had become someone more scary and powerful than the House of the Chaotic Storms!

Much more horrible!

Ye Xiao stood there looking at those men coldly. He saw them turning into dead men from living men, and then turning into ashes blown away by wind. He was calm and peaceful during the whole time.

After a while, he coldly smiled. "My dan beads are not so good to swallow. Do you really think I would set you free? Do you think I was really that naive to give you the dan beads? After all the days you have been through in this martial world, you actually had such naive thought… Now who is the naive one… I would like to give you one last word. Unqualified! You are unqualified to be bad guys!"

Everybody alive felt cold on the back.

It turned out… Feng Monarch had never planned to let those guys go!

Whatever he had done was to cover his true intents.

The poison beads were powerful.

However, they couldn’t kill those superior cultivators fast enough. They still had the power to attack. Even though they had about twenty percent of their power, when they struck at the same time, it was strong enough to kill anybody in the world!

Feng Monarch wanted them to die, but he couldn’t face that final strike from those desperate men. That was why he acted like he wanted to show mercy. He talked like he needed those men to put down the hatred and become friends to him. That was only to make them believe the dan beads were real.

Those men never knew that those dan beads were some even more horrible poison beads!

This kind of effect only took place when those horrible poison beads were swallowed. That was why Feng Monarch did so much to make them eat them. And then it was the end!

Those who swallowed them died!

Sixty-three Sky Origin cultivators died in their own nagging, turning into a pile of ashes!

[What was that poison?

Why is it so overwhelming and vicious? Feng Zhiling, is he a master dan-maker or a master poison-maker? Or is he a master in both?!]

Long Tianyun took in a deep breath. He wanted to take some fresh air. When he breathed, however, he realized that there must be those ashes in the air.

Thinking about that, he felt like puking again. It was rolling in his stomach.

He tried so hard not to puke out, but his face turned pale because of it.

He was a man with schemes too. However, he couldn’t help but ask himself, [If I were one of those men…]

[If I got hit by that horrible poison and I was dying, when I had a dan bead that was said to cure me…

Would I eat it or not?]

Long Tianyun felt scared when he thought about it.

He could only have one answer. [Yes!] He would definitely eat it! He would snatch it badly!

Even if he knew that it could be another poison bead, he would still swallow it!

If he didn’t, he would lose the only possibility to survive. He would definitely die.

However, those men only died faster and in a worse way!

They died in a more horrible way!

When a man was about to die, he would only choose what was possible to save him. He wouldn’t think of other things.

Feng Monarch knew so well about people’s minds!

He had just said something, in fact, he didn’t even need to use weapons! A bunch of powerful enemies died within a while!

Turned into ashes!

It wasn’t the poison that killed those men… It was Feng Monarch’s scheme! He could kill anybody he wanted!

The two great sects were powerful indeed, but this time, they lost sixty-four master cultivators which inclduded Bu Jingtian. They were seriously damaged!

There was something glowing among the ashes on the floor.

As wind blew over, something showed up.

A mass of dan clouds flew in the air. Splendid!

"Supreme dan bead!" Long Tianyun directly looked at it.