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Chapter 481: I Don’t Want It!

Chapter 481: I Don’t Want It!

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That was right. That shiny thing was a pile of supreme dan beads. There were about forty beads in the ashes on the floor! They were shining with splendid glow, with beautiful clouds floating.

The two great sects didn’t get any supreme dan beads in the auction. How come they had so many supreme dan beads with them?

Ye Xiao stared at the dan beads on the floor and blandly spoke, "Nothing to be surprised. I think these dan beads are from the other three noble clans. Now, as the supreme dan beads are all here, those men of the other three noble clans are either dead or have given in their dan beads by themselves."

Long Tianyun swallowed and softly spoke, "Mu Clan? Gongsun Clan?"

Ye Xiao blandly smiled. "It is too obvious. These dan beads are, although in Ling-Bao Hall now, we have already sold them. I won’t take it back like this. Master Long, if you like, you can just take them. I won’t mind."

Long Tianyun kept swallowing. He looked at the supreme dan beads among the bone ashes.

[Should I pick them up? Should I take them?]

Everybody had thought about it.

People all loved supreme dan beads. However… Those were marvelous dan beads indeed, but to pick them up from that poisonous ashes… and eat them? Who dared?

"We are grateful for your kindness, Monarch. However, Long Clan wouldn’t take these dan beads…" Long Tianyun shook his head. "If any of the other clans want it, feel free to take them… I won’t mind. Ahhh… I give up…"

Long Tianyun couldn’t hold the writhe in his stomach anymore. He threw up badly.

Those of the other clans looked at those dan beads like they were looking at a ghost. They swallowed with pale faces, and then they threw up too.

[Pick them up?]

[Eat them?]

They started to throw up after just glancing at them.

"We don’t want it… Pahh…"

"Me neither… Pahhh…"

"No… Pahh…"

The supreme dan beads were shining with an attractive glow staying in the bone ashes that hadn’t been blown away by the wind. The entire martial world had been fighting for them. Now, they were just lying there, with ashes, but nobody wanted to touch them.

That was… Really no one dared to take them after seeing how a bunch of living men turned into ashes.

The supreme dan beads in the ashes, nobody dared to touch them, not to mention to eat them.

Nobody knew if there was any poison on those dan beads.

As long as there was the possibility, no matter how bold these men were, they wouldn’t dare to try it!

Apparently, for the people of the five clans, it wasn’t worth doing it at all!

Ye Xiao looked at the supreme dan beads in the flying ashes, then he spoke with a low voice, "The threats from the two sects are dismissed at one time today. I think we can live some peaceful days from now on."

And then he blandly smiled. He turned around and walked into the room. He was casual and peaceful.

Whoever heard what he just said couldn’t help twitching their faces.


[Who dares to threaten you from now on?]

[All the assassins of the world came mess with you. They came for your head, but you killed almost four thousand of them. That is fine. Those who killed will get killed at the end anyway. But the rest of those assassins gave up. They even became your men who go out to kill for you now.]

[The two sects sent their men under the lead of Bu Jingtian, the No. 1 Cultivator in the world. That was sixty-three great cultivators. They came with fury, but within such a short time, you killed them all! They even turned into ashes!]

[After what you did, how do they dare to mess with you again? Who on earth dares to mess with you from now on?]

[Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect must hate you so much, but after what you did to show your true power, your dan-making capability, and your poison capability, they will have to reconsider again and again if they want to get to you again!]

"Feng Monarch has shocked the entire world today. I believe from now on, Ling-Bao Hall will be the place no assassins dare to get in! It will become the place that frightens everybody in the martial world."

Long Tianyun stayed after Ye Xiao left and spoke with emotion, "I can see that the future of the entire world will be changed for you, Monarch."

"Oh?" Ye Xiao didn’t even look back to him. He just blandly spoke, "Master Long, don’t you think that I won by only using the poison? That I played a scheme? That I don’t deserve the victory?"

Long Tianyun laughed and said, "Only the one who survives wins! I don’t care what you used. As long as it works, it is good. In other words, I don’t think there is anybody else who could use that poison as well as you did. I never knew that you are not only a master dan-maker, but also a master poison-maker."

"That is your power. That is what you have to shock the world!" Long Tianyun did admire Feng Monarch very much!

Besides, he had a thought. [From now on, no matter what happens, we, Long Clan will never! Ever! Be against Feng Monarch! He is much better a friend to us than an enemy! To be his enemy means death!]

[This man, he is so vicious… so mean… so brutal!]

"Don’t be too optimistic. I don’t think the two sects will just let this go." Ye Xiao thought and spoke, "We need to be on guard against them."

"You killed Bu Jingyun by one hit. Those men of the two sects mean nothing to you. You don’t need to worry at all." Long Tianyun wasn’t trying to kiss his ass. He was just telling his true feeling.

To kill Bu Jingtian in one hit!

Even those who were in the same level with Bu Jingtian, those super powerful cultivators couldn’t do it.

Feng Monarch had such power, and he also had the dan beads and poison beads. Nobody in the world could stop him!

Ye Xiao didn’t answer. He walked ahead a few steps and then stopped. He turned around.

Those of the five clans who had been following him also stopped. They looked at Feng Monarch, but didn’t dare to say anything first.

Feng Zhiling glanced at their faces and spoke in a low voice, "I heard that Ling-Bao Hall’s business is being resisted all over the world…"

He sounded peaceful, but what he said meant a lot.

There was a warm smile on his face too.